birthday-muscle-clip-artJason Ball, Adriano Marquez, Dirk Stahl, the late Haus Weston (August 25); Richard Bangs, Tony Cameron, Sonny Diaz, Gennaro Grimaldi, Rafael, Justin Stewart (August 26); Daniel James, Jay Paxton, Joey Piccard, Tony Ryan, Rod Stetson, Brandon Taylor, Sandor Vesanyi [Mario Rossi] (August 27); Kyle Aames [Kyle McDermott], Jason Adonis, Jesse Cooper, Trevor Matthews, Johnny Paul, Sage, Nick Steel, Jaymez Sterling, Ken Taylor (August 28); John Atkins, Joey Candy, Max Holden, Aaron Tyler (August 29); Tony Buff, Carmell, Cory Hunter, Rafael Michaels, Craig Stevens (August 30); Pete Erichson, Korry, Dustin Nour, Gage Powers, Andrew Stark, the late Storm (August 31). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

sexy-birthday-clip-artSteve Cannon, Paul Carrigan, Craig Decker, the late Steve Pierce, Raul, Billy Sax, Todd Shore (August 18); Jim Buck, Derek Downs, Adriano Lazzari, Fernando Neron, Peter O’Farrell, Gabriel Stone, Jon-Michael Stuart, Marc West (August 19); Steve Cassidy, Javon, Danny Rhymes, Kurt Young (August 20); Fernando Kruz [Marc Federico], Luis Magalhaes, Matheus Marques, Ty Russell, Solomon, Erik Stellar, Jeff Stryker, Tim Tyler (August 21); Sean Banning, Chance, makeup artist Mr. Ed [Eddie Cacho], Infinity, Marcos, Timothy Taylor, Trevor (August 22); Nick Cross, Steve Ross, Tony Vaughan, Adam Wolfe (August 23); Johnny Davis, Ivan De Morais, Justin Pounders, Kenny Stewart, Christian Taylor, Brett Wilde (August 24). [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Birthday-twink-cake-cartoonBobby Blake, Steve Boston, Scott Bradley, Gavin Braun, Jeff Chandler, David Roth, Dean Temple, Robert Van Damme, Vito, Billy Wild (August 11); Chris Anthony, Sasha Borov [Sasha Boroff], Lewis Cannon, Alan Gregory, Adam Killian, Tony Star, Shane West (August 12); Jon Ashe, Jay Lowe, Joey Milano, Carlos Morales [Ricky Balboa], the late Sergio Real, Joshua Sterling, Roy Sterlington, Leo Tanner (August 13); Daryl Brock, Cam Kurtz, Danny, Josh Peters, John Valko [Jorge Eberon, Istvan Kapus, Istvan Kiss] (August 14); Coy Dekker, Brian Maxx, Troy Michaels, John Smith, Lazar Zorba (August 15); Breion Diamond, Kody Fields, Claudio Martin, Sergei Pawlikowski (August 16); Tamas Gregor, Jeff Michaels, Tyler Morgan, Jason Nikas, Ken Ryker (August 17). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

