Happy Monday, Constant Readers — As you read these words, I will have kicked off my fifth and final week on the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain. The city of Santiago de Compostela is in my sights. This 500-mile, 35-day journey is getting easier and harder at the same time. Please continue to check […]

Jasper Collins, Brett DiMineo, Rick Gonzalez, Nick Reiner (May 31); Jeff Brooks, Kevin Dean, Nick Ford, Shawn London, Gary Malkovich, Matt Morgan (June 1); Vince Bandero, Jon Eric, Jason Leery, Chad Manning, Isaac Nadir, Ralph Rohner (June 2); Tony Alvarez, Aaron Brandt, Sloan Christian, Johnny Doom, Felipe Eller, Billy Elliott, Josh Ericson, Dylan James, Kyle […]

Dearest Constant Readers — Thank you for joining me on this adventure. I am nearing the end of my 35-day, 500-mile trek along the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain. Although I know I have a couple weeks left before I return to Bratislava, Slovakia and regular porn writing and blogging again, my mind is […]

Dear Constant Readers — It’s crazy to think I am midway through my fourth week along the Camino de Santiago, with a week and change left in this 35-day, 500-mile adventure of a lifetime. I can feel the end approaching and yet I know there are still quite a few miles to walk. Please continue […]

Dearest Constant Readers — I want to tell you that I am reading all of your email and comments and Twitter notes, even it takes me a few days (or longer) to get to it. Your support, raunchy jokes and encouragement mean a great deal. Gotta be honest, folks: After so many years working under […]

Jim Bentley, Brent Cross, Steven Daigle, Ross Taylor, Jarrod Thane (May 24); Hodge Armstrong, Dave Casino, the late Brett Ford, Dante Foxx, Mick Houston, Jordan Young (May 25); David Bury, Tony Chan, Dominik Xaversky [Peitor Roman] (May 26); Chase Allen, Marcus Allen, Pascal Bruno, Vincent DeMarco, Lance Landers, Paul Marsalla, Jiri Sydnec (May 27); Cliff […]

Dear Constant Readers — It’s kind of hard to believe I’m more than halfway through my 35-day trek along the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain. This has truly been a cleansing, terrifying, wondrous and exhausting experience. I don’t know what else to say right now. As noted often already, I am approaching my 40th […]

Greetings, Constant Readers — I wanted the adventure of a lifetime when I embarked upon this 35-day, 500-mile journey along the Camino de Santiago across Northern Spain — and I got one. I’m struggling to put this experience into words. Right now, in the middle of it, I feel betwixt and between. Does that make […]

Dearest Constant Readers — Thank you for checking back regularly as I trudge my way across Northern Spain along the Camino de Santiago. Today marks the beginning of Week Three of my 35-day, 500-mile journey. We’re 15 days in, with another 20 to go. Los Angeles feels a million miles away at this point. Please […]

Morgan Allen, Jeff Austin, Tyson Cane, Ted Colunga [Fred Fele, Giovanni Floretto, Norbert Somlay], Jake Russell (May 17); Rod Barrett, Glenn Chambers, J.R. Montes, Jorge Rivera, Breck Stewart, George Vidanov [Thor Brunov, Mihaly Hurok, Michael Nyilas], Justin Wells (May 18); Andrew Addams [Andrew Rosen], Tamas Iszmos, Milos Miroslav, Dakota Rivers, Spike [Rex Ruben], Duncan Stone, […]

Dear Constant Readers — I greet you from, well, somewhere in the Northern Spanish countryside. I am nearing the end of two weeks into my 35-day, 500-mile trek along the Camino de Santiago. I am marking 18 years in Los Angeles and 15 years as a porn-biz reporter and blogger, as well as my upcoming […]

Greetings, Constant Readers — I blog from, well, somewhere in Northern Spain. As you read these words, I will have trudged through Day 10 of my 35-day, 500-mile trek along the Camino de Santiago. My ultimate goal of Santiago de Compostela feels 10,000 miles away… I am doing this to commemorate my 40th birthday and […]

Dear Constant Readers — As you read these words, I will have completed my first week walking the Camino de Santiago across Northern Spain. Today is Day Eight of my 500-mile, 35-day journey. As I’ve mentioned already, I’m doing this to celebrate turning 40 years old and to mark a number of anniversaries as a […]

Justin Douglas, Hugo Griego, David Hunter, Dennis Lee, Marco Montana, Victor Racek (May 10); Jett Allen, Ferenc Botos, Randy Mixer, Guillermo Pastores, Alexander Strauss (May 11); Jeff Allen, Jean Franko, Marcelo Reeves, Shaka Z. (May 12); Braeden Casey, Billy Dare, Scott Duran, Rod Matheson, Chase Rite, Daniel Santos, Scott Thornton, Danny Vox (May 13); Brendan […]

Dear Constant Readers — As you read these words I will have trekked five days into my 35-day journey across Northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago. As noted earlier this week, I’m taking this adventure to celebrate a number of big anniversaries as a porn reporter and blogger, and in recognition of turning 40 […]

Camino Dispatch: Dear Constant Readers: As you read these words I will be three days into my 35-day trek across Northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago. Right about now I should be reaching Pamplona. As noted earlier, I have embarked on this adventure of a lifetime to mark a number of anniversaries, including 15 […]

Dear Constant Readers — I am celebrating a number of anniversaries right now: 15 years as a porn reporter, 12-plus years since the debut of The Adams Report by JC Adams and the big 4-0 coming up on June 6. To mark the occasion/s, I am doing something radical and taking a break. I know, […]

Sebastian Bonnet [Antoine Korda], Sam Chamberlain, Kris De Ferr, Dane Hyde, Michael [Brazilian model], Mauro Pelle, Justin Platano, Leonardo Santangelo, Sam Sun, Anthony Torrez, Wendy Williams, Cedrick York (May 3); Andre Bolla, Yuri Breshnev [Boris], Dean Clarke, Tom Colt, Jerek, Geoff Powell, Rick Rogue, Diogo Silva (May 4); Andreas Harris, Derrick Mills, Julian Pierce, Duncan […]

Quotable: “Remember what Bilbo used to say: ‘It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.’” — Gandalf (via J.R.R. Tolkien), The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.