[Editor’s note: Gay Porn Times has signed a deal to provide LGBT content to industry publication XBIZ.] Jet Set Productions has announced details on the next pair of all-male features on its release schedule — STRAIGHT EDGE, VOL. ONE and CAM SHOOTERZ. STRAIGHT EDGE, VOL. ONE is the debut installment of a series compiling content […]

Beauty Shot: Director Kristofer Weston, also the publicity guy for COLT Studio Group, suggested this picture as a potential Beauty Shot for our Constant Readers. As you may know, Mr. Weston is a specialist in bondage and kink; his latest for the COLT subsidiary line Buckshot Productions is titled BEG FOR IT, which he is […]

[poll=19] New York’s Big City Video is carrying on the grand GayPornLand tradition of wackadoo movie titles. Which of these recent titles are your favorites? (You can pick two.) Feel free to suggest your own BCV titles in the comments section, too.

Planet Porn: That’s director Brian Mills of Titan Media, shooting a new flick in Northern California in late January. “The weather was so amazing that we were able to shoot outdoors! So, while the rest of the country was shoveling their way out of a deep freeze, the TitanMen managed to find an oasis of […]

Press Release Roundup: Performer-provocateur Tre Xavier will take part in a Q&A in New York City titled, appropriately, “An Evening with Tre” on March 20. The event is sponsored by Men of All Colors Together/New York, an organization formed in 1980, as their website notes, to “address concerns about the effects of racism in the […]

[Editor’s note: Gay Porn Times has signed a deal to provide LGBT content to industry publication XBIZ.] Lucas Entertainment plans to release ENTRAPMENT next month, an all-male feature whose theme has been ripped from recent headlines in New York City. Police have arrested a number of men and charged them with prostitution; however, some have […]

Press Release Roundup: Registration has officially opened for the XBIZ Summer ’09 Forum, set for the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas June 3-5 for three days of poolside networking, internet business workshops and a slate of exclusive special events. XBIZ is extending free registration to paid registrants of February’s XBIZ Industry Conference […]

[Editor’s note: Gay Porn Times has signed a deal to provide LGBT content to industry publication XBIZ.] BigMuscle.com, the popular all-male online community and social-networking site, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a variety of promotional contests and website upgrades. The site’s 20,000 members will be eligible to be spotlighted on the BigMuscle front page, […]

[Editor’s note: Gay Porn Times has signed a deal to provide LGBT content to industry publication XBIZ.] Video-on-demand network AEBN.net and Raging Stallion Studios have tapped house director Ben Leon to oversee a film production unit in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The move came about as a result of last week’s merger between the two companies. […]

Sex Break: Speaking of the Europe’s Next Gay Porn Star talent contest (see previous post), among the sponsors was CockyBoys.com. The online studio paired up with Bel Ami to send CockyBoys exclusive Jesse Santana and Guy Parker around Europe with several Bel Ami stars, including Luke Hamill and the eerily identical Peters Twins (Milo and […]

Remember the Europe’s Next Gay Porn Star talent contest we’ve written about a few times? The idea was to audition various local talent in a number of European cities, gather the finalists together for a big reality-show clusterfuck final qualification round, and then pick one winner. That lucky gent was to receive, among other prizes, […]

Sex is Funny

February 25, 2009 | 6 Comments

One of the tweaks we’ve made to the site recently was to add cartoons and other humor pieces (the single-panel cartoons we ran some weeks ago are returning soon). Our Constant Readers mostly enjoyed it; there are some who want this site to remain strictly dickly. I respect that position, but I also really, really […]

Jason Sechrest has a few details about a memorial service for the late Caleb Carter. Last night, his friend and fellow porn actor Brent Summers, along with Caleb’s mother, held a celebratory wake Monday night at the Brass Rail in San Diego. There will be a memorial service and cremation burial tomorrow afternoon. Per Mr. […]

Beauty Shot: Dean Monroe. ‘Nuff said. I needed cheering up this morning and Mr. Monroe does the trick. Come back to the five and dime, Dean Monroe…! He’s busy pursuing his music career and his last onscreen appearances were COCK SHOTS for Studio 2000 and RICH KID for Private Man in 2007, I think. He […]

Boutique company Studio 2000 has revamped its online home. The bright-yellow skin has been replaced with a more streamlined, red-and-white theme. They’re also offering a new video-on-demand widget (which I haven’t tried yet) with scenes from a handful of films including FOOTBALLERS (Julian Vincenzo, Felix Porter), FUCKED (Rod Daily, Jason Kingsley) and PLAY ON (Rafael […]

[Editor’s note: Gay Porn Times has signed a deal to provide LGBT content to industry publication XBIZ.] Online studio CockyBoys.com has signed performer Wolf Hudson to a yearlong contract that allows him the flexibility to shoot gay- as well as straight-adult content. Hudson is the latest performer to cast his fortune with a web-exclusive studio. […]

Sex Break: Time for another sex break, courtesy of the “XXX Castings” office of Lucas Kazan Productions. Pictured are Manuel and Francesco, a real-life romantic couple who have been together four years. Although both are handsome young men — I particularly like the tousled, ‘80s mane — I was drawn in by the press squib […]

Press Release Roundup: Boutique label and twink specialists PZP Productions has put their production team temporarily on ice. They’re currently flacking TWINKS FINALLY 18 #1 starring newbie Randy Phoenix, and the only film on tap for 2009 is the November release of OLIVER TWINK: SPECIAL EDITION DIRECTOR’S CUT with bonus footage and other new features. […]

Dept. of WEHT: I had a nice note recently, out of the blue, from Kyle Aames, the slim, blond, bookishly cute utility player who was fairly active between 2005 and 2007 (roughly 40 films, some of them filmed as “Kyle McDermott“). He appeared in a Studio 2000 film I production managed called IN TOO DEEP, […]

It was a busy week in GayPornLand. Awards season is in full swing, we had official confirmation of the merger of several porn biz giants, and an ex-porn actor is heading to jail. And that doesn’t even cover everything in this action-packed week. So take advantage of the “Archives” button to your left, or click […]

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