CockyBoys-Ricky-Roman-Felix-Warner-abs-kissCockyBoys-Ricky-Roman-Felix-Warner-sexHot Links: News, gossip and other related items of interest from the far-flung corners of GayPornLand and beyond:
* In case you missed the announcement, director-producer Steven Scarborough—a protege of Chuck Holmes—has retired from the industry after a storied 27-year run. His Hot House Entertainment label, founded in 1993, was absorbed into the Falcon Studios-Raging Stallion Studios fold, forming the largest all-male adult studio in the industry. The parent company is AEBN, for whom they, and VOD membership site NakedSword, form the gay division. [Hot House blog]
* The aforementioned Falcon-Raging Stallion-Hot House triad—a somewhat unwieldy title—has been reformed as Falcon Studios Group under the stewardship of Chris Ward. “Since Falcon has the most content, the most established brand and iconic name recognition, we thought it only fitting to call it the Falcon Studios Group,” said Mr. Ward. “Even then, fans and retailers can rest assured that each site, video line and brand will remain distinct and continue releasing the style and quality of content they expect from each individual entity within the Falcon Studios Group.” [XBIZ]
* Soon after the formation of the Falcon Studios Group came the news that Titan Media and Raging Stallion would share popular skin studs Hunter Marx and Shawn Wolfe as co-exclusives. This unique arrangement allows more opportunity for work and exposure than a single-studio contract could offer at this point. “While the concept of co-exclusives is something new, it makes perfect sense in the new business environment. We can ensure the very best performers in the industry work with the very best condom-only studios,” said Titan Media Vice President Keith Webb. “It’s a win-win for both the performers and the studios.” [Falcon Studios blog]
* Performer, mogul and activist Michael Lucas has been vocal in his support of Israel during the current Palestinian conflict. His advocacy continues to help him shatter the glass ceiling for porn performers. It’s fascinating to observe how his views supersede any squickiness the media might feel over his profession. The latest is an interview with YNet News and a laudatory profile in The Times of Israel (“A Zionist porn star shows his solidarity,” is the headline.) Mr. Lucas made a point of traveling to Israel as a tourist now, during the conflict. “Why? Partly to be with my people during a difficult period for them. But also because I want to help show that Israel is still a completely viable and enjoyable travel destination, even during times of conflict,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “Everyday life there goes on. I was in Israel during the Lebanon war. It was safe. And I know that I will be safe this week, even while the Israel Defense Forces are bravely fighting terrorists in Gaza.” [YNetNews and Times of Israel]
* Constant Readers are aware of my longstanding crush on Colby Keller—I’m certainly not alone in my admiration—and you may be aware our shaggy-haired, adorably bearish and artistically minded free-spirit successfully raised the funds to finance Big Shoe Adventure 1: Colby Does America… and Canada, too. He raised more than $45,000 via Indiegogo and nearly 1500 backers. Follow the link for this ambitious independent art-porn project. [Indiegogo]
* The Washington Post, no less, has weighed in on AB1576, a bill before the California State Senate that would legally mandate condoms in all porn production in the state. The article is titled, “How making actors wear condoms could kill California’s porn business.” As the article notes, voters approved a similar measure for Los Angeles County two years ago and the powers-that-be are still trying to figure out how to pay for it and enforce it. [WaPo online].

[Ricky Roman, Felix Warner © CockyBoys.]

derek_romaine.pngRadio-woman-clip-artDept. of Self-Promotion: A quick note this morning that I’m booked on The Derek & Romaine Show tonight on Sirius XM radio; please join us! Hosts Derek Hartley, Romaine Patterson and I will be talking the latest hot topics from the various corners of GayPornLand. Join me on Twitter at the appointed hour and tune in, turn on, etc.

birthday-muscle-clip-artJoe Calderon, Giorgio Falconi, Rick Hollander, Matt Spencer, Mark Steel (August 4); Antonio Armani, Donovan Cory, Dario Dolce, Erich Lange, Ted Lauter [Daniel Halasz, Luke Jarkal], Cisco Melendez, Chris Russell, Mike Snowfield, Al Wong (August 5); Michel D’Amours, David Havien, Collin Jennings, Justin Slater, Bijou Theatre owner and erotica pioneer Steven Toushin (August 6); Gilbert Bosco [Norbert], Rod Garetto, Terrance Hawke, Ian Idol, Brad Patton, Clint Walker (August 7); Jason Lamont, Gage Matthews, Alexandre Senna, Jake Slade, Felix Wallace [Alan Capier, Alan Clarke, Felix Jacubec, Pavel Vlasek] (August 8); Jason Crowe, Dan Dixon, Octavio Fuentes, Aaron Heights, Rusty Samuels, Chris Stone, Jordan West, Brandon Williams (August 9); Bryan Archer, Gavin Braun, Luke Garrett, Glen Hunter, Ryan Idol, Jarred Kentley, producer Grant Roy, David Speakman (August 10). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

