Camino-photo-Los-Arcos-sunsetDear Constant Readers — I greet you from, well, somewhere in the Northern Spanish countryside. I am nearing the end of two weeks into my 35-day, 500-mile trek along the Camino de Santiago. I am marking 18 years in Los Angeles and 15 years as a porn-biz reporter and blogger, as well as my upcoming 40th birthday, with the adventure of a lifetime. As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, the usual porn-biz reporting in this space is on a temporary hiatus, but there is plenty of action on our Twitter account and, of course, in the archives section. And as you can see, we are blogging live from the Camino when wifi is available. Please check back early and often for more updates. Don’t forget, the 2010 Grabby Awards will unspool in Chicago in a couple of weeks, emceed by Chi Chi LaRue and Honey West with co-hosts Benjamin Bradley, Roman Heart and Diesel Washington.
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