Mason-Wyler-machine-2Mason-Wyler-machineI know Mason Wyler is a polarizing figure to some of our Constant Readers but I couldn’t resist when shutterbug Mick Hicks sent over a few BTS shots of a recent fuck machine solo shoot Mr. Wyler filmed for his website. “His uninterrupted stream of consciousness dialogue while he is getting plowed by the Shockspot would make William S. Burroughs envious,” Mr. Hicks has since blogged. The fuck machines are having another moment in GayPornLand. It’s fascinating how quickly they have evolved into sophisticated pieces of sexual tech. (The Shockspot people call it “a pleasure system”). I remember meeting a guy who first marketed these things; we were introduced at Drew Warner‘s old Sports & Recreation Video studio in Hollywood. The machine was encased in a wooden box! It clunked and cranked like a miniature steam engine! (Where’s my Metamucil?) Now look at it! Mr. Warner and I cooed over it like it was a ’54 Dodge Firearrow III. “Do you think gay men will go for something like this?” the sales rep asked. “Can we get a bulk discount?” was Mr Warner’s reply.
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[Images by Mick Hicks ©].


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  1. Ass_Pennies on December 7, 2009 4:49 pm

    Really? I guess there’s a market for it, but really?

  2. sinu on December 8, 2009 5:43 am

    Nothing can beat the real thing!

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