We’ve been covering the convergence of reality television and adult entertainment since about 2006 (see the links below for just a few examples among many). But lately the lines have blurred so thoroughly that the latest TV stud to strip off and have explicit sex onscreen hardly gets any coverage in the blogs or scandal sheets—and isn’t that the point of doing it? Okay, so if you haven’t tuned in to the grapevine, we’ve now got The Real World: Sydney hunk Dunbar Flinn having sex on-camera with two of three castmates—both women—on the Playboy TV series Foursome. “It’s considerably more explicit than Survivor Ozzy‘s appearance on the show,” notes Reality Blurred. This news obviously isn’t related to gay adult. But pop culture is soaked (pardon the image) in sex tapes and it intrigues me that straight, or straight-adjacent, guys can do this sort of thing now and continue building a career in entertainment without anyone really saying boo. Towards that end, Mr. Flinn is currently a castmate on MTV‘s popular reality-competition series The Challenge: Cutthroat. Bless.
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[Images via Dude Tube.]


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