Funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen hired two of our boys to make an appearance in his upcoming film Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Male. Mr. Cohen and co-director Dan Mazer picked Tony Capucci (using his real name, Paul Barba) and Tyler Saint (a/k/a John Martel) from a list of ten guys, provided by David Forest, willing to strip off on-camera. “There’s a scene where Bruno comes to the hotel with some guys. They’re all trying to get Bruno to come upstairs for an orgy,” Mr. Forest told the New York Daily NewsRush & Molloy gossip column today. “Five guys are there. Two of them are my guys. Bruno apparently doesn’t want to join the party, but he watches through the window. I’m told it’s hilarious.” The agent-no-more is focusing on FORESTcasting which is set to provide porn and/or nudie actors for mainstream projects like Bruno. (Stay tuned, as I have an interview with Mr. Forest forthcoming.) Constant Readers will recall he made the connection between Mr. Cohen and Stonie (pre-transformation into Brittany Coxxx) for his eye-catching cameo in Borat (CLICK HERE).


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