Jeremy Brooks, Johnny Dean, John Devilin, Wade Hunter, Caleb Michaels, Nickolay Petrov, Pavol Zurek [Paul Zurek] (June 19); Paolo Centori, Ray Dragon, the late Mason Flynt, the late Tom Howard, Lucas James, Ryan Matthews [Ryen Matthews], Bobby Steele (June 20); Alain DuPont, Ken Summers, Janos Volt [Attila Hogyes, Rolf Kristen, Gyorgy Prodnik, James Volt] (June 21); Scott Austin, Pretty Boy, Rodd Champion, Vince Cobretti, Luis Machado (June 22); Chad Conners, Tamas Eszterhazy, Ty Lattimore, Pistol, Mitchell Rock, Pete Ross, director Steven Scarborough, Griff Thorson (June 23); Sal Correlli, Hans Ebson, Brice Ebson, Antonio Montez, Patrick Ray, Randal Sheldon [Rocky Buresh, Mike Gonda, Rocky Summers], Hagen Stone (July 24); Jim Andrews, Robert Balint [Tibor Chalupa, Istvan Turani], Jamie Donovan, Tiger Tyson, Simon Cox, Brad Hunt, Scott Tandy (June 25). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Quotable: “My first time I jacked off, I thought I’d invented it. I looked down at my sloppy handful of junk and thought: This is going to make me rich.”
Chuck Palahniuk (b. 1962), author and journalist.
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Pierce Coppola, Brian Dean, Rocco DiNiro, Zackary Pierce, York Powers, Tommy Saxx, Josh Stone, Jonathan West, Csaba Zsiros [Marko Pacyna, Avery Sebes, Attila Szabo] (June 12); Zak Anders, the late Winston Love, Romario, Steve Sax, Randy White (June 13); photographer Gio Caruso, Lee Casey, Cameron Daniels, Mikey Diaz, Drew Driver, Mason Walker (June 14); Tim Boyd, Alex Eden, Valentino Rey, Paulo Velez, Ryan Zane (June 15); Blaine Black, Baby Boy, Gabriel Lee, Derek Parker, Jacob Peter, Carter Rhodes, Chad Savage, Taylor Westin (June 16); Nik Angelo, Dane Brando, Matthieu Paris, Victor Rios, Robby Taylor (June 17); Wes Addams, Peter Anderson, Patrick Fisher, Matthew Matters, Ariel Vanean, Steven Waye (June 18). [Have we skipped a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know. Photo of Dillon Buck by Conner Habib.]

New Release Desk: First up this week, among my latest blue movie reviews for XBIZ, is INTO THE BLUE from Falcon Studios and helmer Tony Dimarco and featuring such erotic luminaries as JJ Knight, Brent Corrigan, Seth Santoro, Ryan Rose and Scott Riley bulging out of tiny swimsuits. A real highlight is Topher DiMaggio pounding the plush ass belonging to Jeremy Spreadums. Good stuff. CLICK HERE for that review. Elsewhere, we’ve got 2 MEN KISS from TitanMen and director Jasun Mark with a seriously sizzling fuck-session between Adam Ramzi and Alex Mecum — it’s on my Top 10 for 2017 — but all four match-ups are very strong (including cover studs Jason Vario with Lorenzo Flexx, my longtime crush Dirk Caber with Anthony London and Liam Knox with Dallas Steele). CLICK HERE for the review.

