'Victim of Pleasure'-book-memoir-Mark-SladeA few months ago I penned a piece (see the link below) about retired performer Mark Slade penning a tell-all memoir. As I wrote back in October, “(t)he 6′4, blond, cleft-chinned slab of beefcake kicked off his prolific erotic career in straight porn back in 1994 as ‘Frank Towers‘ and shot scores of films. In 1998 or ‘99, he detoured into gay adult with such flicks as CADET, CUFFED! and TWISTED for Studio 2000. His career switch was controversial — from the straight side; the Gays back then (not so much anymore) were more accommodating — and he worked primarily in gay and bi porn for the next few years, took a break and tried straight adult again, came back to GayPornLand for a few more flicks and then went straight again for another short run. He’s been offscreen since 2007 or thereabouts, having shot at least 150 films in his 13-year career.” That memoir is now available and I overlooked writing about it when I flew back to Slovakia last month. The book is titled Victim of Pleasure: From Frank Towers to Mark Slade and it’s available now at LuLu.com. I look forward to Mr. Slade’s take on the G4P debate, among other subjects. I have an interview with Mr. Slade in the works, so stay tuned for that. CLICK HERE to order the book.
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  1. Casey on February 25, 2010 6:56 pm

    While you’re over at Lulu, don’t forget to pick up Georgina Spelvin’s memoir! She’s one of the gay-friendliest straight porn stars out there and details her adventures with gay men and lesbians in the wild 70s!

  2. Damien on February 26, 2010 10:22 pm

    Mark is appearing as Frank Towers in Kick Ass Studios Cum Eating Cuckolds/Forced Bi series. Those have been released in the last year and include gay porn performers like Wolf Hudson, AJ Irons, Chris Dano, and Kevin Falk. Also straight performers like Jay Ashley and Evan Stone also appear.

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