Zeb Atlas, Ian Duncan, Cal Jackson, Claude Jordan, the late Leo Masters, Brendon Taylor, T-Spoon, Jim West, Ethan Wright (October 15); Johnny Cage, Sergio Del Castillo, Ricky Love, Marco Rossi, Mateo Torres (October 16); Felipe Carson, Adam Collins, Jeff Hammond, Alex Leon, Tony Pacino, Luke Pearson, Pietro, Hassan Sharif, Tobias [Brazilian model] (October 17); Mac Bourbon, Marcus Iron, Colby Keller, Eric Lenn, Beau Lyons, Nick Riley, Pierce Vendetta (October 18); Dan Brewer, Roland Dane, Blake Harper, Johnny Kfir, Erik Ludwig, Antonio Vega, Xavier Vitale (October 19); Jeff Daniels, Bruno Diaz, Danny Fraser, Jacob, Andrei Nemov, Frank Sterling, Jake Taylor, Viper (October 20); Rem Giovanni, Buck Meadows, Grabby Awards producer and Grab Magazine publisher Mark Nagel, Joe Russell, Joey Russo, Jessie Zane (October 21). [Have we skipped a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Quotable: “Men chase by night those they will not greet by day.”
Camille Paglia (b. 1947), author, educator and social critic.
[Many more quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]

Luke Bronson, Lucky Daniels, Star, Jake Woodman (October 8); Asoka, Bo Austin, Jessie Bryce, the late Caleb Carter, author/historian Jeffrey Escoffier, the late Cody Foster, Matt Hunter, Axel Marceau, Daniel Reed, Gregg Rockwell (October 9); Reece Bentley, Marcus Caine, Alan Carly (Patrik Hruby, Sam Williams, Stanley Falls), Adam Champ, Danny Chance, Roy Fischer, Jeff D. Kota, Jake Mitchell, Danny Pacheco, John Wolfe (October 10); Zak Ackland, Austin, Gil Cortez, Joey Hart, Bryan Kidd, Koby Lewis, Chris Rockway, Kenny Ryan (October 11); Ivan Cseska, Chris Dano, the late Andy Dill, Colton Ford, Hank Hightower, Aaron King (Gavin/SeanCody), Boris Orla, Jordan Rivers [Julian], Rob Romoni, Mam Steel (Mark Fallus), Chad Wolfe (October 12); Chase Carter, RJ Danvers, Lance Gear, Derec Hardman, Brett Hughes, Dylan James, Bryce London, Taylor Reign, Beto Ribeira, Julien Salieri (October 13); David Bradley, Anthony Shaw, publicist Rob Reimer, Nico Sideropolus [Nikolas Markov], Jesse Tyler (October 14). [Have we skipped a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know. Photo: Chi Chi LaRue © C1R.com]

Hot Links: XBIZ

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Hot Links: As I’ve mentioned, I’m back on staff (as of July) with XBIZ. You’re invited to check out their gay industry coverage (click here). Here are some feature articles of recent vintage. Please retweet, re-post and so forth, if you feel so inclined:
* “Helix Studios: Gay Guys for Female Eyes
* “Which Gay Movies, Studios and Stars Are Rocking 2018?
* “Tony Dimarco Soars on the Wings of Falcon Studios
* “Filmmaker Marc MacNamara Inspires iWantGayClips Artists
* “Gay Porn Stars Share OnlyFans Tradecraft

Casey Carr, Giovani Corleone, Drakkar, Darryl Harris, Ricky Martinez, Alexandre Pleintemps, Rob Steele, Randy Stone, Tom Vacarro [Vaccaro], Brock Webster (October 1); Drew Damon, Doug Mendez, Ashton Star, Max Stone, Frank Taylor, Jean Val Jean, Will West, Shawn Young (October 2); Rick Bauer [Gabor Szeles], Michael Bradley, Ray Don, Fyerfli, Blu Kennedy, Rhett Slade, Chad Steele, director/producer Chris Ward, Sean West (October 3); Ezequelle Bourget, Gabriel Cortes, Alejandro Dominguez, Scott Jeffries, Rob Nelson, Fernando Nielsen [Fernando Castillo, Ken Izmos, Attila Kialt], Cody Reeves, Cort Stevens, Spencer Whitman (October 4); Martin Chavez, Cort Donovan, Antonio Fargo, Sebastian Rio, Vic Rubino, Sebastian, Trae Spencer, Mickey Taylor, Jack Tower, Chas Winston (October 5); Ben Archer, Brandon Babos, Jeremy Hall, Owen Hawk, Antonio Marquez, Carlo Masi, Peter Raeg (October 6); Logan Bryant, Gauge, Eli Horst, Sergei Jordanov [Stefan Janos, Tom of Hunland], Cole Reece, Rip Stone (October 7). [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Michael Chads, Kurt Craven, Tomas Dombai [Andrej, Imre T.], Grant Fagan, Big Jake Gianelli, Fred Goldsmith [Miklos O.], Clint Taylor (September 24); Sebastian Cole, Danny Hunter, Frank Parker, Nick Savage, Mark Slade [Frank Towers], J.T. Sloan, Ryan Stevens (September 25); Zack Alexander, Jason Avans, Danny Orliss, Spade, Boyd Thomas (September 26); Chase Anthony, Bruno Carrosa, Eric Johansson, Jack Laurel [Tim Black, Zsolt] (September 27); Andre Boleyn, Cody Cash, Duke Tyler, Nathan Walters, Grant Warren (September 28); Jonathan Agassi, Marcos Allende, Cory Cane, James Castle, Danny, Kalman Faldui, Ian Greene, Brent Michaels, Peter Tapasz [Franco Corsini, Peter T.], Derek Thomas, Treshawn (September 29); Luis Alonso, Brian Bonds, Jonathan Collins, Troy Dillon, Miguel Leon, Zoltan Mely [Philippe Collier, Dan Johnson, Daniel Kriley], Nacho [Brazilian model], Rick Perry (September 30). [Have we skipped a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know. Photo: Dillon Buck by Conner Habib.]

