Paul Johnson, Joseph Lewis, Lorenzo, Casey O’Brian, Gage Weston (November 20); Johnny Hanson, Duke Johnson, Frank Miller, Chaz Omar, Viktor Perseo [Victor Villanueva], Haven Philips, Joshua Rodgers [James Jordan, Balazs Nadasdy, Garcia Udulo] (November 21); Sam Ritter (November 22); Luis Casas, Dean Johnson, Robert Harvey, Giorgio Salieri [Petr Tomas, Petr Tomasek], Nicky Wells (November 23); Champ, Tyler Flannery, Skye Foster, Lucas Foz, Wolf Hudson, Peter Pfalz, Ricky Price, Cody Scott, Marty Slater, Jared Wright, Gregor Yelson (November 24); Ian Babkave, Steve Rambo, Mack Rollins (November 25); Seth Atkins, Dobie Rivero, Jack Ryan, promoter, host and blogger Jason Sechrest, Sean Storm (November 26). [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Quotable: “Lord, grant me chastity and continence, but not yet.”
St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430), philosopher and theologian.
[Hey! Many more quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]

Sam Carson, Sam Crockett, Glen McKalaster, Prince, Marco Ramazotti, the late Johnny Rey, Brad Rudolph (November 13); Joe Austin, Josh Houston, Tico Martin [Keanus Sebastian], Gus Mattox, Bo Summers, Rick Valenz (November 14); David Bronson, writer-director Jerry Douglas, Zach Hunter, Maurinho Manson, Bill Piatti (November 15); the late Tanner Hayes, Martin Hooker, Zsolt Kopazs, Steve Majors, Mario Perez, Gabriel Trepador, Steve Winston (November 16); Kyle Richards, Brad Star, Rob Stone, Ettore Tosi, Helmut Walker (November 17); Felix Bahia, Jason Bryant, Reynaldo Costa, Brad Rock, Santiago, Parker Wells (November 18); Anthony, Carson Cole, Bill Magnum, Matthew Michaels, Brandon Roo, Sandor Sablon (November 19). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Quotable: “One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other.”
Jane Austen (1775-1817), novelist.
[More quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]

Cody Alexander, Jose Ganatti [Massimo Ferzetti, Attila Joma, Attila Juhasz, Craig Williams], Peter Le [Peter Fever], Barrett Long, Vin Nolan, the late Eric Stone, Eric Stuart, Zipper (November 6); Brian Anger, Ari, Pavel Dubcek [Max Pellion], Jake Marshall, Hawk McAllistar, Lee Walbash, Daniel West, Alex Wilcox (November 7); Angel Cruz, directrix Chi Chi LaRue, Aston Martin, Ted Matthews, Preston Steel, Ivo Svoboda, Kurt Wagner, Toby Williams, Andrej Zulavskij [Robert Pagoni, Roberto Strano, Stefan Stano, Peter Tomanek, Andrew Zulawsky] (November 8); Dereck Bishop, Antonio Majors, Pedro Pandilla/Pandillo, Ty Parks (November 9); Charles Cronenberg, Alexsander Freitas, Jason Kennedy, Lexx Parker [Kayla Coxx], Billy Ward (November 10); Lex Baldwin [Keith Rivera, Talon], Randy Gunz, Andy Kay, Ace Slater, Steve Tuck (November 11); Cameron Dalton, Jackson Price, Tim Reynolds (November 12). [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Happy Halloween from GPTimes. Ah, Jeremy Bilding… (or Ryan Driller now, of course). Ah, the pumpkin buns of Cavin Knight… Halloween classics.
[Photos by Tball.]

Matt Douglas, Levi Brock, Dylan Knight, Polo McCabe, Gianni Pasquale, Doug Perry, Dillon Pierce, Ryan Scott, Gunther Williams (October 30); Brent Corrigan, Diego de la Hoya, J.D. DeMarco, Steve Jennings [Jerry O’Connor/O’Conner, Alexander Steel, Igor Viard], Luciano Rossi, Josef Sladek, Derik Thorne (October 31); Anthony DeAngelo, Pierre Fitch, Chris Lang, Drago Lembeck [Lambeck], Casey Liore, Skor Michaels, Julian Morino, Sweet Williams (November 1); Christopher Baldwin, Mark Evrett, Jean Guttenberg, Bobby Parks, Ruy Pereira, Ryan Rose, Marc Williams (November 2); Griffin, Diogo Marquez, Joao Pauzao, Antal Posza, Gabriel Rocas, Tony Vella (November 3); Rolland/Roland Brooks, Steve Cruz, Jake Holmes, filmmaker/ photographer/ webmaster Mark Kliem, Jason McCain, Bobby McGee, Gavin Stone (November 4); Gabriel Faria, Garrett Felado [Lajos Czene, Gyorgy, Andras Molnar, Akos Schiff], Ric Hunter, Erik Raines, Tigger, Kevin Williams (November 5). [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

