birthday-muscle-clip-artMick Angelo, Edu Boxer, Rick Brock, J. Buck, Tyler Gunn, Bill Marlowe, Abram Rodriguez, Chris Rock (April 21); Kevin Anderson, Bruno Bianchi, Karl Bruno, Derec Lang, Sunny Madison, Jason Nichols, Drew Nolan, Connor Zaftos (April 22); Keith Barron, Gene Lamar, Jeremy Penn, Hugo Toledo, Woody (April 23); Marco Antonio, Aaron Austin, Bruno Bond, Kevin Cage [Christian Keller], Dean Coulter, Jeremy DuNord, Ty Fox [J. Steele], Rob Knox, Ivan Rohan [Michal Goda, Jenda, Robin Tomaro], Damian Russo, Beau Saxon, Colby Taylor, Alexy Tyler (April 24); Flex-Deon Blake, Gino Colbert, C.J. Knight, Mike Lofton, Dean Phoenix, Trey Rexx, Gio Romano, Matt Sizemore, Joe Stack (April 25); Nick Chevalier, Justin Dragon, Damien Drake, Tag Eriksson, Kelly Madison, Erik Mann, Brock Masters, Clay Robson, Fergus Smart [William Bolster, Frantisek Kov, Avery Sebes], Vance Winter (April 26); Chris Carver, Matt Fredrics, Daniel Lord, Nick Madison, Midnight (April 27). [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

sexy-birthday-clip-artLucas Andrades [Luca Andrade], Geoff Ashton, Josh Griffin, Jacob Hall, Ben Jakks [Bastian], Travis Reed, Matthias Von Fistenberg [Matthew Green] (April 14); Billy Camino, Paulao do Picao, Anthony Cox [Sean/Shawn Shameless], Ace Dickson, Marquis Johnson, Duncan Mills [Don Dawson], Ralf Steel, Eddie Stone, Luke Walker, Kenny Wolfe (April 15); Tyler Gray, Mac Masters, Jean Paul Monet, Jack Robinson, K.J. Rogers, Lee Walters (April 16); Alex Girard, Kyle Hunter, Eric Lang, Jiri Lubov, Jasen Rader, Shane Rage, Dylan Reece, Adam Rom (April 17); Drew Andrews, Kyle Andrews, Sean Diamond, Paris Granat [Petr Grzegorz], Markus, Miguel X (April 18); Danny Adams, Nate Alexander, Claudio Antonelli, Peter Bishop, Lucas DuSolei, Tony Rio, Jacob Slader [Ethan Richards], Jack Van Dean, Max Veneziano (April 19); Ben Ashton, Lou Cass, Erik Holtz, Adam Jannin [Tibor Dobo, Eric Raymond, Liviu Rousso, Bobby Winston], Mark Mason, Cole Parker, Turner, Matt Woods (April 20). [Have we skipped a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Filthy-Remarks-GmunderDept. of Self-Promotion: Good morning (or afternoon, or evening, depending wherever you might be in the world). This is your semi-regular round of self-promotional wanking. As I’ve mentioned already, physical stock is dwindling of my Bruno Gmuender book Filthy Remarks: 444 Sex Quotes; however, the ebook version is available anytime via Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook. Please also visit my Amazon Author Page, where you can also purchase a new or used copy of my first tome, Gay Porn Heroes: 100 Most Famous Porn Stars. Bless you and everyone who looks like you.

Birthday-twink-cake-cartoonTony Acosta, Marc Anthony, Shean Black, Justin Lake, Tadeu Novais, “Odyssey Twins” Gabriel and Oscar, Chris Walker (April 7); Andrew Colt, Javier Duran, Matt Ryder, Rex Sterling, Joe Sarge, Jeff White (April 8); Billy Brandt, Damon DeMarco, Fernando Lizalde [Zoltan C., Zoltan Csanyi, Zoltan Csin], Kevin Miles, Nathan Monon, Juan Pablo, Jacob Scott, Jason White (April 9); Jacob Ambers, Julian Armanis, Troy Austin, Sal Bruno, Eric Butler, Antonio Di Marco, Tommy Lewis, Carter Longway [Jarod Steele], Donnie Russo, Alexander Twice, Antonio Vela (April 10); Matthew Easton, Clint Fox, Roman Heart, Juanico, Christopher Michaels, Drew Peters, Addison Scott, Brad Taylor, Matthew Thomas, Daniel Valent, Diesel Washington (April 11); Enrico Benetti, Ryan Chandler, Derrick Hanson, Tom International, Cole Powers, Anthony Romero, Jesse Skyler, Corey Summers (April 12); Joe Bruno, Glenn Santoro [Felix Porter], Sky Thompson, Martin Valko, Russ Ward (April 13). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

