The Adams Report, September 13 – 19, 2004

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The Adams Report by J.C. Adams
September 13 – 19, 2004

This week we have a hodgepodge of items for your delectation. To wit: Additional clarifying details regarding last week’s column on the death of Geoffrey Karen Dior; the gay porn directors who were honored this summer by the Free Speech Coalition; Jenna Jameson’s continued success as an author; a bulging basket of New Releases, and more.

Following last week’s column on the death of performer/director Dior, I heard from her domestic partner. He had a couple of clarifications, the main one being that Ms. Dior’s ashes were not buried in Missouri; they are currently with his boyfriend here in Los Angeles. Their final disposition is yet to be determined.

In the column I also mentioned Ms. Dior’s “contentious” break with performers Jason Nikas and Blake Andrews. Her boyfriend shed more light on that situation. He says no official partnership existed between the three, and contends Nikas and Andrews were stealing money, among other activities, and that it was Ms. Dior who ended their relationship, not the other way around.

For the completists among us, Tim Evanson of the rec.arts.movies.erotica newsgroup spent several days untangling Geoffrey Karen Dior’s filmography and discovered a whopping 143 films as director (give or take a few). As a performer, Ms. Dior appeared in roughly 123 gay, straight and bisexual films. His first flick as a performer appears to be KAREN’S BI-LINE (SoHo, 1989).

* Earlier this summer, I neglected to mention that directrix Chi Chi LaRue and performer/director Chip Daniels were honored by the Free Speech Coalition on July 24th at their annual “Night of the Stars” gala in Los Angeles. Fellow honorees included hetero stars Jenna Jameson, Seymore Butts and Christy Canyon, to name a few. Ms. LaRue   (“Porno is my life,” s/he exclaimed from the stage. “Lipstick and porno!”) and Mr. Daniels received Lifetime Achievement honors. Congrats to both.

* Jenna Jameson’s memoir, “How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale” (written with Neil Strauss), moves up to number six on the current “New York Times” bestseller list.

* As a result, in part, of Ms. Jameson’s success the “New York Times,” bless ’em every one, has discovered pornography. The latest in a daisy chain of articles detailing the co-mingling of “adult entertainment” and the mainstream is “Fashion Diary: What Fashion Owes to XXX” (Guy Trebay, published Sept. 12). Earlier it was “The Long View on ‘Deep Throat'” (Laura M. Holson, published Sept. 5) and “Sex, Sex, Sex: Up Front in Bookstores Near You” (Edward Wyatt, published Aug. 24).

* All Worlds Video’s acclaimed “Seven Deadly Sins” series has finally wrapped after a delay of several years. THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS: WRATH and REDEMPTION are both on their way to stores. Director/performer Doug Jeffries lent a hand to master director Wim Hof to complete WRATH, which means REDEMPTION is also on the docket; REDEMPTION contains one extra scene from all seven flicks in the series (thus you’ll likely see now-retired performers such as Steve Cassidy, Eric Hanson, Blake Harper, Duke Miller and others, including perhaps Rick Ritter, who has actually resurfaced lately as a prospective hetero star).

And as you might recall, writer/director Wash West’s SEVEN DEADLY SINS: GLUTTONY won Best Video at the 2002 GAYVN Awards (it also picked up Best Director, Editing, Screenplay and Videography, as well as a Best Screenplay win from the “Gay Chicago” Grabby Awards).

Tag Adams and Kent Larson add to their staggering 2004 output this week with two videos apiece. Newcomers Kyle Lewis and John Marcus also stake their claim with two videos each, while Mario Ortiz adds yet another to his pile.

TAG! YOU’RE IT (Arena Ent.) features Mr. Adams on the cover, with his name in the title, a true sign that you’ve arrived as a porn “star,” in the true sense of the word. Tag Adams’ castmates include Nick Capra, Ulizes Carpelli, Andy Dill, John Marcus, Dillon Press, Steven Richards, Parker Williams, Antonio York and Nick Young.

An enormous box arrived in the mail recently from Jet Set. I opened it to find a massive nest of film strips and various short ends; nestled amid the pile was a film canister. Inside the canister? A Jet Set 2005 calendar, a press kit and a DVD for JET SET DIRECT: TAKE ONE starring the one-and-only Ken Ryker.

Four directors helmed four separate scenes in JET SET DIRECT: TAKE ONE. Director Bud Light (a/k/a Wash West) handled Jet Set Exclusives Paolo Cortez and Tag Eriksson; Gino Colbert directs Mr. Ryker with newcomer Cody Cash (that’s a helluva dick to wrangle in one of your first-ever sex scenes); Michael Zen directs Brad Benton with Marcus Iron; and Thor Stephans has Buck McCall and the mononamed Brandon.

By the way, don’t believe the rumors that Ken Ryker has retired for the umpteenth time. He’s still available for select projects.

