Beauty Shot Redux: I found another photo of hunky daddy Dino H.; he really looks like Colton Ford‘s twin here, doesn’t he? (Oooh, now there’s a sex scene worth good money…) Unfortunately, I don’t believe Mr. Hillas has any erotic work under his belt, so we’ll just have to muddle through somehow, some way. Anyway, […]

Beauty Shot: This isn’t porn related — plee-eee-ease let me be wrong — but, heck, neither was Beauty Shot recipient Leandro Okabe, and our posting about him was the most popular item we’ve run in weeks (CLICK HERE). So here we go: This is longtime fashion model Dino H., who has apparently now become a […]

[Editor’s note: Gay Porn Times has signed a deal to provide LGBT content to industry publication XBIZ.] The roster of studio exclusives at Raging Stallion Studios has expanded with the addition of newcomer Bruno Bond. In addition to performing onscreen, Bond will serve double-duty as head set designer for the company. “Bruno is an artist […]

In Print: Look-a here, look-a here… Australia’s porn-friendly DNA magazine (issue #109) features RandyBlue exclusive hotbods Xander Scott and Reese Rideout. Nice to see these guys finally getting some press, huh? The superbrite lighting scheme for the cover is interesting, and rather appealing. The issue also has an article about twins and triplets in gay […]

I admit this could be a giant gag, and therefore we shouldn’t be surprised if it turns out as such. But in case you’ve been wondering what robo-bottom Cory Koons has been doing lately, here ya go: Fucking around with a guy in a furry brown bear suit at (caveat emptor: it’s condomless sex). […]

[Editor’s note: Gay Porn Times has signed a deal to provide LGBT content to industry publication XBIZ.] Affiliate program has unleashed The Bulldog Pit, a new all-male paysite featuring hardcore content from Euro studio Bulldog XXX and subsidiary lines Bulldog Red and Butt Sluts. MyGayCash Managing Partner Roger McCann described the featured content as […]

Beauty Shot: Steve and Bruno/ sittin’ in a tree/ k-i-s-s-i-n-g… That’s Steve Cruz, natch, macking on new boyfriend and freshly minted Raging Stallion exclusive Bruno Bond (more on that tomorrow). They met on the set of RED LIGHT for Mustang Studios and clicked; no word yet on his first picture for Raging Stallion, for whom […]

[Editor’s note: Gay Porn Times has signed a deal to provide LGBT content to industry publication XBIZ.] Gay adult boutique company Studio 2000 has unveiled CHRIS STEELE SUPERSTAR, a best-of compilation packaging the fan-favorite performer’s studio work with a range of supplementary material, including Steele’s original audition session. Nine scenes filmed by Steele in 1998 […]

FlavaWorks Inc., parent company of voyeur site, has received a summary judgment in its favor against the City of Miami, which had sought to shutter the site due to alleged zoning violations. The City of Miami Code Enforcement Board had sought to evict CocoDorm, which operates in a house in the city’s Edgewater residential […]

Watch Hazzardous Life Episode 2 He can bring home the bacon/fry it up in a pan… This morning we’ve got the second installment in Johnny Hazzard‘s web series “Naked Chef.” In this vignette he talks about brines and whips up a chicken breast to demonstrate. (I brine all the time, and it works like a […]

Press Release Roundup: The Free Speech Coalition has scheduled a panel to discuss recent government revisions to the 2257 regulations; in particular, how those changes affect third-party recordkeeping (CLICK HERE for background details). The FSC panel will be held on February 12 from 1:00-3:00 pm, the final day of the XBIZ Conference, at the Woodland […]

[Editor’s note: Gay Porn Times has signed a deal to provide LGBT content to industry publication XBIZ.] Clone Zone Ltd., a prominent U.K. gay adult retail and distribution chain, has averted a financial meltdown. (CLICK HERE for background details.) The company has been purchased by novelty manufacturer Libertybelle U.K. Ltd. and will continue operations from […]

[Editor’s note: Gay Porn Times has signed a deal to provide LGBT content to industry publication XBIZ.] Performer Blake Riley has extended his exclusive contract with gay adult production and distribution house Channel 1 Releasing. He was discovered on MySpace by directrix and Channel 1 principal Chi Chi LaRue, and promptly cast in his first […]

Folks, we’ve got a couple of interesting debates going on right now in the comments section of several recent items. A good way to keep abreast of the latest goings-on is to scan the “Recent Comments” widget to your left, but sometimes the good stuff scrolls past too quickly. And sometimes the original item gets […]

Press Release Roundup: FlavaWorks Inc. has announced a “production partnership” with Rockafellaz Entertainment that will “allow both companies to expand their titles and offerings for their customers,” per the press release. FlavaWorks is among gay adult’s most prolific provider of content featuring ethnic men, while Rockafellaz is a nascent start-up founded by the mononamed performer […]

Press Release Roundup: My colleague Jason Sechrest has slapped up a fresh coat of paint at Feel free to mosey on over and take a look (after you’ve had your fill here, of course). The most dramatic change is on the landing page, which has been redesigned. And now you can apparently watch his […]

More scoop about new, upcoming and recent releases from around GayPornLand, as reported by XBIZ (some of these stories were penned by me, others by the XBIZ staff): * Continuing its foray into the gay adult niche market, Third World Media is prepping FORESKIN FRENZY 2 for retail and wholesale release. “The first volume of […]

[Editor’s note: Gay Porn Times has signed a deal to provide LGBT content to industry publication XBIZ.] One of my favorite people in the skin biz, Jacob Slader, has returned to blue movies, although it isn’t clear if this new gig is a one-off. He’s back in BAREBACK ABDUCTION 2: THE CONVERSION OF CHASE PETERS […]

[Edits 6:38 pm.] The mainstream media has clearly overfed itself on the same dish of financial woe-is-me soup. It’s time for a new course, and MSNBC has provided it (with help from the publicity-seeking antics of Larry Flynt and Joe “Girls Gone Wild” Francis and their wink-nudge plea for a government bailout for the skin […]

RandyBlue exclusive hotbod Reese Rideout has posted another video to YouTube: a wonky, 4:21 quick-cut documentation of a recent appearance at Krave nightclub in Las Vegas. I like a porn actor with a sense of humor, even if I’m not exactly sure we’re speaking the same language. (“Who knew…Reese Rideout was also a surrealist filmmaker?” […]

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