sexy-birthday-clip-artRod Barry, Jason Branch, Dean Butler, Jean Franko, Brendan Knight, Nick Piston, Spencer Reed, Brandon Small, Cole Youngblood (December 5); Samuel Colt, Michael Corey, Van Kale, Billy Knight, Scott Lyons, Jace Reed (December 6); Liam Anderson, Juan Carlos, Randy Foreman, Cody Marshall, Ethan Masters, Rich South, Adam Strasburg (December 7); Ryen/Ryan Alexander, Austin Brooks, Chance, director/ videographer mr. Pam, Spencer Quest, Brock Tyler, Jurgen Varg (December 8); Kevin Alexander, Kevin Kemp, David Moretti, Tracey O’Neil, Christian Owen, Francois Papillon, Karl Radford, Mark Reed (December 9); Jay Black, Richard Black, Caesar Cruz, Connor Levi, Philipe Lyon, Max Schutler, Erik York (December 10); Mathias Bouvier, J.P. Dubois, Marco Mancini, Chris Michaels, Daniel Rivero, Logan Robbins, Jack Simmons, Chad Williams (December 11). [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

red-ribbon-low-resred-ribbon-low-resFor the eighth year, we pause on World AIDS Day to memorialize friends and colleagues from the gay adult film community taken by HIV/AIDS and related causes over the past thirty-plus years. Please CLICK HERE to visit the World AIDS Day website. Every effort is taken to make sure the 100 or so names and dates are accurate, but mistakes do occur. Kindly leave a comment if you spot any errors or omissions. We thank for their assistance in pulling this list together.

Never forget:

Keith Anthoni (’91), Keith Ardent (’92), Ben Barker (’95), Scott Bond (’93), Brad Braverman (’96), Tony Bravo (’90), Jeremy Brent (’80s, unsure), Arthur Bressan Jr. (unsure), Kristian Brooks (’06), Chris Burns (’95);

Luc Colton (’93), Dave Connors (unsure), Jake Corbin (’92), Craven Cox/Donny Price (’10), Steve Craig (’90), composer Brandy Dalton (’06), Pierce Daniels (’95), Mike Davis (’86), Johnny Dawes (’89), Morelle DeKeigh (’94), Melchor Diaz (’95);

Ken Diamond (unsure), Glenn Dime (’92), Ed Dinakos (’94), Geoffrey Karen Dior (’04), Casey Donovan (’87), Nick Elliot (’90), Lon Flexx (’95), Mason Flynt (’02), Brett Ford (’01), Roy Garret (’92), filmmaker/publicist Alan Gassman (’10);

Gordon Grant (early ’90s, unsure), webmaster Keith Griffith (’12), Matt Gunther (’97), Ryder Hansen (’89), Bill Harrison (’91), Kyle Hazzard (’88), Bill Henson (’90), Falcon Studios founder Chuck Holmes (’00), John Holmes (’88), Kurt Houston (’97), Tom Howard (’07);

Steve Kennedy (’95-’97, unsure); Thom Katt (unsure); Jesse Koehler (unsure); Tim Kramer (’92); J.W. King (’86); Jon King (’95); Chris Ladd (’90); Lance (’91); Lei Lani (’93); Jeff Lawrence (’94);

Richard Locke (’96), Clint Lockner (’93), Steve Loignon (unsure), Lucky Luc (’92), Luke (’89), producer/executive Terry Mahaffey (’05), Craig Markle (’94), Kurt Marshall (’88), Val Martin (unsure), Beau Matthews (’86), Satiny Miranda (’09);

Jim Moore (’88), Wade Nichols (’85), Scott O’Hara (’98), Sparky O’Toole (’99), Al Parker (’92), Paul Pelletieri (’93), director Jaap Penraat (unsure), Brad Peters (’94), Christopher Rage (’91), Tyler Regan (’93);

Johnny Rey (’06), Lee Richards (unsure), David Rockmore (early ’90s, unsure), Rocky (’06), Nick Rogers (unsure), Joe Romero (’07), Jeff Ryan (’94), Lee Ryder (’91), Scorpio (’98), Jeremy Scott (’94);