New Release Desk: Catching up on recent reviews for XBIZ. There’s TWO DICK MINIMUM from Raging Stallion. Director Steve Cruz lends his customary intensity and attention to such details as body contact, spit-heavy kissing and the like. Jack Vidra and Mick Stallone are particularly voracious. Kudos to the production design, which has been particularly on-point lately. And that’s a great title for a sexpic. CLICK HERE for the full review. Meanwhile, CODE OF SILENCE from Falcon Studios and director Tony Dimarco sounds like a concept resurrected from the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell era. Mr. Dimarco makes excellent use of the desert ruins. Ryan Rose virtually devours preppy-handsome Tommy Regan and his alluring bubble butt while Fane Roberts — a real up-and-comer — and Brandon Evans share a seemingly genuine romantic connection. And Sean Zevran is looking better than ever. Yowza. CLICK HERE for the review.

Quotable: “Passion makes idiots of the cleverest men, and makes the biggest idiots clever.”
Francois de La Rochefoucauld (1613-1680), author and aphorist.
[More quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]

Alex Collack, Brian Daniels, Eddie Gomez, Lex Kitau, Michael Ray, the late Cole Tucker (October 23); David Anthony, Ludovic Canot, Scot Craven, Chad Knight, Jack Murphy, Damon Phoenix, Tristen (October 24); Jordan Austin, Steven Hunter, Buddy Jones, Nick Rains, Scott Spears, Dean Tucker, Walt Walters (October 25); Michael Knight, Jason Longh, CJ Madison, Michel Mattel, Geoffrey Paine, Mark Skyler, Justin Small (October 26); Jack Angelino, Trent Cougar, Jonathan Cristipher, Grant Larson, Raul Mathews, the late Kyle McKenna, Doug O’Connor, Dean Rodney, Derrick Stanton, Tom Steele, Pal Tengeri, Jordan West (October 27); Tony Bandanza, Tom Daniels, radio host Derek Hartley, Sebastian Jaymz, Julian LeCoq, Victor Mariano, Alex Mendoza (October 28); Jake Armstrong, Marco Bari, Brad Bennett, the late agent Dak King, Rory Mason (October 29). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know. Image: Chi Chi LaRue © Channel 1 Releasing.]

Quotable: “A really hard laugh is like sex — one of the ultimate diversions of existence.
Jerry Seinfeld, (b. 1954), comedian.
[More quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]

Johnny Cage, Sergio Del Castillo, Ricky Love, Marco Rossi, Mateo Torres (October 16); Felipe Carson, Adam Collins, Jeff Hammond, Alex Leon, Tony Pacino, Luke Pearson, Pietro, Hassan Sharif, Tobias [Brazilian model] (October 17); Mac Bourbon, Marcus Iron, Colby Keller, Eric Lenn, Beau Lyons, Nick Riley, Pierce Vendetta (October 18); Dan Brewer, Roland Dane, Blake Harper, Johnny Kfir, Erik Ludwig, Antonio Vega, Xavier Vitale (October 19); Jeff Daniels, Bruno Diaz, Danny Fraser, Jacob, Andrei Nemov, Frank Sterling, Jake Taylor, Viper (October 20); Rem Giovanni, Buck Meadows, Grabby Awards producer and Grab Magazine publisher Mark Nagel, Joe Russell, Joey Russo, Jessie Zane (October 21); Kyle Bradford, Chaz Carlton, Samuel Dolce [Tony Buxton, Jozef Dickson, Jules Terry, Richie Tyler], Alain Medio, Sereen, the late Troy Steele, Mitchell Stevens (October 22). [Have we overlooked a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know].

Quotable: “Pornography is literature designed to be read with one hand.”
Angela Lambert (1940-2007), author and critic.
[More quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]

Asoka, Bo Austin, Jessie Bryce, the late Caleb Carter, author/historian Jeffrey Escoffier, the late Cody Foster, Matt Hunter, Axel Marceau, Daniel Reed, Gregg Rockwell (October 9); Reece Bentley, Marcus Caine, Alan Carly (Patrik Hruby, Sam Williams, Stanley Falls), Adam Champ, Danny Chance, Roy Fischer, Jeff D. Kota, Jake Mitchell, Danny Pacheco, John Wolfe (October 10); Zak Ackland, Austin, Gil Cortez, Joey Hart, Bryan Kidd, Koby Lewis, Chris Rockway, Kenny Ryan (October 11); Ivan Cseska, Chris Dano, the late Andy Dill, Colton Ford, Hank Hightower, Aaron King (Gavin/SeanCody), Boris Orla, Jordan Rivers [Julian], Rob Romoni, Mam Steel (Mark Fallus), Chad Wolfe (October 12); Chase Carter, RJ Danvers, Lance Gear, Derec Hardman, Brett Hughes, Dylan James, Bryce London, Taylor Reign, Beto Ribeira, Julien Salieri (October 13); David Bradley, Anthony Shaw, publicist Rob Reimer, Nico Sideropolus [Nikolas Markov], Jesse Tyler (October 14); Zeb Atlas, Ian Duncan, Cal Jackson, Claude Jordan, the late Leo Masters, Brendon Taylor, T-Spoon, Jim West, Ethan Wright (October 15). [Have we skipped a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Quotable: “It’s not the men in my life that counts — it’s the life in my men.”
Mae West (1893-1980), performer, playwright and provocateur.
[More quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]

