GRAND JUNCTION, COThe Adams Report by JC Adams has confirmed that performer Cody Foster died January 7, 2007 in Grand Junction, Colorado. He was 36 years old. The cause of death, not yet confirmed, is apparently complications from liver cancer.

News of his death first appeared online in the and forums. Mr. Foster, whose birth name was Shawn L. Sumner, was a popular performer in gay adult entertainment whose shaggy blond locks and tanned, athletic physique epitomized the early-90s “California chic” aesthetic. His turbulent personal life and scrapes with the law landed him in jail and frequently in the gossip columns.

Cody Foster worked primarily between 1992 and 1996. He made two short-lived comebacks in 2000 (several B&D films, including BACK TO BASICS and SUBMISSION WRESTLING for Grapik Arts) and in 2003 (GOLDENROD for Studio 2000 and OPEN HOUSE for Massive Studio).

During his heyday, Mr. Foster was one of gay and bisexual adult’s most talked-about performers thanks to blue movies that are now considered classics of the era, among them a famous flip-flop with Chad Knight in MALIBU POOL BOYS (Catalina Video, 1992; d. Scott Masters). The cover art of MALIBU POOL BOYS — for which Foster’s tawny physique is concealed only by a flimsy towel — jet-propelled his stardom. Other titles include:

BASIC PLUMBING (Falcon Studios, 1993; d. Steven Scarborough);
THE BIGGER, THE BETTER 2 (HIS Video, 1993; d. Allan Damron);
BI-OLOGY (Catalina Video, 1992; d. Chi Chi LaRue);
GREASE GUNS (Studio 2000, 1994; d. John Travis);
TRADEWINDS (Huge Video, 1996; d. Matt Sterling);
WHITEFIRE (All Worlds Video, 1995; d. Dave Babbitt);
WORKIN’ STIFF (Falcon, 1994; d. John Rutherford).

He also appears in many compilations, including Catalina Videos’ THE BEST OF CODY FOSTER. Our condolences to his family, friends and fans. More details are forthcoming.

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  1. Randy Wilson on August 4, 2018 3:17 am

    Cody Foster was a great porn actor and cute with a heavenly body.Loved him at first sight with all my heart.So sad he died so young at 36.He will always be remembered in my heart with all my love.Rest in peace gorgeous.

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