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Quotable: Energy

February 12, 2018 | Leave a Comment

Quotable: “Sex is energy.”
Beatrice Wood (1893-1998), Avant Garde artist.
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Chad Johnson, Tim Lowe, Corey Stevens (February 12); Tomas Belko [Pavol Melis, Roman Paulik], Ulizes Carpelli, Gustavo Ferreira, Daniel Kilmer, Sean Madar, gossip columnist Billy Masters, Todd Rosset, Wayne Montgomery (February 13); the late Geoffrey Karen Dior [Rick Van], Jason Hawke, Mike Kennedy, Jason Knight, Joey Lismir, Nicholas Moore, Elijah Peters, Milo Peters, Christopher Scott, Braden Stone, Steve Trevor, Grant Wood (February 14); Devon Auston, Chris Bolt, Eduardo, Troy Punk, the late Joe Romero (February 15); David Chelsea, Renato di Giorgio [Igor], Aaron Tanner (February 16); Dave Brooks, Ian Curtis, Antton Harri, Eric Magyar, Brad Michaels, Scott Ryan (February 17); Chris Baldwin, Flex Gamble, Maverick Reynolds, Emilio Sands, Tony Serrano, Steeve Thifault, Lucas Young (February 18). [Have we skipped a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know. Photo: Dillon Buck by Conner Habib.]

Quotable: “Sex is not only the basis of life, it is the reason for life.”
Norman Lindsay (1879-1969), artist.
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Sasha Byazrov [Alexander Byazrov], Michael Crawford, Jan Dvorak [Pavel Novotny, Max Orloff], Joe Foster, Luke Loader, Brady Martin, Joel Thomas (February 5); the late Adam Faust, Jeremy Feist, Troy Halston, Blake Kennedy, Lucio Maverick [Josh Lovas], Silvio/Sylvio Pantera [Noah McCarne], Brad Phillips, Timmy Thomas, Jed Willcox (February 6); Pup Amp, Phillip Ashton, Benn Davis, Nick DiBona, Luciano Endino, Eric Flower [Josef Cernan, Miro Lauko], Vince Harrington [Lana Luster], Tucker Scott, Justin Southall (February 7); Sebastian Cruz, Stetson Gable, Cutter Knight, Nick Mancini, Giuseppe Piccoli, the late Erik Rhodes, Rock [Rockafellaz Ent.], Ty Thomas, Zephyr (February 8); the late Joshua Berlin, Michael Brandon, Ruslan Peterko [Mario Danza, Jan Manek, Riko, Sebastian Stone, Rudolf Valentino, Kelvin Vlado], Arthur Roth, Brandon Weber (February 9); Charlie Boy, the late director Jean-Daniel Cadinot, Brent Everett, Casey Jordan, Jason Keller, Dan Lyons, Daniel Magam, Slava Petrovich, Diego Sanchez, Vince Taylor (February 10); Sam Bare, Kennedy Carter, Beau Green/Greene, Eric Marx, Domingo Montero, Ray Phillips, Jackson Reid, Hal Rockland, Eddie Schulz, Austin Wilde (February 11). [Have we skipped a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know. Photo: Chi Chi LaRue ©]

Quotable: “Remember, sex is like a Chinese dinner. It ain’t over till you both get your cookie.
Alec Baldwin (b. 1958), actor, activist.
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Tiziano Cortese, Tom Dacascos, Francesco D’Macho, Billy Gascon, Dan Hanson, the late Boris Mateho [Boris, Lorenz Popkov, Chad Valenta, Zdenek Valenta, Zavier Vulcain], Marc Pierce, Malik Romero, Mitch Ryder, Parker Williams (January 29); Matthew Anders, Kevin Cobain, Marcus Day, George Fleece, Justin Greer, Alexei Gromoff [Sebastian, Marco Tibor, Thomas Williams], Anthony Holloway, Trent Sebastian, Mischa Viaeu (January 30); Chris Holland, Chad Hunt, Luc Jarrett, Eric Payne, Dean Spencer, Randy Storm (January 31); Robert Collins, Dustin O’Donnell, Jason Sizemore, Brad Slater, Bryan Slater, Carlos Tyler (February 1); Nathan Brooks, Nicholas Clay, Michael Fox, Brian Hansen, the late Lindon Hawk, Zed Kelly, Steven Richards, David Scott, Kris Wolff (February 2); the late Bruce Jennings, Johnny Law, Antonio Madiera, Tom Penn, Christian Wilde, Park Wiley (February 3); Michael Anthony, Gynt Klein, Ron Miller, Tony Molina, director John Rutherford, Mitch Ryder, the late David Thompson (February 4). [Have we skipped a PSB? Please leave a comment and let us know.]

