'Best of Mike Branson'-DVD-Falcon'Best of Brad Patton'-DVD-FalconI’ve been working on a couple of stories this morning, neither of which are ready to go, and then an email-blast for the FALCON ANTHOLOGY series popped into my in-box. Yeah, thanks! No easier way to distract me from my work than with pics of Brad “The Rhinoceros” Patton and Mike Branson! I decided to run these DVD inserts because I get inquiries about ’em all the time. THE BEST OF BRAD PATTON (volume 12 in the series) compiles nine scenes, including his insanely hot bottoming for Josh Weston in HEAVEN TO HELL. Meanwhile, THE BEST OF MIKE BRANSON was the fourth volume in the series and collects such scorching scenes as his mind-blowing orgy from THE CHOSEN (early Michael Lucas in that one) and his award-winning plow of Tom Chase in CALIFORNIA KINGS. As for updates (see the links below), Brian Hansen told me last month he and Mr. Patton had unfortunately split up (no other details forthcoming); and as of May 2006, Mr. Branson was living happily in the Southeast (he didn’t want to reveal the location) having earned an engineering degree with his porn money. He doesn’t want to get naked on-camera anymore, but I keep trying to get Falcon to track him down for at least a clothed cameo in something. Can you believe he made just nine films?
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