New Release Desk: Prolific production house Raging Stallion Studios has announced the release of DON’T ASK, JUST FUCK starring fashion-model-pornster D.O. in his first flick as a studio exclusive. The two-disc, military-themed sexpic appears on the Monster Bang Video subsidiary line and was helmed by Tony Dimarco (the second disc contains solo wanks and scenes […]

Press Release Roundup: Thursday nights in September at Micky’s nightclub in West Hollywood will be devoted to members of talent manager David Forest‘s The Premiere Artists roster—and special guests—for the long-running Cocktails with the Stars meet-and-greet event. Kicking off the series this week will be Euro-musclebod Antton Harri and Diesel Washington with editor Zach […]

New Release Desk: U.K.-based Triga Films has a slight diversion on tap from its “skins and scallies” collection: VAN & MAN: JOE THE PLUMBER. Cute, eh? Probably would have had more punch for the U.S. market about sixteen months ago. In fact, Triga’s Joe the Plumber—seen at right in this screencap—is more than likely a […]

Sneak Peek: Director Peter Z. Pan sent along this promo still last week and I neglected to post it. So here you go this morning: That’s Micah Andrews and Tristan Sterling on the set of TWEETING TWINKS, currently filming. It’s the first sexpic from PZP Productions in several years (see the link below for background). […]

Quotable: “Indeed, Miss Manners has come to believe that the basic political division in this country is not between liberals and conservatives but between those who believe that they should have a say in the love lives of strangers and those who do not.” — Judith Martin, Miss Manners Rescues Civilization (Crown Books 1996).

An essay on the website titled “Sex Life of the American Male” proposes that “we can learn much about straight male sexuality by studying gay men,” adding that the gay community “has struggled with diversity for a long time without particular success, particularly the divide between black and white and between black and Latino.” […]

An illegal screening of L.A. Zombie went off without police intrusion Sunday night at part of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival. The indie film from director Bruce LaBruce and starring Francois Sagat was refused a certification by the Australian Classification Board, prompting a cancellation of its premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival—as well as […]

Performer-actor Jermaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords fame went to a public park in Athens, Greece and simulated gay porn poses in preparation for his role in Dinner for Schmucks. He related the anecdote to the Guardian and the story is now circulating the gay-media blogs. “I checked my email at an internet cafe […]

Planet Porn: At left, we’ve got performer-mogul and tireless entrepreneur Brent Everett having his bee-stung lips molded for a Fleshjack novelty. Lots more pics from the shoot (also featuring Ralph Woods and Pierre Fitch) at his official blog. At right, up-and-coming star—and crazy sexy hotbod—Brandon Lewis jokes around while shooting glamour pics for Hard Friction […]

Beauty Shot: I’ve been posting a lot of these guys lately—blond, blue-eyed, strapping Dolph Lambert and tall, broad-shouldered hunk Kris Evans—but I can’t resist. Both are about six feet tall or so. Dolph is sly and quick-witted and an observer. Kris is a small-town boy at heart, straightforward and unaffected. This match-up between two Bel […]

Quotable: “There is object proof that homosexuality is more interesting than heterosexuality. It’s that one knows a considerable number of heterosexuals who would wish to become homosexuals, whereas one knows very few homosexuals who would really like to become heterosexuals.” — Michel Foucault (1926-1984), historian and philosopher.

Tony Buff, Carmell, Cory Hunter, Rafael Michaels, Craig Stevens (August 30); Pete Erichson, Korry, Dustin Nour, Gage Powers, the late Storm (August 31); Rob Harris, Aaron James, Akos Matyas, Wade Peters, Jordan Ryan, Brunno Storni, Franco Sylvano, Cody Tyler (September 1); Curt Baldwin, Jon Galt, J-Rock, Casey Williams (September 2); Jake Rodgers, Bo Stallion, Arik […]

Planet Porn: Hunky lug Colby Keller Tweeted this earlier this morning. CLICK HERE to follow us on Twitter.

Quotable: “Underneath the contempt that some people hold about prostitution is a strong pattern of contempt for sex. Think about it. If you believe that sex is good by itself without needing the justification of romance, then why shouldn’t it be purchased honorably from a man who sees himself as possessing something worthwhile? The hustler […]

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has stepped up its fractious campaign to bring about legislation that would mandate the use of condoms in all porn production by targeting Larry Flynt Publications (LFP) and Hustler Video. Several dozen protesters gathered yesterday outside LFP headquarters in Beverly Hills brandishing signs that read “Condoms Save Lives” and “Condoms […]

Performer Jeremy Bilding will play the title role in SUPERMAN XXX: A PORN PARODY directed by Axel Braun for Vivid Entertainment. While industry publications XBIZ and AVN note in their write-ups that the film will be shot with RED One cameras and will feature high-grade visual effects, neither takes note of the glass ceiling Braun […]

In a blog posting earlier this week, performer-mogul Collin O’Neal reveals his struggle with depression that has led to an overindulgence of alcohol. “I wonder myself sometimes if I was an alcoholic, but the true signs were just not there. I never keep alcohol in my house and I never was sneaking it around. But […]

Cute Boys Kissing: As noted the other day, I have been raiding the Bel Ami photo archives for pics for our Cute Boys Kissing feature (one of our most popular, I might add). At left is a screencap from a sizzling hardcore duo that was shot this summer featuring lickable Sascha Chaykin—shy, adorable, outrageous body, […]

Quotable: “Wanting sexual attention isn’t a felony, no matter how much society tries to convince [you] that it is.” — Susie Bright, The Sexual State of the Union (Simon & Schuster, 1997).

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