Hot Links: January is a busy month for adult entertainment, between the Cybersocket Web Awards and the XBIZ Show and XBIZ Awards in Los Angeles. This year, we also had the revived GAYVN Awards in Las Vegas, after a hiatus of eight years. Here’s a look at some of my coverage of the panels focusing on the gay biz at the XBIZ Show last week (I also wrote up the Cybersockets, but I don’t know when that story is going up online). I’m also including my latest article, an interview with Jake Jaxson of CockyBoys. Click the linkage below:
* XBIZ 2018: Gay Biz Branding and Social Media Efforts.
* XBIZ 2018: Gay Adult Entertainment in the Trump Era.
* CockyBoys Founder Jake Jaxson Discusses Collaboration With Indie Film Director Bruce LaBruce.

[Image © GPTimes.]

Sky Donovan, Kamrun, Shane Patrick, Tod Parker, Robert Smiley, Evan Taylor (January 22); Ethan-Michael Ayers, the late Devon Barry, Joe Kent, Jay Richards, Dawson Riley, Rob Roberts, Jeremy Shelton, Damien Steele, Ryan Wagner (January 23); Jake Andrews, Gus Avery, Chad Brock, Bruno [Brazilian model], Roberto Giorgio [Filip Olivier], Gary Hanson, Hercules, Jordan, Christopher Montana, Ivan Mrozek [Attila B., Frank Einstein, John Meredek, Mihaly Tombor], Robert Petri, Supreme [Castro], Chad Thomas, Tegan Zayne (January 24); Jason Berringer, Ethan Clarke, Brian Cox, Logan Cross, Paul Dawson, Raul Dias, Arpad Majoros [Garcia Fecske], Emerson Prata, Rob Roberts, Romario [Brazilian model], Dano Sulik, T.J. Young (January 25); Joey Amor, Rob Cryston, Jake Dakota, Derek da Silva, Zach Falconer, Luciano Haas, Maleek, Anthony Mengetti, Triton Rivers (January 26); Marc Brodey, Marcelo Costa, Cruz Lennox, Tom Matthews, Matt McGrath, Tom Moore, Eddy Ryan, Nick Thomas (January 27); Brandon Angelo, Tim Brensen [Nico Blade, Tim Craven, Mihal Laszlo, Michael Sarlo], Brandon James, Alex Manning, Rex Parker, Tyler Riggz, Blake Riley, Jake Rowe, Randy Summers (January 28). [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Quotable: “I’ve always said that good dick will make you sign a blank check.”
Michael K., gossip blogger,
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Hank Cruz, Gino Gultier, Jason Harley, Daniel Paxton, Mark Rockwell, Zak Spears, Peter St. James, Alex Turner, Mason Wyler (January 15); Aaron Aurora, Gareth Bates, Tomas Brand, Victor Cowboy, Cody Kucher, Dario D’Alba, Jim Danielson, Jake Deckard, Robert Gunn, Little Steven, Sean Xavier (January 16); Spencer Allan, Tomas Brand, Kanye East, Donald Jarrott, David Laval, Drew Sumrock, Jarod Tucker, Dylan West (January 17); Bobby Bacon, Ace Hanson, Troy Masters, Ryan Michaels, Robert Novy, Walter Perras, Jason Sparks, Shane Thomas, Damon West (January 18); Rocco Giovanni, Ken Houser, Derek Rei, Rafael Valentino (January 19); Tristan Adonis, Villem Cage [Cage Kajc, Martin Karvina], Rick Chase, Brad Erikson, Leaf Hendrickson, the late Josh Weston, Dave Yanek (January 20); Babaji, Adrian Bradshaw, Tom Katt, Toine Rousseau, Jason Sanchez, Scott Tanner, Dallas Taylor, Tony West (January 21). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

