[Updated with edits] Check out the October 2007 issue of Out magazine with John Barrowman on the cover. One of the headlines reads: "Exclusive: The Murder That Rocked The Porn World."

The article by Michael Joseph Gross examines the Bryan Kocis murder case and includes an interview with Harlow Cuadra, who together with partner Joseph Kerekes, is currently on trial for the murder of Cobra Video‘s Bryan Kocis.

Just two issues ago, Out ran a story about bareback sex (and one that made no pretense towards objectivity, with nine sources condemning condomless sex in porn and just three arguing the other way). That story briefly sketched the outlines of the Kocis murder and included quotes from ex-Cobra star Brent Corrigan and his partner Grant Roy.

Inside, the current story is titled, "The Case of the Cobra Killer" (bro-ther) and begins: "Last winter, a notorious internet porn producer was brutally murdered. Police say he was the victim of an industry turf war–killed by rival porn players who wanted to make a ‘million-dollar’ movie with his biggest star. But this crime sits at the center of a much broader web of intrigue. An exclusive investigation uncovers the story…"

Oh, but that’s not all… Rolling Stone has weighed in as well. Keep reading…

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