The Adams Report by J.C. Adams – August 29 – September 4, 2005

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First up this week it is my sad duty to confirm the passing of our of our own. Bodybuilder Rod Roddick died Thursday, August 18th of a heart attack. He was 34 years old. Information is still coming in and I have not been able to confirm what he suffered from, although director Blue Blake tells me Mr. Roddick had been sick for some time.

Rod Roddick appeared in MINUTE MEN 15 (Buckshots/COLT, 1997) and later TALES FROM THE TREEHOUSE (2001) for Big Blue Productions. Of course he was wildly popular on the bodybuilding circuit and among muscle fans thanks to that spectacularly bulging physique. “I met Rod when I first met my husband Harold,” recalled Mr. Blake, “so it’s been ten years. We met when I was doing ‘Making Porn’ Off-Broadway and I thought, ‘I wouldn’t mind doing a film with him!'” Later, when Mr. Blake founded his studio, “I used him straightaway in TREEHOUSE as the football player, because I thought he was the very image of the archetypal football player. He was a lovely guy, it’s very sad.”

The legal battle between Lucas Distribution and Dark Alley Media is heating up. Michael Lucas’ company officially served Owen Hawk’s company with papers this week seeking $50,000 and change in damages. As previously noted in past columns, Mr. Lucas’ ire was raised when an ex-employee of Lucas Distribution jumped ship to Mr. Hawk’s newly formed company, essentially bringing with him knowledge of how the rival company works behind the scenes. The contretemps spilled over onto the “Page Six” gossip column in the “New York Post.”

Papers were filed Monday, August 22nd citing a number of claims including “breach of contract, interfering with business and unfair business practices,” per an email from Mr. Hawk, who stated that “all of these are complete fabrications of the truth and a lame attempt to scare us into doing what he wants. I cannot wait to get into court.”

In an earlier email newsletter, Mr. Hawk stated that Dark Alley Media is “an ethical company, and we promote the same things as [Michael Lucas] — safe sex and drug-free sets. [We are] simply young porn actors who are ambitious entrepreneurs… I do not wish for Lucas Entertainment to go out of business. I merely want the right to run my own company without attacks and having to needlessly spend time and resources defending myself when I do nothing wrong.”

Mr. Lucas wrote to me before he filed suit against Dark Alley Media. He was offended by any insinuation that he doesn’t want any competitors in the Big Apple. In the email he explained that “a few months ago [Dark Alley] had no distributor. No one wanted to take them, so they came to me. I wasn’t really interested at that point in taking any new customers on board, but I took them. To call that trying to shut down another NY-based company doesn’t make sense. If I wanted to shut them down, I wouldn’t have given them a distribution deal at all, let alone the great one I did give them.”

Mr. Lucas explains “the problem with Dark Alley Media started” when they hired his ex-employee, whom Mr. Lucas says had worked under a confidentiality agreement. “He left the company with a full list of our accounts, and went to work at Dark Alley. It takes years to establish such a list and a lot of hard work of a full distribution office. Obviously, you can imagine that I’m not one to let it go like that!” Later, Mr. Lucas notes that “I am a good and honest businessman. I deal fairly and legally. I’ve never stolen anyone’s content or copied anyone’s business formula. I used my own ideas and imagination.”

Owen Hawk can be found at Dark Alley Media. Michael Lucas is online at Lucas Entertainment and Stay tuned for the next chapter in this ongoing saga. (All links NWS.)

Falcon Studios sent another tremor through the gay porn distribution landscape with the announcement that they have left Paladin Video, their longtime home. “Effective immediately, Pulse Distribution will become the North American distributor for the Falcon Family of Company brands: Falcon, Jocks, Mustang, Falcon International and Alone With,” read the press release.

Falcon CEO Todd Montgomery added, “We are very grateful to Paladin Video for their long-standing support of Falcon Studios. We credit Stan Loeb and Lori Rachal with helping us achieve much of the success that Falcon has realized over the past fifteen years.” When I spoke with Falcon’s press guru, Troy Prickett, he was ebullient. “We’re the first gay studio that Pulse has distributed, so they will be able to devote all of their resources to taking us to the next level. It’s a very exciting time right now.”

Falcon is currently promoting their Jocks title FLEX (featuring gorgeous Irish hunk Kane O’Farrell on the cover) and prepping for CROSS COUNTRY, their big, two-part outdoor epic filmed on location in New Zealand. Crew member Rod Barry send me periodic email updates when he was on location and it sounded like a real blast. They’re even giving away a free trip for two to New Zealand as a promotion! Hie thee to (note the “slash-win” at the end of the Falcon URL) to sign up.

DEPT. OF SELF-PROMOTION gave a “Highly Recommended” this week to my SEX WITH STRANGERS for All Worlds Video. Here’s an excerpt: “Ain’t nothing like the thrill of making eye contact with some guy on the subway, in the grocery store or at the gym, and then if the stars are aligned just so, slinking off to a forgotten corner to fuck. And isn’t it strange that some of the hottest sex in gay porn is between two guys who have never met, yet no major studio has ever stated the obvious and simply titled their film SEX WITH STRANGERS? Director J.C. Adams is calling a spade a spade, making plain the electricity of connecting with someone without bothering to swap first names…”

I have to be honest: It’s weird and nerve-wracking to be on the other side of the equation after writing hundreds and hundreds of reviews of other people’s films over the years.

The flick stars gorgeous, sweet AWV Exclusive Kevin Brown in his first starring role (and only his second film) alongside fellow newcomers Caleb Carter and Brett Matthews with Joey Landis, Corbin Michaels, Dillon Press, Jacob Slader and Aaron Brandt, marking his comeback to XXX after a long absence. Check out to pick up a copy, otherwise it will hit rental shelves across the country October 21st.

Meanwhile, “Adult Video News” just gave four out of five stars to SHOOTERS, which I co-directed with the late Tony Alizzi for MSR Videos. Actually, we were in production virtually one year ago to the day. I’m particularly proud of the Fredrick Ford/Marco Paris duo; their chemistry was scorching that afternoon and it really comes through on screen. Reads the review: “The best shots, by far, find the sculpted body of Ford sitting down on Paris’ cock in the opening sequences. Facing the camera, Ford stays rock hard, his cock bouncing as his stomach muscles tighten while Paris fucks him…” It’s good to know I didn’t manage to screw up that scene!

Porn Star Birthdays from August 29 through September 4: John Atkins, Joey Candy, Max Holden (August 29); Cory Hunter, Rafael Michaels, Craig Stevens (August 30); Pete Erichson, Dustin Nour, Gage Powers, Storm (August 31); Rob Harris, Akos Matyas, Wade Peters, Jordan Ryan, Franco Sylvano, Cody Tyler (September 1); Curt Baldwin, Jon Galt, Casey Williams (September 2); Jake Rodgers, Bo Stallion, Arik Travis (September 3); Jayden Christopher, Billy Houston, Tiago Nunes (September 4).

J.C. Adams has covered the gay adult entertainment industry since 1995, and has served as the editor of “Inside Porn Magazine” and “Unzipped Monthly.” In addition to the “Adams Report” weekly gossip and news column, his work has appeared in “Adult Video News,” “Gay Chicago,” “Genre,” “HX” and many other print and online publications. You can reach him at

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