Video-on-demand network has made a $1,000 donation to the Folsom Fund, which supports a variety of nonprofits focused on gay men’s health issues. The Folsom Fund was launched in 2007 as a partnership between all-male studio Titan Media and San Francisco-based nonprofit Folsom Street Events, which organizes several festivals including the Folsom St. Fair. […]

New Release Desk: Prolific Raging Stallion Studios has a new Euro-sexpic on tap via High Octane and helmer Herve Bodilis. The aptly titled GLORY HOLES features Danko Bell, Brantshy (awkward stage name), Adriano Cassano, Chris Hacker, Rice Hunter (I wonder if that nom de porn is a typo or an inelegant indication of his sexual […]

Press Release Roundup: The porn-friendly crew from Australia’s DNA magazine have sent around the cover to issue no. 117, which features our boys Aden Jaric and Jordan Jaric (“Lovers, Husbands, Porn Stars”). The men are interviewed and posed for an exclusive photo shoot. They’re currently onscreen in Falcon Studios‘ DRIPPING WET 2. Also in the […]

Quotable: The Game

September 30, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Quotable: “The score never interested me, only the game.” — Mae West (1893-1980), writer, actor and voluptuary.

It’s perhaps two months too early to begin summarizing 2009, but one detail is certainly clear: It’s been a piss-filled year. I’ve written quite a bit here and for XBIZ about the rise of extreme fetish in 2009, but holy urinals, have we been doused in golden showers or what? We’ve had PISS! and PISS […]

New Release Desk: The latest Roman Heart sex-filled adventure is finally here via Falcon Studios. ROMAN’S HOLIDAY 2 takes the beauteous sexbomb from Buenos Aires, Argentina (the site of last year’s hit original) to Prague, where he ruts with a slender, smooth and toothsome collection of local studmuffins (many of whom boast alternate stage names, […]

New Release Desk: The folks at COLT Studio have begun hawking HOT BODS from director and company principal John Rutherford. “Is it hot enough for ya? What’s that? You like it hot? Well, so do we,” reads the press description. “We like fiery hot intensity, blazing hot action — and of course, smokin’ hot bods.” […]

Yep, Michael Lucas has stoked another fiery blogosphere debate. This time it’s “Queers for Palestine?“, a recent posting to his official blog. He notes (with light editing from me for grammatical clarity), “We all seem to get very mad, and for good reason, when Ann Coulter or the latest right-wing pundit uses the word ‘faggot’ […]

Press Release Roundup: This isn’t exactly porn-related but it does involve my old pal Marshall O’Boy, co-founder of the venerable O Boys orgy group, performer and adult biz jack of all trades. He is promoting Rock & Roll Drag Bar 3 on Saturday, Oct. 3 at the The Palms Bar in West Hollywood (“We must […]

Planet Porn: Photos documenting the 2009 Folsom St. Fair sexcapades over the past weekend in San Francisco are starting to turn up online. Here are a few good ones via peripatetic shutterbug T-Ball. (Bottom photos): Dominic Pacifico (left) straining the confines of that blue jock strap; and Ryan Raz with Cole Streets, who is a […]

Press Release Roundup: Adult site is set to celebrate its 12th anniversary on Oct. 23 at Secrets nightclub in Washington D.C. Bodybuilder Matthew Rush will topline in the pumped, glistening flesh. Our Constant Readers with loo-ooo-ong memories will recall MightyMen was the official website for the long-defunct Men in Video awards, also known as […]

Press Release Roundup: Boutique condomless studio Hot Desert Knights has announced its found and president, William Gardner, is stepping down and plans to retire from the industry. Lee Watson has been promoted to President of HDK Inc. and HDK Distribution Inc. as well Mr. Gardner founded HDK in 1989. “I’ve had a ball with […]

Didja know hotbod Pierre Fitch is now a DJ? He follows in the footsteps of DJ Chi Chi LaRue and DJ Phil Romano (a/k/a Filippo Romano), among others. He emailed me last week with a tip about “the hot orgies I do the nights I DJ.” Of couse, I had to follow up on that… […]

[Edits 10/01/09.] Okay, so apparently the majority of GayPornLand is still recovering from the weekend‘s Folsom St. Fair debauchery in San Francisco. In the meantime, here are some quick links to the most popular stories on Gay Porn Times over the past week or so (that Kaden Saylor story is almost two years old). Update: […]

Over on Twitter this morning (PST) we’re talking about erotic pop culture parodies. Straight porn is currently going gaga over XXX takes on every sitcom, drama, game show (even “Monday Night Football“!) imaginable. But GayPornLand isn’t touching it with a ten-foot pole. (Boutique label PZP Productions was the exception, but they’ve been on hiatus for […]

Planet Porn: Pictured here is Mr. François Sagat, of course, signing autographs and greeting the adoring throngs at the Titan Media booth at the Folsom St. Fair yesterday. I particularly like the framing in the right-hand pic. See also: * “Titan Touts ‘Folsom’ Sexpic, Sagat Dildo [Images © PornoBobbie.]

Planet Porn: It was the 2009 Folsom St. Fair yesterday in San Francisco and therefore Los Angeles was essentially deserted. (I think Jason Sechrest and I were the only ones left; I could hear his Liza CDs echoing down Santa Monica Blvd.) Pictured here (click the image to embiggen) is leatherbod Samuel Colt with Josh […]

All-male adult studio Hot House Entertainment is touting a new hardcore weekly webcast titled “Backroom Live” at its official membership site, the Backroom. The webcast is currently scheduled to air live each Wednesday beginning at 7 p.m. PST and utilizes “state-of-the-art technology to bring high-quality live streaming video feeds with full-screen capability, live interactive chat […]

Cody Cash, Duke Tyler, Nathan Walters, Grant Warren (September 28); Marcos Allende, Danny, Kalman Faldui, Brent Michaels, Peter Tapasz [Franco Corsini, Peter T.], Derek Thomas, Treshawn (September 29); Luis Alonso, Jonathan Collins, Troy Dillon, Miguel Leon, Zoltan Mely [Philippe Collier, Dan Johnson, Daniel Kriley], Nacho [Brazilian model], Rick Perry (September 30); Casey Carr, Giovani Corleone, […]

[Edits 09/27/09.] Press Release Roundup: Tonight in San Francisco Raging Stallion Studios named performers David Taylor and Austin Wilde their joint 2010 Men of the Year. It’s Folsom Street Fair weekend and tonight RSS held their annual sextravaganza at Mighty nightclub, where the announcement was made. It’s the eleventh year the studio has picked a […]

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