New Release Desk: My copy of the controversial new bisex fuck flick SHIFTING GEARS: A BISEXUAL TRANSMISSION has arrived via directrix Chi Chi LaRue, the All Worlds Video Platinum Collection and Channel 1 Releasing. I’ll pop it in over the XXX-mas holiday weekend. As Constant Readers will recall, we kicked up a bit of a ruckus late last summer when we revealed that C1R exclusive Blake Riley has sex with a woman for the first time — ever — in this film. The “straight-for-pay” (or “bi-for-pay”) aspect turned off some guys who prefer Mr. Riley plugged with a cock at either end, thanks. (Fellow C1R exclusive Cameron Marshall, as well as costar Wolf Hudson, additionally make fucky-fucky times with women.) Also, I suspect the overwhelming return of gay-for-pay marketing, particularly in the VOD market, has some queer fans on edge. Mr. Riley is pictured here with blonde starlet Brittany Amber, with Lee Stephens popping up there in the middle. CLICK HERE to view a quasi-softcore trailer on the C1R website, which has been significantly revamped.
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  1. Jackson on February 8, 2010 4:27 am

    Gay guys need to get over the fact that Blake Riley’s yet another hot guy who’s now inaccessible to them, as if any of you had a shot with this guy, even if he called himself gay. Yeah, right. All of your frothing at the mouth just indicates that you feel REJECTED. BTW, the whole “conversion” thing is all in your heads. Stop trying to project your gay issues onto him. He had an experience that expanded his sexual boundaries. deal w/ it. Funny how you guys only like it when the expansion goes into the “gay realm”. Hypocrites. This is HIS life and journey, not yours. He does not “owe” you his sexuality. Just be happy that he let you see him boff a few hot guys. It’s as close as you’ll ever get, anyway. For a group that loves to complain about “discrimination”, you seem to have no problem with spewing BIphobic BS.
    As a “community”, you guys have some serious maturing to do.
    Otherwise, you’ll end up as alone as you are now.

  2. Orchard on March 15, 2010 10:40 am

    You till seem angry about it Jackson, funny I was on another forum, and for some reason the subject of Blake and his bisexuality has risen quite fiercely lately. Amazing really, over two years and people are still annoyed about it, what was it this guy had to make such a strong impression on gay men?

    Anyhow reading through this I realized nobody here at the time had seen it, so has seen the movie since and how was it? Was Blake more into straight sex than with his male co-stars and was it worth Blake throwing his career away for? And is it true he is living with a woman in Nevada?

  3. Brian on May 12, 2010 9:31 pm

    Some predictably ignorant views on bisexuality spouted here, especially a comment that bisexual people are ‘greedy hos.’ How incredibly moronic of you to repeat the age-old nonsense that bisexuality is connected with sexual greed. Laughable really, that in an age where ignorance and miseducation is the single biggest obstacle to gay rights, that you would have a gay person imposing the same tired old stereotypes on bisexuals. For all the people who spread this kind of biphobic nonsense, you really are a disgrace, and you are hypocrites. Not into extending the same understanding and enlightened attitude that you demand from others, to others?

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