Quotable: “All the things I really like to do are either immoral, illegal or fattening.
Alexander Woollcott (1887-1943), critic, author and wit.
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Buck Angel, Andres Colmenares, John Gleason, Billy Little-Fox, Collin McRath, Dan Rider, Francois Sagat (June 5); author/ journalist/ blogger JC Adams, Bastian, Cory Miles, Antonio Rico, Brandon Steele, Christian Zimata (June 6); Tristan Bennet, Jackson Dedeaux, Sean Kelley, Gabor Szabo [Laszlo], Gabor Vad, Brett Winters (June 7); Adam Dexter, Kenny Kash, Leslie Manzel [David Bathory, Mark Bloom, Steve Gulyas, Martin Hubai, David Salieri, Istvan Szabo], Lex Milan, Joe Raven, Samuel Rodrigues, Andrew Rubio, Brandon Wilde (June 8); Carlos Cruz, Carl Erik, Donavin Fitch, Aden Jaric, Kristof Kasper [Pavel Luknar], Paul Morgan, Anthony Okamoto, the late Daxx Reed (June 9); Billy Boyd, Ryan Conners, Alex Ford, Juan Jiminez, Cody Matthews, Jay Raven, Roberto Vista (June 10); Bobby Benson, Antonio Biaggi, Mark Kroner, Max London, Nigel, Zackary Pierce, the late Johnny Rahm, Johnny Thrust, Brett Williams, Tommy Wraith (June 11). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Shane Bailey, Eric Hanson, Michael Lance, Dennis Lincoln, Dean Maxwell, Brandon Reevet, Christoph Scharff, Smooth, Ethan Starr, Duncan Valentine, Cody Whiler (May 29); Aabeel, J.J. Bond, Ladislav Pekar (May 30); the late Jasper Collins, Brett DiMineo, Rick Gonzalez, Nick Reiner (May 31); Jeff Brooks, Kevin Dean, Nick Ford, Shawn London, Gary Malkovich, Matt Morgan (June 1); Vince Bandero, Jon Eric, Jason Leery, Chad Manning, Isaac Nadir, Ralph Rohner (June 2); Tony Alvarez, Aaron Brandt, Sloan Christian, Johnny Doom, Felipe Eller, Billy Elliott, Josh Ericson, Dylan James, Kyle Kennedy, Ryan Lexington, Scott Mann, Pepper (June 3); Alex Burbon, Ben Campezi, Josh Dobrich, Danny Lopez, Rappalo [Rapallo, Paul Rappallo, Rappolo], Zane West (June 4). [Have we skipped a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Quotable: “If God had intended us not to masturbate, he would’ve made our arms shorter.
George Carlin (1937-2008), comedian and satirist.
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Rob Anthony, Dino Antonelli, Chip Hardy, Matthew Harris, Patrick Ives, Nicholas Lockwood, Jack London, Sandy Sloane/Sloan, Justin Wood (May 22); Dillon Anderson, Tommy DeLuca, Trey Hunter, Joe Kennedy, Jason Land, Oliver Madsen, Rico Suave, Tommie (May 23); Jim Bentley, Brent Cross, Steven Daigle, Ross Taylor, Jarrod Thane (May 24); Hodge Armstrong, Dave Casino, the late Brett Ford, Dante Foxx, Mick Houston, Jordan Young (May 25); Bennett Anthony, David Bury, Tony Chan, Dominik Xaversky [Peitor Roman] (May 26); Chase Allen, Marcus Allen, Pascal Bruno, Vincent DeMarco, Lance Landers, Paul Marsalla, Jiri Sydnec (May 27); Cliff Alan, Mike Branson, Sergio Cortes, Corey Cox, the late Matt Gunther, Rick Hammersmith, Logan Krewe, Alex LeMonde, Manuel Torres, Bailey Stratton (May 28). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Edmundo Castro, Rossi Fabab, Tony Idol, Josh Kole, Patrik Levaj, Andreas Montero, Jean Rivera (May 15); Joey Acioli, Rick Allen, talent manager Howard Andrew of FabScout Entertainment, Mark Andrews, Steve “Titpig” Hurley, Chase Hunter, Coby Mitchell, Caleb Parker, Jeff Perez, Luis Rodrigues, Matt Summers (May 16); Morgan Allen, Jeff Austin, Tyson Cane, Ted Colunga [Fred Fele, Giovanni Floretto, Norbert Somlay], Jake Russell (May 17); Rod Barrett, Glenn Chambers, J.R. Montes, Jorge Rivera, Ashley Ryder, Breck Stewart, George Vidanov [Thor Brunov, Mihaly Hurok, Michael Nyilas], Justin Wells (May 18); Tamas Iszmos, Milos Miroslav, Dakota Rivers, Spike [Rex Ruben], Duncan Stone, Matt West (May 19); Derrick Baldwin, Steve O’Donnell, Brick Tyson, Tiger Tyson (May 20); Tim Atwood, Boyhous, Mike Conway, Phat Daddy, Gino Francesco, Alberto Landi, Mitch Sander, Ray Stone, Bret Wolfe (May 21). [Have we skipped a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know. Photo of Dillon Buck by Conner Habib.]

Quotable: “Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities.
Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959), architect and designer.
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Aarin Asker, Carlo Cox, Maxx Diesel [Christian XX], director/ producer Dominic Ford, Marcio Fonseca, Logan Grey, Joey James, Peter Pounder, Mike Rivers, Daxter Ryan, Jesse Santana, Delta Productions’ Ted Sawicki, Lee Scott, Dillon Young (May 8); Angelo Bestiamo, Brad Hunter, Todd Maxwell, John Roberts, Ken Spencer (May 9); Justin Douglas, Hugo Griego, David Hunter, Dennis Lee, Marco Montana, Victor Racek (May 10); Jett Allen, Ferenc Botos, Randy Mixer, Guillermo Pastores, Alexander Strauss (May 11); Jeff Allen, Jessie Colter, Jean Franko, Spencer Reed, Marcelo Reeves, Shaka Z. (May 12); Braeden Casey, Billy Dare, Scott Duran, Rod Matheson, Chase Rite, Daniel Santos, Scott Thornton, Danny Vox (May 13); Brendan Austen, Troy Banner, Trey Camden, Nic Collins, Emilio Di Medici, Shawn Justin, Tony Magera [Johnny Huzosh], Jarrin North, Jonnie Perrino, Nolan Powers, Tony Tarango (May 14). [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

New Release Desk: Just as Falcon Studios recently issued URBAN SPOKES (scroll down a few posts), a continuation of the classic sexpic series, Hot House Video is extending their famed SKUFF series. The latest is SKUFF: ROUGH TRADE 2, and while it’s not exactly “rough trade” in the traditional sense, the sexplay is damned good. Pairing Sean Zevran with Alex Mecum is genius; but a seriously hungry Micah Brandt steals the show. CLICK HERE for the review. Elsewhere, KINKMEN VOL. 1: SUPERHERO EDITION virtually rescues the porn-sex-comedy from oblivion. Despite the silly antics and the presence of the Orgazmatron, the hurts-so-good edging, teasing and other kinkplay is the focus. And, as I write in the review, it’s refreshing to have kink and BDSM explored with a sense of adventure and winking humor. CLICK HERE for that review.

