outoftheblue-cover.jpgBy the way, if you’re a Twitter follower CLICK HERE for the authentic Blue Blake, who confirmed for me the other day that he had set up an account. (There has been a real problem with fake porn actor accounts.) However, don’t expect a lot of posting to Twitter for now. “I am a horrible slave to Facebook,” he told me. He’s also getting into Skype. Mr. Blake is currently in Mexico (the recent hurricane “barely passed us by”) but now lives full-time in London, as our Constant Readers know, where he is still flacking his autobiography, “Out of the Blue” (Running Press). “My book has been a big hit in the U.K. I guess they like the sauciness of it and I have been asked to write the second,” he said. “London is amazing. I actually fell back into it which has surprised me a lot. I love the street I live on. It’s full of wild characters who are totally eccentric and I love my apartment, but I miss all my friends in L.A.” Earlier this year, Mr. Blake had been talking about shooting again, but I forgot to ask for an update on that front.
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