sexy-birthday-clip-artKyle Becker, Jeffrey Dickinson, Fred Faurtin, Fred Goldsmith [Miklos O.], Felix Groth, Dillon Press, Tommy Strausser (July 28); Elio Acostas, Brad Davis, Eric Hamilton, Rik Jammer, Kyle King, Sonny Markham, Marc Stone (July 29); Scott Baldwin, Barry Barrett, Cameron Cruise, Lark Larson, Fred Modod, Matt Shane, the late Alex Stone (July 30); Brent Banes, Jayson Lee, Duke Miller (July 31); Tony Brandon, Nick Capra, Mario Danza, Adam Hart, Billy James, Tommy Lord, Steve York, Tony Z (August 1); Talvin DeMachio, Michelangelo Risi, Kevin Roberts (August 2); Mike Lamas, Scott Neely, Jorge Rios, Eric Stavros, Noah Walker (August 3). [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Birthday-twink-cake-cartoonMiles Andrew, Marcio Pitbull, Adriano Sabroso, B.J. Slater, Lance Williams (July 21); Tony Banderas, Matt Bandero, Thomas Bond, Tony Cruz, Luke Hamill, Armando Santini, Enrique Velazco (July 22); Tom Adams, Luca Alexander, Jamie Blade, Dante Franklin, Ian Gabriel, Paul Hanson, Randy Jones, Kyle Reardon, Mark Woods (July 23); Tony Brocco, Aaron Griffith, Tad Harrison, Angel Leone, Tony Romano (July 24); Mark Baxter, Jacob Hayes, Dick James, Dax Kelly, Leo Lyons, Diego Pastores, Tony Piagi, Pagan Prince (July 25); Vito Marchelli, Steve Maverick, Scott Randsome, Clay Russell, Bryan Williams (July 26); J.C. Carter, Jeremy Daniels, Holden Grey, Brad King, Mike Radcliffe (July 27). [Have we skipped a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

birthday-muscle-clip-artMike Austin, Peter Balogh, Robert Black, Blue Blake, Chris Collins, Brad Hanson, Billy Herrington, Markie, Steven Ponce, Aaron Reeves, Tyler Savas, Kurt Summers, Peter Vegvary (July 14); Chris Akin, Peter Logan, Clay Maverick, Peter Michaels, Kevin Reed, Eric Scott (July 15); Flame, Devyn Foster, Dex Harden, Scott Lamber, Bernardo Lima, Josh Longer, Ryan Russell, Leo St. Phillip (July 16); Damian Ford, Alec Powers, Eric Reese, Eli Santos, Sledge Sawyer (July 17); Rafael Alencar, Dillon Buck, David Cline, Fredrick Ford, Julian Houston, Mack Kurtis, Ricky Parker, John Sexton, Nick Yeager, Chris Yosef, Joe Young (July 18); Jay Alexander, Lee Driver, Chicky Hard [Chicky Grand], Trace Henson, Tyler Hill, Tony Lee Jones, Shane Rockford, Stonie [Brittany CoxXx], Gabriel Suarez (July 19); Rick Davis, Andres Duranza, Element Eclipse, Federico Johnson, Ollie Kicks, Aaron Osborne, Niko Reeves, Adam Winter, Tigris Wood (July 20). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

