The Adams Report by J.C. Adams – March 19 – 25, 2007

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This week in The Adams Report by JC Adams we’re parsing out the 2007 Grabby Award nominations. Who earned the most citations? Which nominated studio is looking to add to their roster of Best Video trophies and which is still hungrily seeking their first win? We’ve got the dish, including the behind-the-scenes gossip (naturally) that’s got everyone talking. Plus, Ben Andrews and Erik Rhodes are appearing in an unexpected venue and we convey the sad news of the loss of COLT Man Tom Howard.

Before we get into this year’s Grabby Awards nominees, a bit of happy news and a bit of sad news. Congrats to Ben Andrews (a Lucas Entertainment exclusive) and Erik Rhodes (a Falcon Studios exclusive) for snagging a high-profile series of adverts for Loehmann’s department stores. Both are amusingly depicted as nerds! Well, ridiculously sexy nerds. It’s the most visible modeling gig for our boys since Luca DiCorso was hand-picked by Tom Ford to appear in a series of adverts for Tom Ford Eyewear last year. Way to go, Mr. Andrews and Mr. Rhodes! (Scroll down for more pics.)

Our condolences to the COLT Studio Group on the loss of classic COLT Man Tom Howard, who died February 27 from AIDS. His partner David was at his side and notified COLT of the news. I spoke briefly with Manfred Speer, himself a classic COLT Man and now the CSG Talent Coordinator, about Tom Howard’s heyday. He and Mr. Speer knew each other then.

You can see Tom Howard’s hirsute handsomeness in the “Locked In and Loaded” segment of HAIRY CHESTED MEN 2 as well as the 1997 COLT Leather Calendar, the 1997 and 2002 COLT Hairy Chested Calendar and a variety of products including greeting cards, magnets (the COLT Magnet Set #2) and various photosets. Visit and the forums for more details. Our thoughts are with Tom Howard’s family, fans and his partner, David.

First off, the essential info: the Grabby Awards are presented in association with Gay Chicago Magazine. Winners will be announced Memorial Day Weekend, May 26, at the Park West Theater in Chicago. Chi Chi LaRue and Honey West will co-host for the ninth (!) time, to be joined by Rascal Video Exclusive Johnny Hazzard, Hot House Exclusive Kent North and Falcon Lifetime Exclusive Matthew Rush. is the official website, which has been snazzily re-designed.

Leading all films is THE VELVET MAFIA 1-2 (Falcon Studios) with 12 nominations. Hot House Video tops all studios with 21 total citations. Performer Trevor Knight is top stud with 7 individual nominations.

Just behind VELVET MAFIA’s 12 nods is JUSTICE (Hot House Video) with 11 nominations. Earning seven nods was DELINQUENTS (All Worlds Video). Five citations apiece went to BIG RIG (Buckshot Productions), BLACK-N-BLUE (Hot House Video) and 2ND INNING: LITTLE BIG LEAGUE 2 (Electro Video).

Best Video nominees are: BIG RIG and BOOT BLACK BLUES (both Buckshot Productions), DELINQUENTS (All Worlds Video), JUSTICE (Hot House Video), MANIFESTO (Raging Stallion Studios) and THE VELVET MAFIA 1-2 (Falcon Studios).

Following the leading 21 nominations for Hot House Video is Falcon Studios with 16 citations. Next up is Buckshot Productions (14 noms), Raging Stallion Studios (13), All Worlds Video (11) and Titan Media (8). Electro Video and Rascal Video, both under the Channel 1 Releasing umbrella, earned 5 noms apiece. And Bel Ami snagged four.

Trevor Knight leads all individuals with 7 nods. Three performers earned 5 nominations each: Matt Cole, Collin O’Neal and Francois Sagat. A six-pack of performers snagged 4 citations apiece: Benjamin Bradley, Johnny Hazzard, Roman Heart, Nick Piston, Jason Ridge and Shane Rollins.

Back to Mr. Knight, who not only has never won a Grabby, unless I’ve missed something, until now he’s even never been nominated! He was a four-time GAYVN nominee this year and went home empty-handed. With a whopping seven Grabby citations the odds are good he’ll have something extra to pack into his suitcase for the trip home.

He quite deservedly has a Performer of the Year citation as well as a nod for Hottest Cock (no argument there) and Best Supporting Actor for Jet Set’s GOING UNDER. Sexually, he snagged two Best Group Scene nods for his work in Falcon’s BIG DICK CLUB (shared with Jason Crew, Barrett Long, Matthew Mayfair, Blake Stein) and Electro Video’s 2ND INNING: LITTLE BIG LEAGUE 2 (shared with Damon DeMarco, Nick Piston, Tommy Ritter, Eddie Stone).

There’s also Best Duo Sex Scene for JUSTICE (with Shane Rollins) and Hottest Cum Scene, shared with Andy Kirra, for Adonis Pictures’ INN OVER HIS HEAD, which I guess honors cumshots? He certainly delivers on that count. (I know this from experience, having observed Mr. Knight on many sets and also from having cast him in Studio 2000’s upcoming COCK SHOTS, another scorching group scene.)

I always tell people that gay porn awards best serve as a kind of filter for the consumer. There’s a lot of crap out there and when your budget is tight you need some help to separate the wheat from the chaff. That is how gay porn awards can be especially handy (no pun intended). Heck, if you just go by Trevor Knight’s various nominations alone you’ll have plenty of happy wanking to fuck flicks that are worth your time and moolah.

