Press Release Roundup: If you live in the vicinity of West Hollywood there’s still time to grab a quick disco nap before the last of this month’s Cocktails with the Stars meet-and-greets produced by talent manager David Forest. The star attraction is hunky muscleman Zeb Atlas, who will be celebrating his 40th birthday. Featured stars […]

Pornster-turned-DJ Pierre Fitch blogged this week that he could soon be the subject of a reality-TV series. He says the focus would be on “the daily life of me touring around as a DJ and also doing normal life things.” I’m sure his porn-biz work will factor in there somewhere; the gorgeous, tattooed pup recently […]

Planet Porn: It’s quiet in GayPornLand this week—although that could change at any moment—so here’s another shot of male beauty for you. Nicco Sky is a sensual, alluring, built-for-sex Randy Blue star we’ve talked about quite a bit this year. With the right partner, he can be insanely good sex. And Dallas Evans is the […]

Cute Boys Kissing: In tooling around the porn-biz interwebs, I came across yet another set of rather nice pics snapped by a participant during the GayVN-Folsom bacchanal in San Francisco last weekend. This pair stood out for obvious reasons. They were snapped during the Raging Stallion “Men of the Year” party Saturday night. They’re a […]

Planet Porn: This isn’t specifically related to sex, but I’m sure you won’t mind. Life isn’t entirely about la pornographie, after all. Last night we Angelenos were treated to magical, gorgeous, Technicolor sunset (gotta love that smog). This snap was taken by Wolf Hudson—there’s your porn connection—from the roof of his apartment building near Downtown […]

Dept. of Self-Promotion: Okay, so today is the last day if you want to nominate your favorite website—such as this one, for example—for the 11th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards. I appreciate your patience and good humor as I’ve flacked for your votes. These kinds of things are all about branding and publicity and whatnot. And […]

Press Release Roundup: Internet gremlins ate a few recent press announcements from Titan Media before they reached my desk, so we’ve got a bit of catching up to do. As you may have already heard elsewhere, they’ve recently signed performers Tibor Wolfe and Dakota Rivers to exclusive contracts. Mr. Rivers has already shot a few […]

Planet Porn: I think we can squeeze in one more blog post about the past weekend’s sexcapades in San Francisco. has a photo feature by shutterbug Craig Seymour chronicling the GayVN Awards Friday night as well as Saturday evening’s Poppers nightclub event at The Lookout and the Raging Stallion “Men of the Year” party […]

Examining Porn Star Hair

September 29, 2010 | 2 Comments

My colleague Onan the Vulgarian over at has tapped out a new column examining the varied hairstyles of male porn actors over the years. “Nowadays in gay porn it seems that hair is little more than something to get rid of,” he writes. “So I decided to focus on it this month.” Onan isn’t […]

Dept. of Self-Promotion: Remember, my fearless and dedicated Constant Readers, you only have two more days—until tomorrow, Sept. 30—to nominate Gay Porn Times for the 11th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards. C’mon, team! I know we can work together for that fourth consecutive loss. So CLICK HERE and scroll down a touch, on the left-hand side, […]

Quotable: Not Yet

September 29, 2010 | Leave a Comment

Quotable: “Lord, grant me chastity and continence — but not yet.” — St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430), philosopher and theologian.

Porn Awards: We’re closing out an unusually busy September packed to the rafters with skin-biz awards and prognostication. But it ain’t over just yet. Next up: The 2nd annual Hustlaball Awards. Nominations were recently announced and the winners will be revealed October 22 in Berlin (see the link below). Looking ahead, if past history provides […]

Planet Porn: As we blogged yesterday, Raging Stallion Studios crowned Adam Champ and D.O. their “2011 Men of the Year” at a stud-packed party Saturday night in San Francisco, which was squeezed between Friday’s GayVN Awards and the Folsom St. Fair on Sunday. Here are a few pics: Top left, we’ve got Race Cooper with […]

Press Release Roundup: Adult novelty manufacturer Topco Sales has unveiled the “Average Joe” line of “realistic dongs rendered in true-to-life proportions.” There are six “men” in the new line: Construction Worker Victor [pictured], Professor Charles, Fitness Instructor Darnell, Bartender Miguel and Lawyer Terrence all measure six inches, while Mechanic Andy measures 5.5 inches. “Not everyone […]

Performer-mogul Michael Lucas is making waves in the blogosphere for a confrontation with conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter. Their exchange occurred at Homocon 2010 in New York on September 26, a fundraiser for GOProud, a newly formed group of gay conservatives. Ms. Coulter was billed as “the right-wing Judy Garland.” In an article published […]

Quotable: Sex Appeal

September 28, 2010 | Leave a Comment

Quotable: ““Sex appeal is 50 percent what you’ve got and 50 percent what people think you’ve got.” — Sophia Loren (b. 1934), performer and icon.

Planet Porn: I complained earlier today (scroll down or click one of the links below) that it was bloody hot in Los Angeles. Within hours of that post the thermometer hit a goddamn 113 degrees, the hottest ever recorded for this date. And here I spent most of the day writing copy for Bel Ami […]

Quotable: “I hate when I hear that some of the younger models walked out on the [presentation of the] GayVN Lifetime Achievement Award for Pat Rocco the other night. Guys, that’s why [you’re] making money right now. Without all the pioneers of the past whether it be gay porn or gay rights you wouldn’t have […]

Press Release Roundup: As we blogged earlier today, performers Adam Champ and D.O. have been named 2011 Raging Stallion Men of the Year. Both men are newly signed studio exclusives and were crowned Saturday night in San Francisco during the company’s annual Folsom St. Fair shindig. The announcement carried added oomph this year, following Raging […]

Planet Porn: Here are a few more snapshots taken during GayVN Awards and Folsom St. Fair weekend in San Francisco. Top left, we’ve got a barechested Damien Crosse, followed by similarly shirtless Jason Adonis with Adam Killian stage left, the GayVN winner for best solo performance from TAKEN: TO THE LOWEST LEVEL. And cutie pornster […]

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