Bob Shane (’97), Joe Simmons (’95), Eric Stone (’96), Jason Steele (’95), Troy Steele (’05), Glenn Steers (’94), Mark Stevens (’89), Eric Stryker (’88), Scott Taylor (’94), Steve Taylor (unsure);

Chet Thomas (’97), Jim Ed Thompson (unsure), Kip Tyler (’95), Cole Tucker (’15), Marco Vassi (unsure), Frank Vickers (’91), Chuck Vincent (’91), filmmaker Drew Warner (’12), Darryl Weld (’91), Josh Weston (’12), Chris Williams (’91), composer Robert Woods (’95), Joey Yale (’84-’85, unsure).

# # #

screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-7-22-32-amDept. of Self-Promotion: So this happened over the weekend. The book has always sold moderately well, especially in Europe, but five years after publication Gay Porn Heroes: 100 Most Famous Porn Stars is an Amazon bestseller. Thank you most sincerely.
* Filthy Remarks: 444 Sex Quotes
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Sales links:
* Filthy Remarks: 444 Sex Quotes
* Gay Porn Heroes: 100 Most Famous Gay Porn Stars

[Topher DiMaggio, Teagan Zayne © CockyBoys.]

Dillon-Buck-smile-birthday-candlesThe late director/cameraman Andre Adair, Ricky Roman (November 28); Cougar Cash, Mickey Danson, Trevor Hobbs, Alexander Marino [Jeremy Aspen, Chad Driver, Langdon King], Kai Marsden (November 29); Chett Adams, Justin Case, Alexandru Cuza [Hubert Uriel, Johnny Weiss], Maddrocker, Marshall O Boy, Jay Ross, Steve Shannon (November 30); Stephan Bertoli, Buster, Maxime Cannon, Julio Icente, Markus Ram, Zach Rhodes (December 1); Peter Horne, Joe Montez, the late Brett Mycles, Rocky de Oliveira [Rock, Rocky Oliveira], Denzel Rossovich (December 2); Milton Abdalla, Cody Cachet, Todd Gibbs, Trevor Halston, Chris Johnson, Terence Kiada, Erik Knight, L.A. Mont, Averil Morris (December 3); Alex Austin, Joey Carr, Mark Cirriano, Alexi Ferron, Daniel Palffy, Filippo Romano (December 4). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know. Photo of Dillon Buck by Conner Habib.]

Filthy-Remarks-Gmunder (JC Adams, March 2013)'Gay Porn Heroes'-book-cover-Gmunder-AdamsDept. of Self-Promotion: If you’re spending your hard-earned cash this weekend, please note that the Amazon Kindle version of my book Filthy Remarks: 444 Sex Quotes is on sale for the hilariously low price of 94 cents. How did Amazon come up with that number? Who knows? I’ll take it. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download their free app and read the book on any device. The paperback version is currently out-of-stock, but it’s also on sale for 99 cents and they’ll ship it when they are resupplied. You can also snag a copy of lovely coffee table book Gay Porn Heroes: 100 Most Famous Gay Porn Stars for under ten bucks. If you’re shopping Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday, here’s a chance to have a few laughs and/or fill out your porn collection. And please do log in and leave a laudatory review. It helps Amazon’s logarithms find me. Salud.
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* Gay Porn Heroes: 100 Most Famous Gay Porn Stars

Thanksgiving-Macy's-Uncle-Sam-Spider-Man (credit Imgur)Happy Thanksgiving from GPTimes (if you’re Stateside; otherwise, Happy Thursday/Friday). May you enjoy an unexpected surprise today.
[Image source: Imgur]

cockyboys-karter-aradHot Links: News and gossip from the far-flung corners of GayPornLand:
* Here are the nominees for the 2017 XBIZ Awards. The best-picture nominated studios are BelAmi,, Raging Stallion Studios and multi-nominated CockyBoys (twice), NakedSword Originals (twice) and TitanMen (three times): (XBIZ).
* A ’90s-era photo of Brad Patton went viral when people confused him with — ugh — Mike Pence (Queerty)
* Silly click-bait listicle about “absurd precedents” set by gay porn. Same-old, same-old, if you don’t want to click the link (gay-for-pay is fake, porn sex isn’t real-life sex, etc. etc.): (Gay Star News).
* “Considering the incredibly low-budget look of their Pokémon Go parody, seems to have actually invested some money into Star Trek‘s costumes, set, and even special effects — they certainly didn’t invest any into acting or audio equipment.” (Unicorn Booty)

