The Adams Report by J.C. Adams – September 11 – 17, 2006

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This week in the “Adams Report by JC Adams,” hunky Austin Rogers gets mixed up, the Los Angeles Gay Expo unspools, Blue Blake celebrates and Jason Sechrest isn’t drinking any more “COCKtails.” Plus, we sadly convey news of the passing of two of our own: musician/composer Brandy Dalton and performer Kristian Brooks.

Will the real Austin Rogers please stand up? Gossip site took note of an amusing mix-up recently involving, the Internet Movie Database. It appears Euro-hunk Austin Rogers had a recent credit — FUCK FACTORY for director Csaba Borbely and Private Man — applied to a mainstream actor with the same name who happens to be all of twelve years old. Oops. Within hours of Defamer poking fun at the mistake, editors fixed the mistake. Heh. Okay, so that’s not brilliant comedy; gimme a break, it’s slow this time of year.

The latest Gay Erotic Expo unspooled September 9th and 10th in the L.A. Convention Center. Among the industryites skedded to attend were Trevor Knight for Adonis Pictures, Jason Hawke repping, cutie blondine Chad Leigh for, Michael Lucas for Lucas Entertainment (natch) and Tiger Tyson for Pitbull Productions. Other luminaries on the menu include Rod Barry, directrix Chi Chi LaRue and dragstress Jackie Beat; Ms. LaRue was also set to DJ at an afterparty at The Faultline leather/Levi’s bar in Silverlake Saturday night, September 9th. is the official website for more details.

It turned out to be a busy weekend in West Hollywood. Director Blue Blake and hubby Harold Huttas threw a housewarming party now that their new abode in West Hollywood is refurbished and polished to gleam. Among the porn contingent schmoozing were Mr. Blake’s striking new discovery Cody Miller, a young bodybuilder with flawless olive skin and an adorably shy demeanor (soon to debut in MUSCLEMEN MOVING CO. 2 and on the cover of XXX Showcase in a few months); hunky Robert Van Damme; shutterbugs Anthony Duran and Mick Hicks; and Vince Harrington (a/k/a Lana Luster) of Pacific Sun, Mr. Blake’s new distribution home. Mr. Hicks has a few photobooks on the burner, while Mr. Duran has a couple of interesting projects he’ll be announcing soon. Mr. Van Damme and I have only met a couple of times but he remembered every detail of our last encounter and in fact nearly snapped my spine in a bear hug. There was some other stuff that I probably should have written down, but, hell, I was kind of drunk. Even a porn reporter needs a night off now and then. [Photo © Blue Blake.]

Jason Sechrest of is out as host of the weekly “COCKtails with the Stars” at Micky’s nightclub in West Hollywood. Apparently there was some kind of brouhaha involving Mr. Sechrest, Rascal Exclusive Luca DiCorso and director Doug Jeffries, which resulted in Mr. Sechrest taking a powder from the gig for two weeks to keep the peace while dragstress/director Coco Lachine manned the microphone. Well, before the two weeks were up Mr. Sechrest was replaced in favor of new Cybersocket magazine editor Scott Boardman.

Mr. Sechrest is certainly not hurting for work as he shoots a reality TV pilot and completes post-production on his erotic fuck flick BULLY. He was the fourth “COCKtails” host; the late Johnny Rey kicked off the schmoozathon way back in pre-history followed by the now-retired Grant Wood. Performer Will Clark then took over for several years, followed by Mr. Sechrest, who spills the dirt on the dust-up in his online journal and promises another porno meet-and-greet event in WeHo soon. [Photo ©]

In the meantime, if you find yourself in Boys Town, check out the “COCKtails” show. is the website. Featured stars for September included Buckshot Exclusive Brian Hansen (September 7th); Nick Capra with Chi Chi LaRue spinning records (September 14th); with Brad Star and Derrick Vinyard (September 21st) and Jason Crew (September 28th) upcoming.

It is my unfortunate duty to report on the passing of two members of our community. This week I was able to confirm that that performer Kristian Brooks has died. He passed from AIDS at a hospice in Colorado, according to a family friend. He was 35 years old.

Kristian Brooks was a popular star in the late ’90s and appeared in over 30 titles between 1997 and 1999, many of them considered classics of the era. His acclaimed performances include DREAM TEAM (Studio 2000, 1999) and FAMILY VALUES (Men of Odyssey, 1997) for legendary director Jerry Douglas, as well as FEVER (Falcon Studios, 1998), HARDCORE (All Worlds Video, 1998), HIGH TIDE (Falcon, 1997), PRAGUE RISING (Studio 2000, 2000), REFORM SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL (All Worlds, 1997) and TIME COPS (Centaur Films, 1998). He appeared on several box covers including HOTTER THAN LIFE (All Worlds, 1997).

More details are forthcoming, including remembrances from those who knew him well. On a personal note, I worked with Kristian Brooks and got to know him on the set of DREAM TEAM. He was talkative, bright and always had an anecdote related to his sexcapades that had the cast and crew in stitches. That’s how I’ll remember him. Our deep condolences to his family, friends and fans.

And last week I confirmed the news that musician Brandy Dalton of the band Drance died August 4th. Mr. Dalton passed from AIDS, a disease he lived with for 17 years. A longtime habitue of the Los Angeles underground scene, Mr. Dalton in the 1980s began performing with his boyfriend Robert Woods, eventually forming the techno/electronica band Drance; Mr. Woods passed from AIDS in 1995. Together and separately, Mr. Dalton and Drance won numerous awards scoring many of gay adult’s classic films, notably the acclaimed FALLEN ANGEL series for Titan Media, as well as many titles for MSR Videos, including the PROWL series. Our deep condolences to his family and friends.

Porn Star Birthdays for September 11 through September 17: Adrian, Andy Anderson, Brock Devonshire, Dean Edwards, Francois Kagylo, Arpad Miklos, Bobby Morelli, Logan Sajnal, Blade Thompson, Tristan Vaughan (September 11); Cade Devilin, Fabrice Felder, Jens Hammer (September 12); Fabin Bedford, Tommy Brandt, Marcus Taylor, Brock Wilder (September 13); Luis Badog, Steve Godunov, Jacy, Kevin Kramer, Rhett O’Hara, Rich Raines, Chris Ramsey (September 14); Jake Cannon, Justin Damon, Alvin Eros, Doc Holliday, Erik Michaels, Neo, Bill Ray, Lucas Rezende, Noberto Rollins (September 15); Jake Daniels, K.C. Hart, Luke Masters, Brian Roberts, Rich Strong (September 16); Antoine, Ty Davenport, Eric Maestro, Said Sebhely, Travis Wade (September 17).

J.C. Adams has covered the gay adult entertainment industry since 1995, and has served as the editor of “Inside Porn Magazine,” “Unzipped Monthly” and the Adam Gay Video Directory. In addition to the “Adams Report” weekly gossip and news column, his work has appeared in “Adult Video News,” “Gay Chicago,” “Genre,” “HX” and many other print and online publications. You can reach him at

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