sexy-birthday-clip-artRichard Becker, Rod Daily, Corey Jay, Jirka Kalvoda [Nicola Gismondi, Ales Hanak, Petr Katja, Jarda Kolar], Don Kristian, Cameron Marshall, Dean Monroe, Dominic Sinclair, Andreas Stern, Kurt Wild, Adam Wilde (July 7); Dirk Decker, Jayden Grey, Brian Hanson, Shane Lacourt, Zach Richards, Chris Sullivan (July 8); Tony Bishop, Istvan Gulyas [Peter/Peti Mosili], Robert Paul, Jack Potz, Lance Storm (July 9); Kyle Chandler, Joel Drake, Kenny, Lyndon Murray, Jay Roberts (July 10); Shawn Adams, Daniele Castaldo, Rob Clavier, Vic Hall, Giancarlo Laforet, Jake Matthews, Florian Nemec, Pierre [Brazilian model], Marcio Rosa, Ashton Ryan, A.J. Winters (July 11); Issac [Isaac] Jones, Steve Masters, Stone Michaels, Alberto Ventura, David York (July 12); James Bajital, the late Dante [blond Jet Set Men model], the late Mark DeBoy, Rob Evens, Matt Fuller, Wade Garrett, Tom Jank, Alex Kincaid, Tino Lopez, Miles Rudolpho (July 13). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Fireworks-Fourth-July-horizontalHere’s wishing a happy Fourth of July to Constant Readers in the United States and an appropriately fulfilling and/or scandalous Friday to all the rest of you lot. Salud.
[Image source.]

Canada-flag-Sloan-FitchIt’s become a GPTimes tradition on July 1st to offer hot, wet kisses and a hearty Happy Canada Day to our Constant Readers from the Great White North, and to pay brief tribute to those gorgeous guys from Canada who have graced the blue screen over the years. All-male adult would simply not be the same without this incredible roster of horndog talent. Our original list included the following hunks: Johnny Brosnan, Race Cooper, Manuel DeBoxer, Kevin Dean, Ian Duncan, Brent Everett, Jeremy Feist, Pierre Fitch, Jeremy Hall, Brandon Jones, Claude Jordan, Johan Lapointe, Adrian Long, Jeremy Roddick, J.T. Sloan and Eddie Stone. Did we miss anyone? A few months ago, Constant Reader John provided an exhaustive additional list: Dany/Danny Brown, Ken Browning, Tristian Bull, Robert Collins, Michel D’Amours, David Angelo, Nino Bacci, Scott Bond, Felix Brazeau, Marc Brodey, Brendan Davies, Donnie Dean, Bert Edwards, Karl Erik, Charlie Fabravo, Darin Hawk, Nick Ford, Rick Hammersmith, Ray Harley, Blake Harper, Kurt Houston, Buddy Jones, Jeremy Jordan, Joey Jordan, Rik Kappas, Marko LeBeau, Alex LeMonde, Gabriel Lenfant (a/k/a Gabriel Clark), Hank Locklear, Adrian Long, Michel Mattel, Johnny Maverick, Marc Nemeth, Tristan Paris, Troy Punk, Ryan Russell, Jay Varella, Johnny Ventura, Ralph Woods and Ryan Zane. Who are your favorite Canadian skin studs? Did we miss anyone? (This list grows every year…)
[J.T. Sloan © Falcon Studios; Pierre Fitch image source.]

Birthday-twink-cake-cartoonKyle Brandon, Chance Caldwell, Ace Harden, Kevin Hayden, the late Ethan Marc, Sky Preston, Luke Scott, Anthony Stone, Chris Young (June 30); Rafael Carreras, Brice Patton, Pietro Rosselli (July 1); Robbie Angel, Kent Burk, Tyler Dirdan, Eric Flower [Josef Cernan; Miro Lauko; Boris Sokoloff], Hugo Peligro, the late Rocky, Adrian Troy, Chris Yeager (July 2); writer/director Jett Blakk, Alex Carrington, director/videographer Ben Leon, Rick Leon, Mocha [Mocha Mitchell], Dak Ramsey (July 3); Xavier De Paula, the late Steve Fox, Brett Michaels, Mark O’Neill, Jared Scott, Kameron Scott, Julian Vincenzo (July 4); Billy Bowers, the late Leo Ford, Brennan Foster, Max Grand, Kaleb Hayes, Peter Krisztia [Victor Hogyes], Reed Parker, Dave Russell, Andre Savage, Kyle Stevens, Mamo Vallicelli (July 5); Fitch Abel, Jake Hart, Nick Moretti, Steve Ryder, Vince Siciliano, Tyrone, Wolff (July 6). [Have we skipped a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