Drew Damon, Doug Mendez, Ashton Star, Max Stone, Frank Taylor, Jean Val Jean, Will West, Shawn Young (October 2); Rick Bauer [Gabor Szeles], Michael Bradley, Ray Don, Fyerfli, Blu Kennedy, Rhett Slade, Chad Steele, director/producer Chris Ward, Sean West (October 3); Ezequelle Bourget, Gabriel Cortes, Alejandro Dominguez, Scott Jeffries, Rob Nelson, Fernando Nielsen [Fernando Castillo, Ken Izmos, Attila Kialt], Cody Reeves, Cort Stevens, Spencer Whitman (October 4); Martin Chavez, Cort Donovan, Antonio Fargo, Sebastian Rio, Vic Rubino, Sebastian, Trae Spencer, Mickey Taylor, Jack Tower, Chas Winston (October 5); Ben Archer, Brandon Babos, Jeremy Hall, Owen Hawk, Antonio Marquez, Carlo Masi, Peter Raeg (October 6); Logan Bryant, Gauge, Eli Horst, Sergei Jordanov [Stefan Janos, Tom of Hunland], Cole Reece, Rip Stone (October 7); Luke Bronson, Lucky Daniels, Star, Jake Woodman (October 8). [Have we skipped a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know. Photo of Dillon Buck by Conner Habib.]

Quotable: “It is the function of vice to keep virtue within reasonable bounds.”
Samuel Butler (1835-1902), novelist.
[More quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]

Sebastian Cole, Danny Hunter, Frank Parker, Nick Savage, Mark Slade [Frank Towers], J.T. Sloan, Ryan Stevens (September 25); Zack Alexander, Jason Avans, Danny Orliss, Spade, Boyd Thomas (September 26); Chase Anthony, Bruno Carrosa, Eric Johansson, Jack Laurel [Tim Black, Zsolt] (September 27); Andre Boleyn, Cody Cash, Duke Tyler, Nathan Walters, Grant Warren (September 28); Jonathan Agassi, Marcos Allende, Cory Cane, James Castle, Danny, Kalman Faldui, Ian Greene, Brent Michaels, Peter Tapasz [Franco Corsini, Peter T.], Derek Thomas, Treshawn (September 29); Luis Alonso, Brian Bonds, Jonathan Collins, Troy Dillon, Miguel Leon, Zoltan Mely [Philippe Collier, Dan Johnson, Daniel Kriley], Nacho [Brazilian model], Rick Perry (September 30); Casey Carr, Giovani Corleone, Drakkar, Darryl Harris, Ricky Martinez, Alexandre Pleintemps, Rob Steele, Randy Stone, Tom Vacarro [Vaccaro], Brock Webster (October 1). [Have we missed a PSB? Leave a comment and let us know.]

Hot Links: XBIZ Profiles

September 20, 2017 | 1 Comment

Hot Links: Here are some recent GayPornLand profiles I’ve penned for XBIZ you may have missed:
* Colby Keller: Why I Voted for Trump
* Model, Mogul and Activist Trenton Ducati Discusses Latest Projects
* Chi Chi LaRue: Falcon’s ‘Earthbound’ Is a ‘Dream Come True’
* Jasun Mark Discusses Dream Job as TitanMen Director
* 2017 XBIZ Gay Director of the Year mr. Pam Erects Masterworks

[Dean Monroe © Falcon Studios]

New Release Desk: One of the latest from NakedSword Originals is the amusingly titled KISS AND TEL AVIV — director mr. Pam told me it was suggested by a fan — shot on location in and around Israel. The standout performer is Kayden Grey, never better, but Ryan Rose gives him a run for his money. CLICK HERE to read the review. Elsewhere, Hot House Video has TKO: TOTAL KNOCKOUTS with beefy stud Austin Wolf dominating and a gorgeously sweaty Sean Zevran crushing Micky Jr.. But the marquee bout is a frenzied rut between Trenton Ducati and Alexander Gustavo. CLICK HERE for that review.