The Adams Report by J.C. Adams – October 9 -15, 2006

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How can it be October already? As we cruise through autumn there’s plenty on the plate in GayPornLand. This week in the “Adams Report by JC Adams” we’ve got Rod Barry on the radio, Caleb Carter on MTV and Erik Rhodes on the cover of a magazine. Plus, Jake Deckard is Man of the Year and Spencer Quest is onstage naked—and singing.

I’m a bit behind the curve on this one, but everyone’s All-American, Rod Barry, appeared on Howard Stern‘s radio show September 26th. He was set to discuss gay-for-pay guys on our side of the street. A press release that accompanied his appearance claimed that “industry insiders estimate that 40 to 50 percent are gay for pay, that is to say heterosexual or bisexual…and among those who are the most popular or prominent, perhaps even as much as 50 to 60 percent are significantly heterosexual.” Oh, brother…some myths never die. (And how can you be “gay for pay” if you’re bi?) Here’s a big secret, folks, so lean in a bit closer and I’ll whisper it: There are very few honest-to-Jehosephat hetero performers in GayPornLand. Most “gay for pay” guys are actually bisexual and most gay performers are totally gay. Anyhoo, Mr. Barry is the third gay porn personality to be invited onto Mr. Stern’s show following Bret Wolfe and Michael Lucas.

MTV’s ninth-season premiere of their True Life documentary series kicks off Tuesday, October 10th. Our very own Caleb Carter is among this season’s subjects. MTV’s cameras followed him around for a few weeks last summer for an episode that will be titled “I’m a Porn Star” or something similar. No word on when his episode will air so check your local listings. Last time I spoke with Mr. Carter about the experience he was a tad bummed out. I asked him to explain and he regaled me with an eye-popping night of alcohol-fueled shenanigans. I asked, “That sounds like a pretty wild night. Why so upset?” He yelped, “Because they filmed it!” Ah, cheers.

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Spencer Quest left the loving arms of Titan Media‘s stable of exclusives earlier this year and by late summer he’d joined the ranks of Lucas Entertainment exclusives (just another spin in this year’s cra-aa-azy exclusives merry-go-round). He just wrapped MICHAEL LUCAS’ LA DOLCE VITA and on October 13th joins the cast of Naked Boys Singing at New York’s New World Stages (340 West 50th Street, Midtown). Congrats! He’s the second of our boys to tread the boards this year, following Gus Mattox‘s well-received turn in Terrence McNally‘s new play Some Men.

If it’s autumn it’s time for Raging Stallion‘s annual Man of the Year designation. And the stud earning that honor for 2007 is Jake Deckard. He was crowned during the recent Folsom Street festivities in San Francisco at Raging Stallion’s release party for OMEGA: CENTURION MUSCLE 3 in which Mr. Deckard is featured. He takes over from Remy Delaine; previous Man of the Year honorees include Miguel Leonn (2005), Shane Rollins (2004), Tom Vacarro (2003), Michael Brandon (2002), Bryce Pierce (2001) and Dean Coulter (2000).

I met Jake Deckard a year ago in New York; Chi Chi LaRue (who DJ’ed the RSS party) introduced us and we jammed ourselves into the back of a cab on the way to Jerry Douglas‘ big birthday bash. He’s certainly a star on the rise and filmed scenes in WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS (Rascal Video) and NIGHT CALLERS (Unzipped Video) before Titan Media snapped him up for an exclusive contract and a string of flicks including BIG MUSCLE and SPY QUEST 2 as well as the recently released HITCH and ARCADE ON ROUTE 9. You know that studio exclusive roundelay I mentioned earlier? Mr. Deckard was part of it when Titan and Raging Stallion swapped him and François Sagat this past July. Look for him next in Chris Ward’s LORDS OF THE JUNGLE, the studio’s big epic for the year. is the official website and Mr. Ward blogs at

Falcon exclusive Erik Rhodes is scorching hot on the cover of Gay Times magazine. He’s also got a short, glamorously lit photo spread inside wherein he bares much of his bangin’ body on the streets of New York. The pics are cribbed from photographer Joe Oppedisano‘s photobook/calendar “Testosterone” (Bruno Gmunder). Says, “It’s a collection of photographs that shows off the models’ raw male sexuality while flirting with ideas about masculinity, and it’s all wrapped up in a very sweaty, dirty, and sexy package…” He’s online at By the by, the shutterbug also snapped the models (porn and otherwise) for LA DOLCE VITA which are now hitting the web.