All Worlds Video sent along a small, multicolored plastic beach ball as part of the press kit promoting WEEKEND PASS 2. “Dirk Yates gets his straight, oversexed Marines to stick their fat hard cocks into anything that will get them off,” reads the box copy. What more do ya need to know?

The San Diego-based studio also included a straw hat with their review package for RANCH HAND REHAB directed by Casey & Peter O’Brian. Hunkalicious Jon Galt stars and is featured on the cover. Costars include Kent Larson, John Marcus, Wade Mohawk, Aaron Osborn, Raul, Anthony Shaw and Exclusive Holden Grey. Casey O’Brian has a nonsex role.

More recent AWV pics include their LONERS import from A Man’s Best Productions and director Vlado Iresh. Despite the odd title, the Euro-hunks on the box cover look positively fraternal.

POOL BOYS was written and directed by Doug Jeffries for AWV with a star-heavy cast that includes Tag Adams, Aries, Sergio Anthony, Owen Hawk, Kent Larson, Kyle Lewis, Miguel Leon, Arpad Miklos, Antonio Montez, Vin Nolan, Viktor Perseo and newcomer Dylan Scott.

Finally this week from AWV, Dirk Yates has IN THE BEDROOM…WHAT DADDY DOESN’T KNOW with Gil Cortez, Eric Hunter, Kyle Lewis, Matt, Marco Paris and Bill Ray. Find out more about all of these videos at their Web site,

Continuing the promotional swag theme, Lucas Entertainment sent along glossy postcards of Lucas Exclusives Alex Clark and Wilifred Knight, as well as Michael Lucas himself, to promote the release of LOST, the company’s 27th release. Cast members include Clark and Knight alongside Richard Black, Dan Bradford, Christophe Blanc, David Cody, Chad Hunt, Luciano Haas, Luke Stamm and Clay Price. More details online at

The relatively new Torsion Video Productions sent along a press release detailing three new bondage and S/M videos. TRAPPED ‘N TRAINED from director/star Phil Powers (with mononamed Taz) includes various B&D scenarios including hot wax and alarming toys.

SLAVES TORMENT features Mr. Powers putting Taz through more, well, torment, in which Taz is prepared for “sale” to a new Master. SWEET AGONY has Powers putting a new pup, Angel, per the press release, “through a hot session that includes enemas, butt-plugging, wax, paddling, tickle torture and more.”

The studio is online at Incidentally, Torsion has signed with 1 Distribution (the numerical “one,” not to be confused with “Channel One”) to disperse their product in North America. The newly formed 1 Distribution has producer-director Sam Dixon behind it, among others.

Tribal Pulse International has the latest from Montreal-based director Alain Eclair. SEX & THE TOURIST has one my favorite new performers, a surefire Best Newcomer nominee next spring at the GAYVNs and Grabby Awards: Adam Kubrick. His fellow pups this time out include newcomer Peter Costner, newbie Mario Danza, Tad Harrison, Johnny Saint, Joseph Ther and Brock Wilder. Find out more at

Adam Kubrick’s frequent costar, and another likely Best Newcomer nominee, is Aston Marten (I know, I know, it’s a goofy name, but he overcomes it, trust me). Catch one or both in AQUA CLUB, RED HOT POKERS and SKI TRIP (so far).

Finally this week, my review copy of BRUTE: A WRESTLING FAN’S DREAM arrived from Arena. Blue Blake’s latest has a striking Tony Cage cover, with the megahung Rocco Bossi on the back. In fact, Mr. Blake cleverly has Mr. Bossi’s oversized cock dangling down out of his picture and partially obscuring the Big Blue Productions logo. Apart from Mr. Cage and Mr. Bossi, cast members include Andreas, Ben Campezi, Jason Hawke, Jeremy Jordan and Jay Poison, with Sara Diaz (Mr. Campezi’s real-life wife) and Lola Laywell (ha-ha) in nonsex roles. Details are at

Porn Star Birthdays from September 13 through September 19: Fabin Bedford, Marcus Taylor (September 13); Luis Badog, Bodhi, Steve Godunov, Kevin Kramer, Rhett O’Hara, Rich Raines, Chris Ramsey (September 14); Jake Cannon, Justin Damon, Alvin Eros, Doc Holliday, Erik Michaels, Neo, Lucas Rezende (September 15); K.C. Hart, Brian Roberts, Rich Strong (September 16); Antoine, Ty Davenport, Eric Maestro, Travis Wade (September 17); Adam Gosset, Mondo, the late Alfonso Ribiero, Mark Sargent, Marc Stewart (September 18); Roberto Aguilar, Austin Black, Richard Collin, Rick Drake, Steve Parker, Sam Tyson (September 19).

J.C. Adams has covered the gay adult entertainment industry since 1995, and has served as the editor of “Inside Porn Magazine” and “Unzipped Monthly.” In addition to the “Adams Report” weekly gossip and news column, his work has appeared in “Adult Video News,” “Gay Chicago,” “Genre,” “HX” and many other print and online publications. You can reach him at

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