Antoine, Ty Davenport, Eric Maestro, Zaid Sebhely, Travis Wade (September 17); Jimmy Durano, Adam Gosset, Mondo, the late Alfonso Ribiero, Angel Rock, Mark Sargent, Marc Stewart, Jeff Wesley (September 18); Beaux Banks, the late Austin Black, Richard Collin, Rick Drake, photographer Mick Hicks, Steve Parker, Dimitri Sands, Dimitri Santiago, Sam Tyson (September 19); Bill Adams, Bryan Bramble, Johnny Brosnan, Bo Dixon, Lane Fuller, Ice, Jarod Michaels, Peter O’Brian, Kaden Roads, Mike Roberts (September 20); Erik Campbell, Johnny Hazzard, Billy Kincaid, Andrew Long (September 21); Johnny Davidson, Gino, Manny Ortiz, Pierre, Hunter Powers, Sebastian Rivers, Matthew Rush, Joe Serrano, photographer Kent Taylor, Ben Wayne (September 22); Michael Cody, Lorenzo Donado [Donato], Montaz, Onyx, Michael Soldier (September 23). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Hot Links: XBIZ

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Hot Links: This is your semi-regular reminder that I’m back on staff at XBIZ (since July), so if you’re looking for industry coverage, that’s where you can find it. Stay tuned for a refresher around these parts, in the meantime. Here’s a quick link to XBIZ’s gay industry coverage: CLICK HERE.

Mario Cruz, Coby Kincaid, Adam Kubick [Robbie Masters], David Masters (September 10); Adrian, Andy Anderson, Brock Devonshire, Dean Edwards, the late Arpad Miklos [Francois Kagylo], Bobby Morelli, Logan Sajnal, Blade Thompson, Tristan Vaughan (September 11); Cade Devilin [Devlin], Fabrice Felder, Jens Hammer [Stefan Hammer, Turbo Slut] (September 12); Fabin Bedford, Tommy Brandt, Dirk Caber, Jay Renfro [Brock Wilder], Marcus Taylor (September 13); Luis Badog, J.R. Bronson, Steve Godunov, Jacy, Kevin Kramer, Brandon Lewis, Rhett O’Hara, Rich Raines, Chris Ramsey (September 14); Jake Cannon, Justin Damon, Alvin Eros, Doc Holliday, Erik Michaels, Markie More, Neo, Daniel Nicolaus, Bill Ray, Lucas Rezende, Noberto Rollins (September 15); Jake Daniels, K.C. Hart, Luke Masters, Brian Roberts, Rich Strong (September 16) [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Jake Rodgers, Bo Stallion, Arik Travis [Marco Pole] (September 3); Jayden Christopher, Dean Coxx, Billy Houston, Tiago Nunes, Jacob Ridely (September 4); Kirk Alan, Jack Andy, Nino Bacci, Joszef Kovacs [Zoltan Peter], Zak Pierce, Jake Reddy, Mathew Thomas, Mark Wolff (September 5); Brian Hancock, Tory Mason, Dave Nelson, Sean Tarantini (September 6); Damien, Brad Rioux, Tommy Roy, Leo Sweetwood, Jason Tiya (September 7); Luigi Armani, Ryan Block, Chris Canyon, Ricky Cash, Shane Frost, Axel Garret, Perry James, Josh Milk, Suny Tessier, Paul Wagner, Cutter West, Kurt Wolfe, Tyler Zane (September 8); Tony Belmonte, Alan Braun, Alec Danes, Tony Lexus, Sidney Sampaio, Luke Savage, John Thomas, Cory Wooden (September 9). [Have we skipped a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know. Photo: Chi Chi LaRue © C1R.com.]