Notice anything missing from this year’s slate of nominees? Keep looking, I’ll wait… Okay, Lucas Entertainment has one nomination this year: Best Threeway Sex Scene, the superb Ben Andrews/Chad Hunt/Sal match-up from ENCOUNTERS 3: FLASH POINT. It’s among the year’s best and deserved its citation. (The company’s FIRE ISLAND CRUISING 8 is also a People’s Choice Award nominee.)

That threesome was also a GAYVN nominee where it lost to another threeway from a different Lucas Entertainment film, the Derrick Hanson/Michael Lucas/Jason Ridge tumble from MICHAEL LUCAS’ LA DOLCE VITA. That film snagged a record-breaking 14 nominations and 14 wins at the recently concluded GAYVN Awards and is not to be found among the new Grabby nominees. Why?

That’s a whole ‘nuther ball of wax, kids. The speculation has been rampant ever since the nominations were announced. Hotly worded emails have been flying hither and yon. In fact, people were speculating about how Lucas Entertainment would figure this year long before Grabby producers even began gathering their slate of nominees. Somehow Michael Lucas has managed to become the most talked-about person related to the Grabby Awards and he wasn’t even nominated!

I spoke with show producers this week. They told me MICHAEL LUCAS’ LA DOLCE VITA was not received by their deadline in order to qualify for the 2007 show and thus it was not nominated in any category. Period, end of story.

Mr. Lucas begs to differ. The source of this bad blood stretches back to the 2003 Grabby show when Mr. Lucas was a presenter and took his time at the mic to denounce uber-agent David Forest, whom Mr. Lucas believes is a bad influence on the industry, and felt a duty to express his opinion when the opportunity presented itself. Mr. Forest had earlier that night snagged a Best Non-Sex Performance trophy for BRAD’S BUDDIES.

Mr. Lucas’ speech was encouraged by some, denounced by others (sound familiar?) and he was subsequently banned from any further appearances as a Grabby presenter (although his films remained eligible and indeed, Lucas Entertainment’s DANGEROUS LIAISONS was a multiple nominee last year, including Best Video, and won Best Actor for Gus Mattox). Anyway, flash forward to 2007 and David Forest is the first person announced who will be adding his name to the illustrious Grabby Wall of Fame.

Again, the Grabby producers say they did not receive MICHAEL LUCAS’ LA DOLCE VITA in time to qualify. Mr. Lucas sees things differently and feels they are biased against him. They promise that is not the case. Mr. Lucas disagrees. And that is where we are today. Onward and upward…

Analyzing past Best Video winners is a bit tricky because for two years (1999 and 2000) the Grabby Awards split up Best Video into multiple categories: Best Fetish Video, Best Leather Video, Best Romance Video and so on. If you want to count all of those sub-categories as pieces of a best-picture win, then All Worlds Video is way out in front with eight total wins going back a decade to the excellent BULLSEYE in 1996 (recently re-released on DVD, one might add).

Second place goes to Men of Odyssey with four wins. Six studios have snagged two wins, while another six have one win for their trophy case. Among this year’s Best Video nominees, All Worlds could strengthen their lead to 9 with a win for DELINQUENTS.

Hot House Video has bagged two wins (both for Best Fetish Video in 1999 and 2000) and could move into third place among all studios with a victory this year for JUSTICE. But hold on! Falcon could manage the same feat with a win for THE VELVET MAFIA 1-2 that would add to their triumphs way back in 1994 for ABDUCTION 3: THE REDEMPTION and 2003 for DEEP SOUTH 1-2.

Buckshot Productions has two shots (BIG RIG and BOOT BLACK BLUES) to add to their single 2005 citation for BUCKLEROOS 1-2. And Raging Stallion Studios, a nominee this year for MANIFESTO, is still seeking their first Best Video citation.

So who’s the leading contender? If you go by films then THE VELVET MAFIA’s 12 nominations puts it out in front. But if you count by overall studio tally, Hot House’s JUSTICE is the front-runner with 11 nods for that film and 21 overall citations. But Falcon is in second place in that category with 16 overall studio nominations.

And clearly the Grabby voters have a crush on Buckshot Productions, what with two nods for Best Video and 14 overall studio nominations. And even though Raging Stallion has never claimed the top prize, they did snag 13 overall citations. Clearly they’re doing something right in the eyes of Grabby voters. Talk about a horse race! We’ll find out the answers on May 26 in Chicago.

Porn Star Birthdays for March 19 through March 25: Beast, Achille Fanyar, Tuck Johnson, Brad Michaels, Todd Miller, Murray Petersen, Rafael Ramos, Gianfranco, Buck Phillips, Sven, Cory Taylor (March 20); Bamm, Jay Bergman, Diego Correa, Tommy Hart, Alec Martinez, Austin Masters, Walter Soares (March 21); Eric Leneau, Caleb Stone (March 22); Rico Clayton, Tony Cole, Milos Janek, Reiko Mantos, Mike Marino, Ricardo Neston, Collin O’Neal, Karl Tenner, Alex Villaboas (March 23); Mark Anthony, JC, Jeff Dillon, Cory Koons, Mark Montana, Ricky Shore (March 24); Hunter Daniels, Anthony Ericson, Brock Hensley, Pavel, Mike Rivera, Marco Rochelle, Joe Sport, Jake Summers (March 25).

J.C. Adams has covered the gay adult entertainment industry since 1995, and has served as the editor of “Inside Porn Magazine,” “Unzipped Monthly” and the Adam Gay Video Directory. In addition to the “Adams Report” weekly gossip and news column, his work has appeared in “Adult Video News,” “Gay Chicago,” “Genre,” “HX” and many other print and online publications. You can reach him at

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