Directrix and Channel 1 Releasing co-owner Chi Chi LaRue is stepping up her safer-sex campaign. Her new PSA debuted earlier today on blogger Andy Towle‘s I spoke with Ms. LaRue today about the PSA’s content, which reps a change in tactics. Until now, her “Wrap It Up!” campaign has centered on the notion that […]

[Slight edits, 4:47pm; 2:45pm 02/01] Blond bodybuilder Mark Dalton will remain in prison until at least January 2009. I just got off the phone with his agent, David Forest, who confirmed these details. The Texas Dept. of Corrections Parole Board informed Mr. Dalton last week (January 24) that he had been denied parole, with no […]

Ah, the scent of a man. I’ve never been into cologne (I’d prefer not to burn my tongue with a mouthful of eau-de-whatever, thanks). Nor have I ever enjoyed the pungent musk of guys who prefer to shower, oh, once a month, because that’s what real men smell like. No, real men make use of […]

So, geez, this past Monday we revealed who would be hosting the GAYVN Awards next month—dragstress Lady Bunny with Sirius OutQ satellite radio hosts Derek Hartley and Romaine Patterson—and inadvertently kicked up a shitstorm. Scroll down two posts for more details. Jason Sechrest sez he was invited to come onto “The Derek & Romaine Show” […]

Just the other day we mentioned Michael Lucas‘ criticism of gossip site for what he perceives as an anti-Semitic bias, particularly in the comments section to stories about him and his exploits. Today, Mr. Lucas has circulated an open letter addressed to popular gay news/gossip website and its proprietor, Andy Towle, for what […]

Earlier this week I broke the news that Sirius satellite radio hosts Derek Hartley and Romaine Patterson, together with dragstress Lady Bunny, would co-host the 10th Annual GAYVN Awards next month in San Francisco. Right away, the biz weighed on their unenviable position of having to follow Kathy Griffin‘s raucous emcee job last year. As […]

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Last Monday in our “Stripped Bare” piece we talked about mogul Michael Lucas selling off a ton of his clothes on eBay, with the proceeds to be funneled back into the Lucas Entertainment costume fund. The gay blogosphere took note, as they do whenever Mr. Lucas turns left instead of right onto Broadway, and a […]

Porn publicist, producer, host and bon vivant Jason Sechrest, of, has started up his own YouTube channel with a promise to post weekly or when situations warrant—or whenever he’s got the urge to dish. Ever the busy bee, at this rate Mr. Sechrest will have his own cooking show and perfume. I’m not just […]

In my quickie interview with Brian Hansen earlier this month, he revealed that boyfriend Brad Patton has essentially retired (sob!). Luckily, he’d already banked some unreleased scenes. One of them, a flip-fuck with none other than Tom Chase, is turning up presently in COLT Studio‘s COUPLES III. We are so there… Another modern duo is […]

[Edited 3:24 pm.] UPDATE: When I was guesting on “The Derek & Romaine Show” last month (channel 109, Sirius OutQ satellite radio), we dished the GAYVN Awards and they joked in mock-anger about why they hadn’t ever been asked to host the show. Lo! Give it barely a month and guess who have been asked […]

A couple months back, when I spent a pleasant afternoon interviewing Bel Ami CEO George Duroy, he proudly boasted about an adorable new pup named Dolph Lambert, a 6’2 (!) cutie whose beauty, he claimed, rivaled Lukas Ridgeston. Pics have been available online at Bel Ami’s official site, but now his first film is in […]

[Edited 2:20 pm.] Agent David Forest announced over the weekend that MTF performer Brittany Coxxx, formerly known as Stonie, has been cast in her first transsexual adult feature, to shoot in February, since undergoing The Change. Writer/ director Paul Barresi is apparently finalizing a deal to direct for Pleasure Productions (I’m told the ink isn’t […]

Brandon Angelo, Tim Brensen, Brandon James, Alex Manning, Rex Parker, Tyler Riggz, Jake Rowe, Randy Summers (January 28); Tiziano Cortese, Tom Dacascos, Francesco D’Macho, Billy Gascon, Dan Hanson, Marc Pierce, Malik Romero, Mitch Ryder, Zavier Vulcain, Parker Williams (January 29); Matthew Anders, Kevin Cobain, Marcus Day, George Fleece, Justin Greer, Alexei Gromoff [Sebastian, Marco Tibor, […]

Don’t forget that with multiple posts per day, popular stories may scroll off the main page. So be sure to click on “Archives” (left-hand column) if you can’t find a particular post. In the meantime, here’s a handy menu of the most heavily-trafficked stories on Gay Porn Times for the past week, starting with the […]

Here’s a helping of beefcake to carry you through the weekend. Late Friday, Hot House Video announced they’d signed two new exclusives: Johnny Gunn (bald, bearded) and Ross Hurston (tattooed, burly). Mr. Gunn is Nick Piston‘s new squeeze and costars with him in the upcoming STARK NAKED (he also has a Ty LeBeouf duo online […]

Just recently I wrote about how you can ride your very own Tiger Tyson dildo; now megahung hottie Barrett Long is offering you horndogs the chance to do likewise. Hmmmm…Barrett Long and Tiger Tyson might make for an interesting double feature, of sorts, if you’re feeling like taking your own life into your hands one […]

We’ve got more tremors in GayPornLand‘s distribution landscape this morning. Pacific Sun Entertainment‘s Motti Green announced today that he has sold the company and retired from the XXX biz (this follows Sam Dixon‘s announced intention to do likewise with his 1 Distribution and associated companies). Mr. Green has been at the helm of the distribution […]

Mmm-hmmm…check out the booty on erotica legend Joey Stefano. Yowza. (And, hey, the package on good ol’ Vic Summers ain’t too bad, either.) The gay adult classic BILLBOARD is being re-released on DVD next month by Channel 1 Releasing; it was directrix (and Channel 1 partner) Chi Chi LaRue‘s debut shoot for the company wa-aa-ay […]

The other day I wrote about newbie Kaden Saylor, whose inclusion among the Best Newcomer GAYVN nominees had some folks scratching their heads; another was LORD OF THE BOYZ from Hyde Park Productions and White Tiger Releasing, which earned nods for Best Director (Ted McIntyre & Doug Knight) and Best Specialty Release (18-23). Like young […]

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