birthday-muscle-clip-artChad Conners, Tamas Eszterhazy, Ty Lattimore, Pistol, director Steven Scarborough, Griff Thorson (June 23); Sal Correlli, Hans Ebson, Brice Ebson, Antonio Montez, Patrick Ray, Randal Sheldon [Rocky Buresh, Mike Gonda, Rocky Summers], Hagen Stone (July 24); Jim Andrews, Robert Balint [Tibor Chalupa, Istvan Turani], Jamie Donovan, Tiger Tyson, Simon Cox, Brad Hunt, Scott Tandy (June 25); Marcelo Cabral, Gareth Christopher, Joe Landon, Eric Masterson, Casey Morgan, Malik Sharif, Todd Stevens (June 26); Bobby Brandt, Derek Cameron, Ninja, Nick Romano, Mark Vlady (June 27); Dany Brown, Sean Decker, Richie Fine, Jagger, Thomas Lloyd, Michael Smith, Task, Edwyn Wolf, Justin Woods (June 28); Joshua Adams, Aaron Klein, videographer Max Phillips, Jack Sanders, Tony Scalia, Jake Woods (June 29). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

sexy-birthday-clip-artBlaine Black, Baby Boy, Gabriel Lee, Jacob Peter, Carter Rhodes, Chad Savage, Taylor Westin (June 16); Nik Angelo, Dane Brando, Matthieu Paris, Victor Rios, Robby Taylor (June 17); Wes Addams, Peter Anderson, Patrick Fisher, Matthew Matters, Ariel Vanean, Steven Waye (June 18); Jeremy Brooks, Johnny Dean, John Devilin, Wade Hunter, Caleb Michaels, Nickolay Petrov, Pavol Zurek [Paul Zurek] (June 19); Paolo Centori, Ray Dragon, the late Mason Flynt, the late Tom Howard, Lucas James, Ryan Matthews [Ryen Matthews], Bobby Steele (June 20); Alain DuPont, Janos Volt [Attila Hogyes, Rolf Kristen, Gyorgy Prodnik, James Volt] (June 21); Scott Austin, Pretty Boy, Rodd Champion, Vince Cobretti, Luis Machado (June 22). [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Birthday-twink-cake-cartoonCarlos Cruz, Carl Erik, Donavin Fitch, Aden Jaric, Kristof Kasper [Pavel Luknar], Paul Morgan, Anthony Okamoto, the late Daxx Reed (June 9); Billy Boyd, Ryan Conners, Alex Ford, Juan Jiminez, Cody Matthews, Jay Raven, Roberto Vista (June 10); Bobby Benson, Antonio Biaggi, Mark Kroner, Nigel, Zackary Pierce, the late Johnny Rahm, Johnny Thrust, Brett Williams, Tommy Wraith (June 11); Pierce Coppola, Brian Dean, Rocco DiNiro, Zackary Pierce, York Powers, Tommy Saxx, Josh Stone, Jonathan West, Csaba Zsiros [Marko Pacyna, Avery Sebes, Attila Szabo] (June 12); Zak Anders, the late Winston Love, Romario, Steve Sax, Randy White (June 13); photographer Gio Caruso, Lee Casey, Cameron Daniels, Mikey Diaz, Drew Driver, Mason Walker (June 14); Tim Boyd, Alex Eden, Valentino Rey, Paulo Velez, Ryan Zane (June 15). [Did we miss a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Canadian-Psychology-abstract-cover (June 2014)Dept. of Self-Promotion: I lose my Vancouver virginity later this week when I fly up to Canada as a guest speaker at the Canadian Psychological Association‘s 75th annual convention. I am presenting an essay I wrote last year—due to be published soon—reflecting on my career in adult entertainment. I am the sole non-academic on Thursday afternoon’s panel, titled More Eclectic Views: A Multi-Disciplinary Inquiry on Gay Male Pornography, so, as I’ve been told, I better fucking deliver. (Please note that it is often a fight to get American academics to pay any attention to this subject matter, but the Canadians were all for it.) The guy who booked me for this gig is a Constant Reader from way back in the early days; you folks are the best. What a strange, curious career I have. CLICK HERE for convention details.