Stephen Harte, Travis Irons, Daniel James, Jay Paxton, Joey Piccard, Tony Ryan, Rod Stetson, Brandon Taylor, Sandor Vesanyi [Mario Rossi] (August 27; Kyle Aames [Kyle McDermott], Jason Adonis, Jesse Cooper, Trevor Matthews, Johnny Paul, Sage, Nick Steel, Jaymez Sterling, Ken Taylor (August 28); John Atkins, Joey Candy, Max Holden, Aaron Tyler (August 29); Tony Buff, Carmell, Cory Hunter, Rafael Michaels, Craig Stevens (August 30); Pete Erichson, Korry, Dustin Nour, Gage Powers, Andrew Stark, the late Storm (August 31); Rob Harris, Aaron James, Akos Matyas, Wade Peters, Jordan Ryan, reviewer Mickey Skee, Brunno Storni, Franco Sylvano, Cody Tyler (September 1); Curt Baldwin, Jon Galt, Jordan Jaric, J-Rock, Casey Williams (September 2). [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know. Photo: Dillon Buck by Conner Habib.]

Hot Links: XBIZ

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Hot Links: Happy Monday. A reminder that I’m back on staff at XBIZ (since last month). Here’s a quick link to their gay industry coverage: CLICK HERE.

Steve Cassidy, Javon, Danny Rhymes, Kurt Young (August 20); Fernando Kruz [Marc Federico], Luis Magalhaes, Matheus Marques, Ty Russell, Solomon, Erik Stellar, Jeff Stryker, Tim Tyler (August 21); Sean Banning, Chance, makeup artist Mr. Ed [Eddie Cacho], Infinity, Marcos, Timothy Taylor, Trevor (August 22); Nick Cross, Conner Habib, Mickey Knox, Steve Ross, Tony Vaughan, Adam Wolfe (August 23); Johnny Davis, Ivan De Morais, Justin Pounders, Kenny Stewart, Christian Taylor, Brett Wilde (August 24); Jason Ball, Adriano Marquez, Dirk Stahl, the late Haus Weston (August 25); Richard Bangs, Tony Cameron, Sonny Diaz, Gennaro Grimaldi, Rafael, Justin Stewart (August 26). [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Jon Ashe, Jay Lowe, Joey Milano, Carlos Morales [Ricky Balboa], the late Sergio Real, Joshua Sterling, Roy Sterlington, Leo Tanner (August 13); Daryl Brock, Cam Kurtz, Danny, Josh Peters, John Valko [Jorge Eberon, Istvan Kapus, Istvan Kiss] (August 14); Coy Dekker, Brian Maxx, Troy Michaels, John Smith, Lazar Zorba (August 15); Hans Berlin, Breion Diamond, Danny Drale, Kody Fields, Kevin Gladstone, Claudio Martin, Sergei Pawlikowski, Ryan Rockford (August 16); Tamas Gregor, John Magnum, Jeff Michaels, Tyler Morgan, Jason Nikas, Ken Ryker (August 17); Steve Cannon, Paul Carrigan, Craig Decker, the late Steve Pierce, Raul, Billy Sax, Todd Shore (August 18); Jim Buck, Derek Downs, Leo Forte, Adriano Lazzari, Fernando Neron, Peter O’Farrell, Pierce Paris, Michael Roman, Gabriel Stone, Jon-Michael Stuart, Marc West (August 19). [Have we skipped a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Michel D’Amours, David Havien, Collin Jennings, Justin Slater, Bijou Theatre owner and erotica pioneer Steven Toushin (August 6); Andy Banks, Gilbert Bosco [Norbert], Rod Garetto, Terrance Hawke, Ian Idol, Brad Patton, Clint Walker (August 7); Jason Lamont, Gage Matthews, Alexandre Senna, Jake Slade, Felix Wallace [Alan Capier, Alan Clarke, Felix Jacubec, Pavel Vlasek] (August 8); Jason Crowe, Dan Dixon, Octavio Fuentes, Aaron Heights, Rusty Samuels, Chris Stone, Jordan West, Brandon Williams (August 9); Bryan Archer, Gavin Braun, Luke Garrett, Glen Hunter, Ryan Idol, Jarred Kentley, producer Grant Roy, David Speakman (August 10); Bobby Blake, Steve Boston, Scott Bradley, Gavin Braun, Jeff Chandler, David Roth, Dean Temple, Robert Van Damme, Vito, Billy Wild (August 11); Chris Anthony, Sasha Borov [Sasha Boroff], Lewis Cannon, Alan Gregory, Adam Killian, Tony Star, Shane West (August 12). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know..]

Sooo… guess who’s (re)joined the staff of XBIZ as News Editor? I’m figuring out how GPTimes will fit into this new thing. In the meantime, here’s the link to the XBIZ Gay coverage, although I cover the entire biz now. Onward!

