Producers of the 2011 Grabby Awards—sponsored by Grab Magazine—today revealed ticket and show information. For industryites, if you want your sexpic to be considered for nominations, the deadline is fast approaching for getting physical DVDs into the hands of producers: Friday, December 31. Otherwise, the noms will be announced March 15, 2011 and tickets go […]

Press Release Roundup: Lucas Entertainment has premiered a new fuck scene featuring rising newcomer Harry Louis, whose clean-cut good looks and alarmingly thick torpedo cock are turning heads. This is apparently the Brazilian hunk’s onscreen bottoming debut; he is featured opposite Hugo Martin for what is actually a flip-fuck. The episode comes from TRAPPED IN […]

Cute Boys Kissing: Handsome Etienne Pauliac was one of Bel Ami‘s most popular young bucks, a striking mixture of masculinity and prettiness. He’s paired here with humpy Kurt Diesel, a brawny jock-next-door type with a thick cock and tons of explosive sexual heat. Both filmed quite a bit for Bel Ami and then just moved […]

New Release Desk: Blue-eyed stunner Aden Jaric grows out his chest hair a bit and gets solo placement on the DVD insert for BIG WOOD from Falcon Studios, in line with such titles as BIG RIVER and BIG TIMBER. “The woods are lusty, dark and deep—and nine intrepid scouts are out for the adventure of […]

Dept. of Self-Promotion: A quick reminder to our Constant Readers that GPTimes is among the nominees for the 11th annual Cybersocket Web Awards. We’re among the 26 sites up for Surfer’s Choice: Best Porn Blog. It’s our fourth consecutive Cybersocket citation. If you would, please CLICK HERE and scroll down a tad on the left-hand […]

Quotable: “I have all the curiosity of the anthropologist and the frank hope of the voyeur. Pornography’s texture is shamelessness; it maps the limits of my shame… The message of pornography, by its very existence, is that our sexual selves are real.” — Sallie Tisdale, author.

The AVN Media Network announced its 24,756 nominees in 317 categories for the 2011 AVN Awards last week. Our coverage of the trans nominees is coming up—cheers to ardent GPTimes supporter Wendy Williams—but I want to make sure two bits of important news are not overlooked. A barrier was shattered last week when Ryan Driller […]

The ridiculously fuckable, all-around hottie Rod Daily—a longtime GPTimes favorite—has partnered with Next Door Entertainment on his own eponymous website. The bells and whistles include the usual complement of live weekly webcam shows, photo galleries and hardcore fuck scenes culled from his output on the Next Door network of sites (as well as new material) […]

New Release Desk: The COLT Studio Group is tub-thumping the muscle-heavy MAN HUNGRY, a Euro-sexpic produced under its Olympus label by performer-director Roland Dane. That’s hunky Michael Troy rather delectably bulging out of his Speedo on the DVD insert. He anchors a threesome with Gabe Russel and Win Soldier. Costars include Euro-porn stalwarts Fredy Costa […]

Planet Porn: Our boys have been making the rounds in West Hollwood and Silverlake over the past month. Top left, we’ve got blue-eyed beauties Jayden Grey and Phillip Ashton at Micky’s nightclub for Cocktails with the Stars (the same night when Jeremy Bilding fucked a pumpkin—see the link below); top right, muscled, square-jawed hunk Landon […]

Quotable: “If we define pornography as any message from any communication medium that is intended to arouse sexual excitement, then it is clear that most advertisements are covertly pornographic.” — Philip Slater, author, actor and professor.

Cougar Cash, Mickey Danson, Trevor Hobbs, Alexander Marino [Jeremy Aspen, Chad Driver, Langdon King], Kai Marsden (November 29); Chett Adams, Justin Case, Alexandru Cuza [Hubert Uriel, Johnny Weiss], Maddrocker, Marshall O Boy, Jay Ross, Steve Shannon (November 30); Stephan Bertoli, Buster, Maxime Cannon, Julio Icente, Markus Ram, Zach Rhodes (December 1); Peter Horne, Joe Montez, […]

Hot Links: Presenting a handy at-a-glance guide to the top stories on GPTimes right this very second: * “In Print: Porn Studs Cop Sexy ‘Attitude’” * “Pope OKs Condoms for Male Prostitutes” * “Meet Fredrik Eklund: Skin Biz to Real Estate Star” (Tag Eriksson) * “Fratmen Stud to Enter Reality-TV ‘Real World’?” (Dustin Zito) * […]

Planet Porn: One of the pleasures of working with Bel Ami is sneak-preview access to behind-the-scenes pics like these. I don’t think there’s an all-male adult studio currently operating that so exhaustively chronicles its creative process like Bel Ami. These photos come from a sizzling and sensual fuck scene with Todd Rosset and blue-eyed muscleman […]

Beauty Shot: Cayden Ross

November 27, 2010 | 1 Comment

Beauty Shot: I have to own up to a serious crush on Randy Blue hotbod Cayden Ross. It’s not just his awesomely ripped torso—that V-line curving down into his cock is deliriously lickable—nor only his plush ass. But I like a porn actor who smiles a lot, and Mr. Ross does just that. He flashes […]

Quotable: “I wanted it to be sexual because rock and roll is about sexuality. And I felt that by being blunt, it would disarm people. People were trying to assimilate at that time. It was the time of AIDS, and people felt, we can’t misbehave because we want straight people to support us over this […]

Good ol’ Pope Palpatine. This was pulled from Twitter earlier. CLICK HERE to twat with us, if you wish. See also: * “Pope OKs Condoms for Male Prostitutes“ [Image source.]

Press Release Roundup: Popular performer-entrepreneur and Channel 1 Releasing (C1R) exclusive Brent Everett stars opposite bodybuilder Mitchell Rock in the second installment of C1R’s new web series RAISING THE BAR. “Brent works Mitchell’s hole over with a dildo before slamming his thick cock in and out of him until Mitchell is left thoroughly satisfied,” reads […]

Press Release Roundup: Rising twink newcomer Nathan Stratus has inked a six-month performance contract with BoyCrush Studios, for whom he recently starred in NIGHTMARE ON TWINK STREET. “I knew nothing about half of the fetish stuff in the movie until I watched it, but it was awesome and I had fun working with all the […]

Quotable: “If God created the body and the body is dirty, then the fault lies with the manufacturer.” — Lenny Bruce (1925-1966), comedian and social critic.

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