Man, did we cover a lot of ground in 2008. The top stories on Gay Porn Times cover an incredible range of subjects. Here we go, the most heavily trafficked stories of the past year (moving chronologically): JANUARY 2008 * “Chi Chi LaRue Debuts New Safer-Sex PSA” * “Mark Dalton to Remain Behind Bars Until […]

* April 23, 2008: Jean-Daniel Cadinot, director, photographer, legend. Late August brought news of the Maestro’s final two films. * May 1, 2008: Mark West, retired performer. * July 7, 2008: Lamar (real name: Eric Lamar Turner), CocoDorm performer. * Late July: Cole Ryder, performer. * In July, we received word that performer Dante Franklin […]

Cheers, folks, and Happy New Year to all of ya knuckleheads (hey, 2008, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya). There isn’t much going on in GayPornLand, obviously, but we’ll have some stuff going up today, and then we’ll be posting on a limited basis through the weekend. So when […]

Dept. of Self-Promotion: Gay Porn Times has been nominated for our second consecutive Cybersocket Web Award, and there’s still time to cast your vote. (Hot, wet kisses to those who have already done so.) We want to kick the asses of those other porn blogs and, as I keep pointing out, if you don’t vote, […]

New Release Desk: Tighty-whitey enthusiasts, step back. The latest from Rascal Video and Channel 1 Releasing is DE-BRIEFED (yoinks!) via directrix Chi Chi LaRue. That DVD insert is rather attractive; kudos, as ever, to veteran package designer Todd Alan. The passel of twinkishly cute pups romping hither and yon include Nick Cross, Shane Frost, Jared […]

God(dess) bless America. Check it out: Did any of our Constant Readers know about this and fail to tell me? If so, we really don’t know each other at all. Per the bare-bones website, “Porn for the Blind is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to producing audio descriptions of sample movie clips from adult web […]

[Editor’s note: Gay Porn Times has signed a deal to provide LGBT content to industry publication XBIZ.] Jet Set Productions has recently wrapped 5 EASY WAYS TO FUCK A STRAIGHT GUY. The gay-for-pay-themed feature was shot on location in Sun Valley, Calif. Newly-signed studio exclusive Adam Campbell (pictured) joins stablemate Marcus Steele with featured players […]

[Editor’s note: Gay Porn Times has signed a deal to provide LGBT content to industry publication XBIZ.] Gay boutique studio PZP Productions has announced a late-January release for the first installment of its nascent “Twinks Finally 18” line. ID Lube will cosponsor a DVD release party to launch the series. Newcomer Randy Phoenix makes his […]

* Tre Xavier enjoys an impressively slutty holiday party (Tre’s X-Ray Vision). * Steve Cruz stripped and dry-humped random strangers at the Faultine in Los Angeles for Christmas (Steve Cruz blog). * Ricky Sinz on the 12 ways sex-for-sale has changed the interwebs (Ricky Sinz’ Hardcore Hangout). * Behind the scenes of a D.O. photo […]

Andy Burnham, the British Culture Secretary, has asked President-Elect Barack Obama for help in bringing “the online version of movie ratings to the English-speaking web,” reports XBIZ, via The Daily Telegraph. Mr. Burnham called the ‘net “quite a dangerous place” and seeks to apply standards of decency to the web, including implementing the kind of […]

Hooboy, it’s slow out there in GayPornLand. Hope everyone had a good Christmas weekend. Check out this bit of news that surfaced last week: Author David Carnoy submitted his mystery thriller Knife Music to the Apple App Store and was taken aback when the novel was rejected. The reason? It wasn’t sexuality, or violence, but […]

Sergio Anthony, Billy Hughes, Vince Rockland, Joey Verro (December 29); Adriano, Trenton Comeaux, Sean Conner, Erik Kovac, Lex Kyler, Bob MacHeath, Glenn Matthews (December 30); Patrick Allen, Miguel Antonio (December 31); Andel, Scott Daniels, Alexei Ferrera, John Marcus, Dixon Parker, Tom [Thom] Southern, Scott Williams (January 1); DC Chandler, Josh Hammer, Bruce Hill, Ricky Martinez, […]

Pictured are real-life boyfriends and Falcon exclusives Aden Jaric and Jordan Jaric. At left is a promo still for their forthcoming MALIBU HEAT. At right is one of my favorite shots of the boys from earlier this year. Notice anything different? Jordan Jaric recently had a nose job. What do we think? It’s quite a […]

[Editor’s note: Gay Porn Times has signed a deal to provide LGBT content to industry publication XBIZ.] Gay studio Hot Desert Knights has released Brazilian import RAW LATIN FUCKERS via its nascent All Stud Releasing distribution arm. It is their first film released under a new DVD registration policy. RAW LATIN FUCKERS was directed by […]

Beauty Shot: The scuttlebutt is that NBC’s reboot of American Gladiators has been given the axe after two short cycles that aired earlier this year. That means Alex “Militia” Castro is likely out of a job; he earned a skosh of notoriety when it was revealed that the burly Cuban gladiator had posed for COLT […]

PERFECT PAIRS, VOL. 1 from Studio 2000 was released back in October, with a second volume quickly following at some point. Performer-turned-director Luciano Haas emailed recently to draw my attention to them. The films, like S2K’s recent 5 SENSES, were both shot on location around Buenos Aires and environs. Each boasts six scenes (five duos […]

[Editor’s note: Gay Porn Times has signed a deal to provide LGBT content to industry publication XBIZ.] Gay adult production studio Hot Desert Knights has formed an in-house distribution arm, All Stud Releasing. The new company currently handles only HDK product but will explore taking on outside companies on a case-by-case basis. Several weeks ago, […]

Merry Christmas from Gay Porn Times!

December 25, 2008 | Comments Off on Merry Christmas from Gay Porn Times!

Merry Christmas Eve to all of you porn hogs. Thank you kindly for stopping by today. Please enjoy a quickie links guide to a few of our most heavily trafficked stories over the past week or two here at Gay Porn Times. We’ll be posting on a light holiday schedule over the next four days, […]

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