New-ish Release Desk: Here are some quick links to new and new-ish reviews I’ve published recently for XBIZ. Click the title to read the full reviews:
* THE TRAINER: NO EXCUSES: From Hot House Video with scorchers pairing Alex Mecum and Micah Brandt and Skyy Knox with Sean Zevran, plus more great work from underrated Austin Wolf.
* THE SLING: Via TitanMen features of-the-moment hotbod Mecum with thick-cocked Tex Davidson and dreamy Adam Ramzi perfectly paired with Jason Vario. Slings and accoutrements provided by JimSupport.
* GAYMERS: An amusing spin on virtual reality and gaming from Raging Stallion Studios. Heavy on the scruff and ink. Good chemistry between Eddy CeeTee and eye-catching newcomer Daymin Voss as well as Buck Richards and Eddie West, among others.
* ONE NIGHT AT THE READY: A strong effort from Chi Chi LaRue for Hot House. Highlights include a cracklingly good fuck between a submissive, suited Skyy Knox and Jason Vario (in construction gear) and a sensual hotel room pairing between brawny Austin Wolf and handsome jock Fane Roberts.

Quotable: “Of course Heaven forbids certain pleasures, but one finds means of compromise.”
Molière (1622-1673), playwright.
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Nicholas Babral [Marcus Hahn, Norbert], Vance Bajnok, Pietro Cattani, Brett Collins, Josh Milk, Kyler Moss, Nick Nicaste, Austin Rogers [Viktor Kinski], Jason Ryder, Max Schneider, Dale South, Bobby Tyler (January 8); Agustin Agar, Renato Bellagio [Cherry, Isidore Nadas, Zoltan Sapka], Tom Braddock, Angel Castaneda, Franco Di Ostia, Joe Gallagher, Tony Mecelli, Clayton Romero, Dominic Sol, Tony Stevens, Brent V. (January 9); Grant Black, Matt Cook, Shawn Islander, Alex Kilborn, Trevor Knight, Rick LaFonte, Neo, Pablo Picaco, Justin Roxxx, Titan, Andy Zee (January 10); B.J. Bratt, Chad Donovan, Gerardo, Sebastian Gronoff, Josh Holiday, Doug Jeffries, Cameron Sage [Seth Dickens], Kurt Stefano, Jeremy Tucker, Jeremy West, Rick West (January 11); Parker Allen, Paul Barresi, Eric Carter, Kai Cruz, Peter Ericson, Jessy Carson, the late Jon King, Tommy Lawrence, Brad McGuire, Attila Sipos [Zoltan], Richard Well (January 12); Billy DeWitt, Trap Boyy, Bened Faust [Jerry Hannan, Seb Priestley], Nathan “Big Red” Hamilton, Rodney Parks, Patrick St. Martin (January 13); Ivan Andros, Carter Bentley, Jake Butler, Trent Diesel, Christopher Fleur de Lis, Theo Ford, Ray Harley, Fabian Harri, Junito, Kirk Kelley, Brayden Knight, Mickey O’Brien, Francisco Ruck [Mark Franks, Dominik Gunther, Viktor Klicko], Billy Santoro, Mike Vespa (January 14). [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know. Photo: Chi Chi LaRue ©]

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New Release Desk: Catching up on my latest skinflick reviews for XBIZ. I’m lax, as usual, on posting about these. POOL SERVICE from TitanMen is good meat-and-potatoes sex with a barn-burner between Bennett Anthony and Adam Ramzi and another scorcher with Mr. Anthony and Jason Vario. CLICK HERE for that review. Meanwhile, ROUTE 69 from Falcon Studios and the inventive Tony Dimarco is one of the year’s best, a cleverly constructed homage to the venerable studio’s storied history that sends fratboy-handsome young studs Dustin Holloway and Fane Roberts on a road trip that has them stumbling into recreations of classic Falcon loops and vignettes. Mr. Dimarco recreates these vintage scenes right down to the camera angles. It really works. The starry supporting cast includes Ryan Rose, JJ Knight, Alex Mecum, Johnny V. and my new porn crush Skyy Knox — plus the disarmingly handsome Nate Stetson, who is prominently featured on the DVD insert and looks like he was plucked right from a ’70s loop. CLICK HERE for that review.

Quotable: “Men chase by night those they will not greet by day.”
Camille Paglia (b. 1947), author, educator and social critic.
[Many more quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]