[Arad Winwin, Levi Karter © CockyBoys.]

dvd-out-titan-jackmandvd-x-men-men-com-keller-obrienNew Release Desk: Voting continues until December 1st for the Cybersocket Web Awards, where we are among the nominees for Best Porn Blog or Review Site. Towards that end, here’s a recent review as well as a corker you may have missed from earlier this summer. OUT! is a well-produced and quite erotic winner from director Jasun Mark and Titan Media. That’s Jesse Jackman, who also co-wrote the script, on the DVD insert. His sexplay with the gorgeous, rugged Dallas Steele is a real keeper: CLICK HERE to read the review. Then there’s X-MEN: A GAY XXX PARODY via, which doesn’t satirize anything, but it does feature a very well-cast Colby Keller as Wolverine and a sinewy, glowering Paddy O’Brian as a horned-up Magneto. CLICK HERE for that review.

Birthday-twink-cake-cartoonJohnny Hanson, Duke Johnson, Frank Miller, Chaz Omar, Viktor Perseo [Victor Villanueva], Haven Philips, Joshua Rodgers [James Jordan, Balazs Nadasdy, Garcia Udulo] (November 21); Sam Ritter (November 22); Luis Casas, Dean Johnson, Robert Harvey, Giorgio Salieri [Petr Tomas, Petr Tomasek], Nicky Wells (November 23); Champ, Tyler Flannery, Skye Foster, Lucas Foz, Wolf Hudson, Peter Pfalz, Ricky Price, Cody Scott, Marty Slater, Jared Wright, Gregor Yelson (November 24); Ian Babkave, Steve Rambo, Mack Rollins (November 25); Seth Atkins, Dobie Rivero, Jack Ryan, promoter, host and blogger Jason Sechrest, Sean Storm (November 26); Franco Corsini, Jason Kingsley, Robert Marx, Luke Maxwell, Matt Windsor (November 27). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

birthday-muscle-clip-artJoe Austin, Josh Houston, Tico Martin [Keanus Sebastian], Gus Mattox, Bo Summers, Rick Valenz (November 14); David Bronson, writer-director Jerry Douglas, Zach Hunter, Maurinho Manson, Bill Piatti (November 15); the late Tanner Hayes, Martin Hooker, Zsolt Kopazs, Steve Majors, Mario Perez, Gabriel Trepador, Steve Winston (November 16); Kyle Richards, Brad Star, Rob Stone, Ettore Tosi, Helmut Walker (November 17); Felix Bahia, Jason Bryant, Reynaldo Costa, Brad Rock, Santiago, Parker Wells (November 18); Anthony, Carson Cole, Bill Magnum, Matthew Michaels, Brandon Roo, Sandor Sablon (November 19); promoter-host Scotty B., Paul Johnson, Joseph Lewis, Lorenzo, Casey O’Brian, Gage Weston (November 20). [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

dvd-falcon-between-sheets-krossdvd-nakedsword-berkeleyNew Release Desk: Voting is underway — ugh, it’s painful to talk about voting right now — for another few weeks for the Cybersocket Web Awards, where we are among a large group of 31 contenders for Best Porn Blog or Review Site. Along those lines, let’s catch up on some reviews I never got around to posting. How about that cover of BETWEEN THE SHEETS for Falcon Studios? Man, the face on Sebastian Kross! His fuck session with Andrea Suarez is quite good; another scorcher is Sean Zevran with Zander Cole. Rising star Jack Hunter also makes another notable appearance. This is a good one if you’re into fit guys in tight white briefs. CLICK HERE for that review. Then we have BERKELEY via NakedSword Originals and mr. Pam, with some of the best sex of the year, including a deeply passionate, multi-climax and romantic pairing between singly named Elijah, who is Jewish, and his new Palestinian roommate, Ty Royal. There’s also another terrific Brenner Bolton appearance (a flipp-fuck shot on location at Steamworks opposite Mike Maverick). CLICK HERE for that review.