birthday-muscle-clip-artVince Bandero, Jon Eric, Jason Leery, Chad Manning, Isaac Nadir, Ralph Rohner (June 2); Tony Alvarez, Aaron Brandt, Sloan Christian, Johnny Doom, Felipe Eller, Billy Elliott, Josh Ericson, Dylan James, Kyle Kennedy, Ryan Lexington, Scott Mann, Pepper (June 3); Alex Burbon, Ben Campezi, Josh Dobrich, Danny Lopez, Rappalo [Rapallo, Paul Rappallo, Rappolo], Zane West (June 4); Buck Angel, Andres Colmenares, John Gleason, Billy Little-Fox, Collin McRath, Dan Rider, Francois Sagat (June 5); author/ journalist/ blogger JC Adams (ahem…), Bastian, Cory Miles, Antonio Rico, Brandon Steele, Christian Zimata (June 6); Tristan Bennet, Jackson Dedeaux, Sean Kelley, Gabor Szabo [Laszlo], Gabor Vad, Brett Winters (June 7); Adam Dexter, Kenny Kash, Leslie Manzel [David Bathory, Mark Bloom, Steve Gulyas, Martin Hubai, David Salieri, Istvan Szabo], Lex Milan, Joe Raven, Samuel Rodrigues, Andrew Rubio (June 8). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

sexy-birthday-clip-artDavid Bury, Tony Chan, Dominik Xaversky [Peitor Roman] (May 26); Chase Allen, Marcus Allen, Pascal Bruno, Vincent DeMarco, Lance Landers, Paul Marsalla, Jiri Sydnec (May 27); Cliff Alan, Mike Branson, Sergio Cortes, Corey Cox, the late Matt Gunther, Rick Hammersmith, Logan Krewe, Alex LeMonde, Manuel Torres, Bailey Stratton (May 28); Shane Bailey, Eric Hanson, Michael Lance, Dennis Lincoln, Dean Maxwell, Brandon Reevet, Christoph Scharff, Smooth, Ethan Starr, Duncan Valentine, Cody Whiler (May 29); Aabeel, J.J. Bond, Ladislav Pekar (May 30); Jasper Collins, Brett DiMineo, Rick Gonzalez, Nick Reiner (May 31); Jeff Brooks, Kevin Dean, Nick Ford, Shawn London, Gary Malkovich, Matt Morgan (June 1). [Have we skipped a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Birthday-twink-cake-cartoonTamas Iszmos, Milos Miroslav, Dakota Rivers, Spike [Rex Ruben], Duncan Stone, Matt West (May 19); Derrick Baldwin, Steve O’Donnell, Brick Tyson, Tiger Tyson (May 20); Tim Atwood, Boyhous, Mike Conway, Phat Daddy, Gino Francesco, Alberto Landi, Mitch Sander, Ray Stone, Bret Wolfe (May 21); Rob Anthony, Dino Antonelli, Chip Hardy, Matthew Harris, Patrick Ives, Nicholas Lockwood, Jack London, Sandy Sloane/Sloan, Justin Wood (May 22); Tommy DeLuca, Trey Hunter, Joe Kennedy, Jason Land, Oliver Madsen, Rico Suave, Tommie (May 23); Jim Bentley, Brent Cross, Steven Daigle, Ross Taylor, Jarrod Thane (May 24); Hodge Armstrong, Dave Casino, the late Brett Ford, Dante Foxx, Mick Houston, Jordan Young (May 25). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]