The arrest of “gay porn twins” Keyon and Teyon has gone viral (click here for our original story). Identical African-American twins making gay porn flicks together, who then get nabbed for committing some 40 burglaries, has just too many too-good-to-be-true elements for the mainstream press to ignore. Check out this screen capture of‘s news […]

[Updated 1:35pm, 2:30pm.] We have breaking news out of the U.K. today. A man identified as Rufus Ffoulkes, 48, of Lowestoft, Suffolk [pictured], has been sentenced to nearly three years in prison for conducting a photo shoot and then filming a bareback porn movie with a 16-year-old boy (“Man jailed for making porn film with […]

Today is Leap Day and as it comes around only every four years, we thought we’d give a special birthday welcome to a pair of porn studs (that we know about) who were born today: Chris Cox and euro-stud Remus Orza (that’s him at left). Mr. Orza was born in 1980, so technically he’s only […]

Dragstress Lady Bunny cohosted the GAYVN Awards last month and midway through the show she contributed one of her spectacularly filthy roasts, this one tailored to gay porn boldfaced names like Ben Andrews, Steve Cruz, Roman Heart, Chad Hunt, Barrett Long, the Jarics videographer Mr. Pam, Sister Roma and Jesse Santana. Click here for the […]

As our Gay Porn Crime Week comes to a close, here’s an update on the Bryan Kocis murder trial, as prosecutors and lawyers for accused co-defendants Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes exchange motions. The latest twist is “new evidence” that prosecutors received earlier this month from the FBI, said to be handwritten letters penned by […]

We wrote last week about Ryan Idol‘s ties to an enveloping charity scandal involving Birmingham, Alabama mayor Larry Langford and his aide John Katopodis (click here and here for our previous stories). Agent David Forest, Mr. Idol’s former manager, gave an interview last week during which he spilled his long, tumultuous history with Mr. Katopodis. […]

Jet Set exclusive Aaron James‘ episode of the MTV documentary series True Life debuted Wednesday. Titled “I Work in the Sex Industry,” Mr. James was profiled alongside two young women who work other aspects of the skin trade (production manager and host of a sex radio show). A rerun is set for March 1 and […]

I was cruising around the revamped Hot House Video website this evening and over on their new model blog I came across exclusive Dillon Crow and his awe-inspiring ass. Damn! Check out the backyard on that fella. Most fans are familiar with the story of how this 23-year-old stunner was discovered in a local Gold’s […]

Houston District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal has resigned from his position in the wake of two federal lawsuits, reports AVN (“‘Lawrence v. Texas’ D.A. Resigns During Scandal Probe“). “Rosenthal’s attempt to purge emails that may have been related to the suits from his government email account before turning his hard drive over to federal investigators.” That […]

Drew Warner‘s JABB Management has announced the 2nd Annual Boys of Randy Blue Tour (“boy” being a relative term as these guys are definitely men…) exclusives who will be appearing include the sexalicious Chris Rockway and Reese Rideout, two of gay adult’s most popular “It” studs, plus Kenny Cross, Brent Diggs, James Hawk, Kyle […]

[Updates 4:30pm, 9:51pm] The gay blogosphere is atwitter today (thanks to Towleroad and Perez) about the arrest in Philadelphia of Keyontyli Goffney and Taleon Goffney, whose mugshots were broadcast on television, leading eagle-eyed porn fans (and habitués) to identify them as “gay porn twins” Keyon and Teyon, known primarily for their work with FlavaWorks […]

Dept. of Self-Promotion: Dear Constant Readers — The traffic here at Gay Porn Times has exploded over the past few months, and it continues to grow. We are tickled pink that you porn pigs (and curious observers) click over here for your regular fix. We plan to keep at this for a long time, and […]

Scroll down a couple stories for a bit about Rascal Video exclusive Johnny Hazzard‘s new recurring role on the Here TV series The Lair. One of our regular comments observed that while he thinks Mr. Hazzard has the chops for mainstream success, he’s waiting to watch this new, non-porn project for a clue as to […]

It’s been a week and change since the 10th Annual GAYVN Awards unspooled, and as we close the books on another year, here are a few random thoughts and observations from my reporter’s notebook, starting with the night’s oddest and most unexpected celebrity pairing: San Francisco legend and Tales of the City author Armistead Maupin […]

Casting about on the gay porn blog circuit: * Johnny Hazzard blogs about landing a recurring role on The Lair on Here TV (“It Feels Like the First Time“), reveals, “…I was a little over confident on my first day. It wasn’t the first time. Just because I have sex with strangers in front of […]

Dept. of Self-Promotion: When we were up in San Francisco for the awards hoopla, I heard from a fair number of folks who didn’t know the 2008 Adam Gay Video Directory was available. Ugh! Visit or your local newsstand or your friendly neighborhood porn emporium and pick up your copy today! Bodybuilder-boyfriends (and COLT […]

Ethan Alexander, Steve Harper, the late Kurt Houston, Brendan Michael (February 25); Clint Cooper, Rick Matthews, Daniel Montes, Bryce Pierce, Marc Pierrot (February 26); Carlos Aguirre, Anthony Ferrat, Matt Majors, Jackson Phillips, Austin Reeves, Rio, Nick Stevenson, Rob Walker, Chris Windsor, Tony Zerega (February 27); Casper, Kyle Douglas, Dakota Phillips, Scott Samson, Emilio Santos, Christopher […]

[poll=11] We want to know what you think is the best part of hooking up…and whether your preferences differ from your porn faves. Meaning, do you love to kiss and cuddle in real life, but in porn it’s all about wham-bam-get-out? Share your thoughts! (And don’t forget, GayPornLand‘s bigwigs read these polls. They consider it […]

TGIF, right? Yeesh, what a long week. Celebrate a couple days of freedom and Academy Awards parties by visiting the most popular and heavily trafficked stories over the past week on Gay Porn Times, starting with: “Full List of 2008 GAYVN Winners” (Be sure to check out the comments-section debates! Jake Deckard, Collin O’Neal and […]

A few days ago we wrote about erotica legend Ryan Idol’s name surfacing in connection to a growing scandal (“Ryan Idol Tied to Birmingham Charity Scandal“) involving the city’s mayor, Larry Langford, and one of his close aides, John Katopodis. The Birmingham press is rather enjoying the gay-porn angle to this story. “It is a […]

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