derek_romaine.pngRadio-woman-clip-artDept. of Self-Promotion: Howdy, folks. I just booked The Derek & Romaine Show tonight on Sirius XM radio, so you’re invited to join the party. Hosts Derek Hartley, Romaine Patterson and I will be talking the latest news and gossip from the wild-and-wooly GayPornLand frontier. Join me on the Twitter machine at the appropriate time and, if I can, I’ll try to answer your question on-air, but when our conversation gets rolling, as you may know, we inevitably run past the allotted time. So tune in, turn on, etc.

birthday-muscle-clip-artArmando, Daniel Avedon, Seth Black, Scott Hardman, Mason Jarr, Joey Landis, Heitor Langoni, Phil Philips, Shane Rollins, Anthony Vega, LeNair “Tre” Xavier (March 31); Tony Lazzari, Manuel Macko, Galen Maganos, Mondo Moore, Trent Reed, Cole Ryan (April 1); Kris Anthony, Roger Andrade, Damion, Scott Davis, Jonathan Gabriel, Alex Hamilton, Brady Jensen, Chad Kennedy, Scott Matthews, Patrick Studds (April 2); Larry Davis, Virgil Sainclair, Cameron Taylor, Lance Trent (April 3); Tag Adams, the late Jay Anthony, John Dante, Bryce Gabona, Court Logan, Luciano, Tim Merev, Robson Tavares (April 4); Russ Johannsen, Mical Kase, Murilo Mendes, Frankie Nation, Lukas Ridgeston (April 5); Paul Adams, Jake Austin, Steve Carlisle, Luis Clemente, Tony Serrano (April 6). [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

sexy-birthday-clip-artMark Anthony, Jeff Dillon, Cory Koons, Mark Montana, Ricky Shore (March 24); Hunter Daniels, Anthony Ericson, Brock Hensley, author Owen Keehnen, Pavel, Sebastian Rio, Mike Rivera, Marco Rochelle, Joe Sport, Jake Summers (March 25); Ben Damon, Gordon Lee, Rick Ritter, director John Travis, Troy Walker, John Zorg (March 26); Thom Barron, Damon Ivy, Alex Michaels, Jeff Palmer, Ryan Steele, Jack Stuart (March 27); Alex, Blake Andrews, Hunter James, Evan Kyle, Conrad Maier, Mitch Ray, Damian Rios (March 28); Carlos Baxter, Tony Donovan, Aaron Lawrence, Gunnar Nielsen, Marco Rain, Rio, Lex Sabre, Ariel Santos, Mike Slater (March 29); Lazaro Carreras, Sergio Foster, Chris McKenzie, Cliff Parker, Rod Spitfire, Nate Summers, Tygar Would (March 30). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Filthy-Remarks-GmunderDept. of Self-Promotion: Somehow it’s been a whole year since my second book was published via Bruno Gmuender. Hot, wet kisses to everyone who picked up a copy of Filthy Remarks: 444 Sex Quotes. If you’ve yet to indulge, let me remind you today that although physical stocks are dwindling, the ebook version is readily available via Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook. You’re also invited to visit my Amazon Author Page, where you can also snag a new or used copy of my first tome, Gay Porn Heroes: 100 Most Famous Porn Stars. Cheers!

Birthday-twink-cake-cartoonDavid Dickens, Patric LaGrange, Albert Long, Chris Steele, Marc Sterling, Ron Strand, Alex Summers, Roland Therrien (March 17); Jason Dean, Rodny Florence, Rob Kirk, Kent Larson, Brandon Lee, Corbin Michaels, Jason Miller, Matheus Rocha, Vinnie Rocko, Swanson (March 18); Todd Miller [Tadeusz] (March 19); Beast, Achille Fanyar, Tuck Johnson, Brad Michaels, Murray Petersen, Rafael Ramos, Gianfranco, Buck Phillips, Sven, Cory Taylor (March 20); Bamm, Jay Bregman, Diego Correa, producer-performer-mogul Jake Cruise, Tommy Hart, Alec Martinez, Austin Masters, Walter Soares (March 21); Eric Leneau, Caleb Stone (March 22); Rico Clayton, Tony Cole, Milos Janek, Reiko Mantos, Mike Marino, Ricardo Neston, Collin O’Neal, Karl Tenner, Alex Villaboas (March 23). [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