Scott Baldwin, Barry Barrett, Cameron Cruise, Lark Larson, Fred Modod, Matt Shane, the late Alex Stone (July 30); Brent Banes, Jayson Lee, Duke Miller (July 31); Tony Brandon, Nick Capra, Mario Danza, Adam Hart, Billy James, Tommy Lord, Steve York, Tony Z (August 1); Talvin DeMachio, Michelangelo Risi, Kevin Roberts, Tyler Torro, Sean Zevran (August 2); Mike Lamas, Scott Neely, Jorge Rios, Eric Stavros, Noah Walker (August 3); Joe Calderon, Giorgio Falconi, Rick Hollander, Drake Law, Kris Lord, JD Phoenix, Matt Spencer, Mark Steel, Tyler Torro (August 4); Antonio Armani, Donovan Cory, Dario Dolce, Erich Lange, Ted Lauter [Daniel Halasz, Luke Jarkal], Cisco Melendez, Chris Russell, Mike Snowfield, Al Wong (August 5). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know. Photo: Chi Chi LaRue © C1R.com.]

Tom Adams, Luca Alexander, Jamie Blade, Dante Franklin, Ian Gabriel, Paul Hanson, Randy Jones, Kyle Reardon, Mark Woods (July 23); Tony Brocco, Aaron Griffith, Tad Harrison, Angel Leone, Tony Romano (July 24); Mark Baxter, Jacob Hayes, Dick James, Dax Kelly, Leo Lyons, Diego Pastores, Tony Piagi, Pagan Prince (July 25); Vito Marchelli, Steve Maverick, Scott Randsome, Clay Russell, Bryan Williams (July 26); J.C. Carter, Jeremy Daniels, Holden Grey, Brad King, Mike Radcliffe (July 27); Kyle Becker, Jeffrey Dickinson, Fred Faurtin, Felix Groth, Dillon Press, Tommy Strausser (July 28); Elio Acostas, Brad Davis, Eric Hamilton, Rik Jammer, Kyle King, Sonny Markham, Marc Stone (July 29). [Have we skipped a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know. Photo: Dillon Buck by Conner Habib.]

Flame, Devyn Foster, Dex Harden, Scott Lamber, Bernardo Lima, Josh Longer, Ryan Russell, Leo St. Phillip (July 16); Skylar Blu, Damian Ford, Alec Powers, Eric Reese, Eli Santos, Sledge Sawyer (July 17); Rafael Alencar, Dillon Buck, David Cline, Fredrick Ford, Julian Houston, Mack Kurtis, Ricky Parker, John Sexton, Nick Yeager, Chris Yosef, Joe Young (July 18); Jay Alexander, Lee Driver, Chicky Hard [Chicky Grand], Trace Henson, Tyler Hill, Tony Lee Jones, Armond Rizzo, Shane Rockford, the late Brittany CoxXx [Stonie], Gabriel Suarez (July 19); Rick Davis, Andres Duranza, Element Eclipse, Federico Johnson, Ollie Kicks, Aaron Osborne, Niko Reeves, Adam Winter, Tigris Wood (July 20); Miles Andrew, Marcio Pitbull, Adriano Sabroso, B.J. Slater, Lance Williams (July 21); Tony Banderas, Matt Bandero, Thomas Bond, Tony Cruz, Luke Hamill, Armando Santini, Enrique Velazco (July 22). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know. Photo of Dillon Buck by Conner Habib.]

Tony Bishop, Istvan Gulyas [Peter/Peti Mosili], Robert Paul, Jack Potz, Lance Storm (July 9); Kyle Chandler, Joel Drake, Kenny, Lyndon Murray, Jay Roberts (July 10); Shawn Adams, Daniele Castaldo, Rob Clavier, Vic Hall, Giancarlo Laforet, Jake Matthews, Florian Nemec, Pierre [Brazilian model], Dalton Riley, Marcio Rosa, Ashton Ryan, A.J. Winters (July 11); Issac [Isaac] Jones, Steve Masters, Stone Michaels, Alberto Ventura, David York (July 12); James Bajital, the late Dante [blond Jet Set Men model], the late Mark DeBoy, Rob Evens, Matt Fuller, Wade Garrett, Tom Jank, Alex Kincaid, Tino Lopez, Miles Rudolpho (July 13); Mike Austin, Peter Balogh, Robert Black, the late Blue Blake, Chris Collins, Brad Hanson, the late Billy Herrington, Markie, Steven Ponce, Aaron Reeves, Tyler Savas, Kurt Summers, Peter Vegvary (July 14); Chris Akin, Peter Logan, Clay Maverick, Peter Michaels, Kevin Reed, Eric Scott (July 15). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know. Photo: Chi Chi LaRue © C1R.com.]