Gorgeous identical twins Fernando and Fabrizio Mangiatti have taken the porn world by storm this year. We chose Fernando (or was it Fabrizio…?) for the cover of the new issue of XXX Showcase magazine; he and his sexy brother are pictured inside giving the pork to good ol’ Helmut Muller in THE TWIN FACTOR from Euro-helmer Csaba Borbely‘s Diamond Pictures and Pacific Sun Entertainment. (The Mangiattis have also worked as Jack/James Lacroix, Daniel/Jean Lautrec and Alex/Ian Lynch—whew!)

Other flicks featured this month include Kristen Bjorn’s insanely hot FIRE DANCE, Billy Brandt’s return in FROM TOP TO BOTTOM and a bunch of flicks giving a XXX twist on Hollywood flicks: Adonis Pictures’ BONESAW (the Saw horror pics, and here’s some gossip: BONESAW was not picked up for distribution to hotel-room PPV channels because it was deemed too violent!); Eon Films’ FIELD OF CREAMS (Field of Dreams, natch); Miami Studios’ LARRY COTTER AND THE WIZARD OF AAHS (speaks for itself) and the terrific BI-BACK MOUNTAIN, an original spin on the classic film that pretty much just borrows the title and iconic poster image.

Plus, we’ve got the latest from busy director Stephane Berry (LOVE FROM CANNES) as well as a unique little film, FRENCH FARMERS from Oh Man! International and director Jean-Marc Prouveur. Have you seen how the upcoming Nicole Kidman/Robert Downey Jr. film Fur is being tagged as “an imaginary portrait of [photographer] Diane Arbus“? FRENCH FARMERS is an “imaginary portrait” of revered (and gay) German photographer Wilhelm von Gloeden. Kudos to Mr. Prouveur for reinterpreting von Gloeden’s dreamily bucolic photos of handsome young men lounging around the Gallic countryside. He could have just shot another fucking-in-the-barn humpfest and his risky move pays off.

Porn Star Birthdays for October 9 through October 15: Asoka, Bo Austin, Jessie Bryce, Caleb Carter, Cody Foster, Matt Hunter, Axel Marceau, Daniel Reed, Gregg Rockwell (October 9); Marcus Caine, Danny Chance, Roy Fischer, Jeff D. Kota, Jake Mitchell, Danny Pacheco, John Wolfe (October 10); Austin, Gil Cortez, Joey Hart, Bryan Kidd, Kenny Ryan (October 11); Ivan Cseska, Chris Dano, Andy Dill, Colton Ford, Hank Hightower, Jordan Rivers, Rob Romoni, Chad Wolfe (October 12); Chase Carter, Lance Gear, Derec Hardman, Brett Hughes, Bryce London, Beto Ribeira, Julian Salieri (October 13); David Bradley, Anthony Shaw, Jesse Tyler (October 14); Cal Jackson, Claude Jordan, the late Leo Masters, Brendon Taylor, T-Spoon, Jim West, Ethan Wright (October 15).

J.C. Adams has covered the gay adult entertainment industry since 1995, and has served as the editor of “Inside Porn Magazine,” “Unzipped Monthly” and the Adam Gay Video Directory. In addition to the “Adams Report” weekly gossip and news column, his work has appeared in “Adult Video News,” “Gay Chicago,” “Genre,” “HX” and many other print and online publications. You can reach him at

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