dvd-awv-florida-erection-2000Election Day Sexpic: Anyone else remember this Election Day-themed sexpic from Wash West (using his sometime moniker “Bud Light“)? FLORIDA ERECTION from All Worlds Video with handsome slab of beefcake Rick Ritter (as “Al Bore”!) alongside Ryan Chandler, Anthony Cox, Tanner Hayes, Jason Nichols, Brandon James, Tuck Johnson (whatever happened to him, anyway?), Dillon Pierce, Enrico Vega. That was all the way back in 2000. Gah. That “Nobody Likes Bush!” tagline is one for the ages.

sexy-birthday-clip-artBrian Anger, Ari, Pavel Dubcek [Max Pellion], Jake Marshall, Hawk McAllistar, Lee Walbash, Daniel West, Alex Wilcox (November 7); Angel Cruz, directrix Chi Chi LaRue, Aston Martin, Ted Matthews, Preston Steel, Ivo Svoboda, Kurt Wagner, Toby Williams, Andrej Zulavskij [Robert Pagoni, Roberto Strano, Stefan Stano, Peter Tomanek, Andrew Zulawsky] (November 8); Dereck Bishop, Antonio Majors, Pedro Pandilla/Pandillo, Ty Parks (November 9); Charles Cronenberg, Alexsander Freitas, Jason Kennedy, Lexx Parker [Kayla Coxx], Billy Ward (November 10); Lex Baldwin [Keith Rivera, Talon], Randy Gunz, Andy Kay, Ace Slater, Steve Tuck (November 11); Cameron Dalton, Jackson Price, Tim Reynolds (November 12); Sam Carson, Sam Crockett, Glen McKalaster, Prince, Marco Ramazotti, the late Johnny Rey, Brad Rudolph (November 13). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

dvd-titan-taxman-cumeth-benjamin-ramzidvd-nakedsword-infamous-rose-diggsNew Release Desk: As you know, we are a Cybersocket Web Awards nominee for Best Porn Blog or Review Site. Here’s a peek at several recent reviews for XBIZ (click the “New Release Desk” tag at left for more). There’s the cleverly titled TAXMAN CUMETH via TitanMen and director Jasun Mark (I’m really crushing on David Benjamin right now): CLICK HERE. And FUCK YOU, I’M INFAMOUS from NakedSword Originals and director mr. Pam. While all of the sexplay is quite good, the intense hammer-and-tongs fuck session between Ryan Rose and Draven Torres is fantastic. CLICK HERE for that review.

Cavin-Knight-Halloween-bum (2010)Cavin-Knight-Halloween-bum (2010)A GPTimes tradition. Happy Halloweenie.
[Cavin Knight’s buns via Tball.]

dvd-titan-blueprint-beckhamdvd-channel-one-buff-scruffNew Release Desk: Voting is underway for the 17th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards, where GPTimes is in contention for Best Porn Blog or Review Site. Along those lines, here are links to some recent reviews for XBIZ. First is BLUEPRINT from TitanMen and director Jasun Mark, who has been on a roll lately. This one also features more of the brawny, beautiful Bruce Beckham in his return to the biz, as well as my longtime crush Dirk Caber (paired with dreamy Adam Ramzi): CLICK HERE to read it. Then we have BUFF & SCRUFF via Chi Chi LaRue and Channel 1 Releasing, which also features Mr. Beckham (with an exceedingly turned-on Wesley Woods), a humdinger of a match-up with sexy ginger Bennett Anthony and Spencer Whitman and the underrated Brendan Patrick sucking off (among other things) thick-cocked Tex Davidson. Good stuff. Really a pleasure to watch guys who are truly enjoying each other and not just going through the motions. CLICK HERE to read that review.