Quotable: “Literature is all, or mostly, about sex.
Anthony Burgess (1917-1993), author, composer and critic.
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Andre Barclay, Alex Berlin, Mitch Fitz, Zaire Masters, Colt Rivers, Gino Romero, Cole Streets, Elec Voughn (May 1); Ren Adams, Brad Bones, Tony Monroe, Christian Olsen, Derek Steel, Ralph Woods (May 2); Sebastian Bonnet [Antoine Korda], Sam Chamberlain, Kris De Ferr, Dane Hyde, Michael [Brazilian model], Mauro Pelle, Justin Platano, Leonardo Santangelo, Sam Sun, Anthony Torrez, performer-mogul Wendy Williams, Cedrick York (May 3); Andre Bolla, Yuri Breshnev [Boris], Dean Clarke, Tom Colt, Jerek, Geoff Powell, Rick Rogue, Diogo Silva (May 4); Andreas Harris, Derrick Mills, Julian Pierce, Duncan Starr, Giovanni Summers (May 5); Mike Cesar, “Big” Pete Dixon, Creed Harley, Lucas [Brazilian model], Joe Montreal, Ralf Vernier, Antonio York (May 6); Erik Kapena, John Ferage, Tim MacKenzie, Chip Noll, Rafael Perez, Jack Radcliffe, Dylan Roberts [Dylan McLovin], Zachery Scott, Bill Stetson (May 7). [Have we skipped a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

New Release Desk: My latest reviews for XBIZ include URBAN SPOKES from Falcon Studios, a continuation of their classic series. Yes, Ryan Rose looks fantastic in Spandex. He also shares undeniable chemistry with a very hungry, very eager Rod Peterson. A lot of familiar faces, but all of the sex crackles, including the closing orgy; it wouldn’t be a SPOKES fuck flick without one. Striking use of drone footage, too, capturing the San Francisco cityscape and coastline. CLICK HERE for the review. Then there’s the latest in the TitanMen Extended Cinematic Universe with CAUKE FOR FREE from director Jasun Mark. Rugged stud Jesse Jackman has never looked better, which is really saying something; Matthew Bosch and the ridiculously lickable Alexander Mecum sizzle and returning champ Jason Vario burns with quiet charisma and low-key masculinity. CLICK HERE to read that review.

Quotable: “Incidentally, there’s no shame in being a pervert.”
Louis Peitzman, writer, blogger and commentator.
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Marco Antonio, Aaron Austin, Bruno Bond, Kevin Cage [Christian Keller], Dean Coulter, Jeremy DuNord, Ty Fox [J. Steele], Rob Knox, Ivan Rohan [Michal Goda, Jenda, Robin Tomaro], Damian Russo, Beau Saxon, Colby Taylor, Alexy Tyler (April 24); Flex-Deon Blake, the late Gino Colbert, C.J. Knight, Mike Lofton, Dean Phoenix, Trey Rexx, Gio Romano, Matt Sizemore, Joe Stack (April 25); Nick Chevalier, Justin Dragon, Damien Drake, Tag Eriksson, Kelly Madison, Erik Mann, Brock Masters, Clay Robson, Fergus Smart [William Bolster, Frantisek Kov, Avery Sebes], Vance Winter (April 26); Chris Carver, Matt Fredrics, Daniel Lord, Nick Madison, Midnight (April 27); Dirk Amsterdam, Brad Buff, Kid Cock, Fredy Costa [Elliot Force, James Riviera], Bobby Golden, Eric Hunter, Jason King, John Ross, Peter Wilder (April 28); Nick Moore (April 29); Big Boss, Ryan MacAllen, Joey Harden, Jeff Mitchell, Cesar Moreno, Mike Nichols, Franko Parezzi, Logan Reed (April 30). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

New Release Desk: Catching up this morning on some of my recent skinflick reviews for XBIZ. First up is military/domination-themed DESTROYER from Raging Stallion Studios and director Steve Cruz. As usual, the insatiable Bennett Anthony steals the show in a ravenous threesome, but there are no clunkers. Kudos to the studio’s evocative production design, lighting and other tech effects lately. CLICK HERE for that review. And then there’s ONE ERECTION: THE UN-MAKING OF A BOY BAND from CockyBoys — better late than never! — and last year’s XBIZ Awards winner for Best Gay Movie/Web Series. You’ll want to catch this one to savor the splendors of Tayte Hanson, but eye candy abounds and all of the sexplay is quite watchable. CLICK HERE for the tardy review.

Quotable: “Almost everyone has the sexual potential for anything.”
Ken Livingstone (b. 1945), politician, Mayor of London.
[More quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]