birthday-muscle-clip-artTristan Baldwin, Joey Cafferio, performer-director-mogul Michael Lucas, Wander Martins, Tyler Roberts (March 10); Bo Knight, Tom Pollack, Felipe Siren, Danny Sommers, Knight Stick, Ross Tanner (March 11); the late Kristian Brooks, Tommy Cruise, Dean Randolph, Marcos Ricci, Carl Sands, Chad Spyce, Ricky Starr, Parker Zaach (March 12); Jeff Baron, Christophe Blanc, Marco Calles, Frantisek Dvorak, Johnny Law, Carlos Reno, Drew Sampson, Buck Stevens (March 13); Dave Angelo, photographer Tball, Dino DiMarco, Gabriel Dos Santos, Hudson Grant, Johan Paulik (March 14); Xavier Collins, Drew Dornan, Matt Drake, Doug Forbes, Deacon Frost, Kristian Jensen, Matthew Sakk, Clint Williamson (March 15); Jason Desjardin, Mike Dreyden, Jarrett/Jarret Fox, Anthony Gallo, Drew Larson, Nick Manetti, Erick Martins, Sean Paris, Paul Skeritt (March 16). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Grabby-Awards-logo-red-black-horiz copy 2Dept. of Self-Promotion: I learned last night, via the Twitter machine, that GPTimes has been nominated for a 2014 Grabby Award as Best Porn Blog, a category we won in 2011. Mazel! There are 15 nominees overall. The 21 nominees for Performer of the Year are Jessy Ares, Boomer Banks, J.R. Bronson, Jessie Colter, Dale Cooper, Christopher Daniels, Tommy Defendi, Trenton Ducati, Jimmy Durano, Jimmy Fanz, Brandon Jones, Levi Karter, Colby Keller, Conner Maguire, Johnny Rapid, Angel Rock, Ricky Roman, Ryan Rose, Kevin Warhol, Christopher Wilde and Shawn Wolfe. That’s certainly a formidable group. Last year’s winners (there are usually two) were Messrs. Durano and Ducati. Tickets go on sale Wednesday, April 2, and the show will once again be held over Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago at the end of May. CLICK HERE for the full list of nominees.

sexy-birthday-clip-artGus, Mitchell James, Eric Michaels, Tyler Saint, Michael Vincenzo (March 3); Antonio Vargas (March 4); Sam Dixon, Luca Ferri, Karl Thomas, Jose Luis Vazquez (March 5); Jean Cadeau, Tom Chase, Mark Dalton, Adam Gabriel, Kaos, Tiger, Keith Webb (March 6); Manuel Aries, Arpad Banfalvi, Severino Cicerka, Ruben D’Angelo, Bobby Long, Marc O’Brien, Shahan (March 7); C.J. Reed, Gino Romano, Justin Side, Raul Tasco, Taurus [Taurus Dean], Jean-Paul Valens (March 8); Trey Alimore, Tom Beltrap, Will Clark, Enrique Rivera, Matt Van Dorn (March 9). [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Birthday-twink-cake-cartoonTom Lynx, Marcus Mojo [Landon Mycles], Richard Reyes, Julio Vidal, the late filmmaker/ entrepreneur Drew Warner (February 24); Ethan Alexander, Steve Harper, the late Kurt Houston, Brendan Michael (February 25); Clint Cooper, Rick Matthews, Daniel Montes, Bryce Pierce, Marc Pierrot, Jason Visconti, Jimmy Visconti, Joey Visconti (February 26); Carlos Aguirre, Benjamin Bradley, Anthony Ferrat, Matt Majors, Jackson Phillips, Austin Reeves, Rio, Nick Stevenson, Rob Walker, Chris Windsor, Tony Zerega (February 27); Casper, Kyle Douglas, Dakota Phillips, Scott Samson, Emilio Santos, Christopher Stone, Matthias Vannelli (February 28); Chris Cox, Remus Orza (February 29: Leap Day); Bryan Abban, blogger/ videographer Ash Camerazzi, the late Craven Cox [Donny Price, Kyle Young], Unique Lee, Zack Davenport (March 1); Matthieu Costa, filmmaker Mike Donner, Mats Riem, Wes Rogers, Bryon Roberts (March 2). [Have we skipped a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