Dillon-Buck-smile-birthday-candlesBrent Corrigan, Diego de la Hoya, J.D. DeMarco, Steve Jennings [Jerry O’Connor/O’Conner, Alexander Steel, Igor Viard], Luciano Rossi, Josef Sladek, Derik Thorne (October 31); Anthony DeAngelo, Pierre Fitch, Chris Lang, Drago Lembeck [Lambeck], Casey Liore, Skor Michaels, Julian Morino, Sweet Williams (November 1); Christopher Baldwin, Mark Evrett, Jean Guttenberg, Bobby Parks, Ruy Pereira, Ryan Rose, Marc Williams (November 2); Griffin, Diogo Marquez, Joao Pauzao, Antal Posza, Gabriel Rocas, Tony Vella (November 3); Rolland/Roland Brooks, Steve Cruz, Jake Holmes, filmmaker/ photographer/ webmaster Mark Kliem, Jason McCain, Bobby McGee, Gavin Stone (November 4); Gabriel Faria, Garrett Felado [Lajos Czene, Gyorgy, Andras Molnar, Akos Schiff], Ric Hunter, Erik Raines, Tigger, Kevin Williams (November 5); Cody Alexander, Jose Ganatti [Massimo Ferzetti, Attila Joma, Attila Juhasz, Craig Williams], Peter Le [Peter Fever], Barrett Long, Vin Nolan, the late Eric Stone, Eric Stuart, Zipper (November 6). [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know. Photo of Dillon Buck by Conner Habib.]

Birthday-twink-cake-cartoonDavid Anthony, Ludovic Canot, Scot Craven, Chad Knight, Jack Murphy, Damon Phoenix, Tristen (October 24); Jordan Austin, Steven Hunter, Buddy Jones, Nick Rains, Scott Spears, Dean Tucker, Walt Walters (October 25); Michael Knight, Jason Longh, CJ Madison, Michel Mattel, Geoffrey Paine, Mark Skyler, Justin Small (October 26); Jack Angelino, Trent Cougar, Jonathan Cristipher, Grant Larson, Raul Mathews, the late Kyle McKenna, Doug O’Connor, Dean Rodney, Derrick Stanton, Tom Steele, Pal Tengeri, Jordan West (October 27); Tony Bandanza, Tom Daniels, radio host Derek Hartley, Sebastian Jaymz, Julian LeCoq, Victor Mariano, Alex Mendoza (October 28); Jake Armstrong, Marco Bari, Brad Bennett, the late agent Dak King, Rory Mason (October 29); Matt Douglas, Levi Brock, Dylan Knight, Polo McCabe, Gianni Pasquale, Doug Perry, Dillon Pierce, Ryan Scott, Gunther Williams (October 30). [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

birthday-muscle-clip-artFelipe Carson, Adam Collins, Jeff Hammond, Alex Leon, Tony Pacino, Luke Pearson, Pietro, Hassan Sharif, Tobias [Brazilian model] (October 17); Mac Bourbon, Marcus Iron, Colby Keller, Eric Lenn, Beau Lyons, Nick Riley, Pierce Vendetta (October 18); Dan Brewer, Roland Dane, Blake Harper, Johnny Kfir, Erik Ludwig, Antonio Vega, Xavier Vitale (October 19); Jeff Daniels, Bruno Diaz, Danny Fraser, Jacob, Andrei Nemov, Frank Sterling, Jake Taylor, Viper (October 20); Rem Giovanni, Buck Meadows, Grabby Awards producer and Grab Magazine publisher Mark Nagel, Joe Russell, Joey Russo, Jessie Zane (October 21); Kyle Bradford, Chaz Carlton, Samuel Dolce [Tony Buxton, Jozef Dickson, Jules Terry, Richie Tyler], Alain Medio, Sereen, the late Troy Steele, Mitchell Stevens (October 22); Alex Collack, Brian Daniels, Eddie Gomez, Lex Kitau, Michael Ray, the late Cole Tucker (October 23). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]