GPTimes: Houskeeping

February 19, 2014 | 3 Comments

'Foul Play'-Club-Infern-Jake-Perry-bum-footballHousekeeping: A quick note this morning to acknowledge that good ol’ GPTimes has essentially been on the back burner lately. Changes are indeed afoot; some of them have been put on hold due to lack of funds and free time. I’ve also needed the time to ponder how I want to site to evolve. (It’s definitely not going offline.) For now, posts will be sporadic, but I’m still active on the Twitter machine. As ever, I appreciate the patronage and support (and patience) of our beloved Constant Readers. Faversham.
[Jake Perry © Hot House Video.]

birthday-muscle-clip-artDave Brooks, Ian Curtis, Antton Harri, Eric Magyar, Brad Michaels, Scott Ryan (February 17); Chris Baldwin, Flex Gamble, Maverick Reynolds, Emilio Sands, Tony Serrano, Steeve Thifault, Lucas Young (February 18); Lance Hancock, Junior, Nick Lord, Bruce Matthews (February 19); Brian Cruise, Jake Hansen, Ty Jones, Jeremy Jordan, Mitchell Stack, Damon Wolf (February 20); Eduardo Galisteu, Ken Griffin, Jherrad Lopez (February 21); B.J. Andrews, Trent Black, Buck McCall, Aiden Shaw, Cameron Stone (February 22); Renato Bellagio [Isidore Nadas, Zoltan Sapka], Tonatieu Christian, Zoltan Kincses, Justin Mycles, Adrian Reyes. Adam Rivers (February 23). [Have we skipped a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Michael-Lucas-dark-suit-Italy (Dec. '11)Quotable: “Porn stars and drag queens were never in the closet. We were always brave and out there because, yes, it is brave to be a drag queen, and you have to have guts to be in porn in our society. It’s the nonhomogenized part of our movement that keeps LGBT culture alive.
Michael Lucas (b. 1972), producer, performer and activist.
[Hungry for more potent quotables? Try my new book Filthy Remarks: CLICK HERE.]

Quotable: “If God had intended us not to masturbate, he would’ve made our arms shorter.
George Carlin (1937-2008), comedian and satirist.
[Hungry for more potent quotables? Try my new book Filthy Remarks: CLICK HERE.]

Randy-Blue-Jay-Landford-Josh-Conners-kissRandy-Blue-Jay-Landford-Josh-Conners-kiss-showerCute Boys Kissing: We’ve got a couple of brawny gents—via Randy Blue—for this latest installment of Cute Boys Kissing. In the morning shower, “instead of getting clean the two decide to get dirty. Josh blows Jay and his big fat cock while the water pours over them. They dry off and head to the bedroom to finish what they started. What follows is some hot sucking and rimming before Jay piledrives the hell out of Josh and his hole.” There’s no sex like morning sex. CLICK HERE for more photos and a hardcore teaser.
[Images © Randy Blue.]

Quotable: “Men chase by night those they will not greet by day.”
Camille Paglia (b. 1947), author, educator and social critic.
[Hungry for more potent quotables? Try my new book Filthy Remarks: CLICK HERE.]

CockyBoys-Gabriel-Clark-Sonny-Stewart-bedHot Links: News, gossip and other related items of interest from the far-flung corners of GayPornLand and beyond:
* Queerty: Eagle-eyed porn fans quickly took note of the appearance of “gay porn power couple” Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue in a wholesome advert for a Swedish supermarket.
* The Gaily Grind (via QueerMeNow): Musclebod and GPTimes fave Dominic Pacifico plays a soldier returning home in a sweet, professionally produced web advertisement from Gun Oil lube. At post time, the YouTube clip had racked up more than 89,000 views.
* Porn Awards: Voting is still underway to choose the nine regional finalists for The Hookies, or the 2014 International Escort Awards, who will go on to compete for Mr. Rentboy, as well as to determine the nominees in various other categories. The honorees will be announced next week, February 21; the winners will be unveiled March 21 in New York during the Black Party Expo. CLICK HERE for details.

[Gabriel Clark, Sonny Stewart © CockyBoys.]