All-male studio Corbin Fisher has offered to settle a default judgment imposed on performer Jake Lyons for a smaller amount and will donate the money to charity if he accepts. Corbin Fisher sued Mr. Lyons for copyright and trademark infringement upon learning he used their photos for an escort profile. A Florida federal court judge awarded them $54,000 in a case that has occupied the gay-porn-media blogosphere most of the year. This week the company tendered a public offer to settle the case for $5400, XBIZ reports. Should Lyons accept, the money will be donated to nonprofit org Equality Florida. “It’s important to understand this was never about money,” CEO Jason Gibson said. “He tried to pass himself off as ‘Corbin Fisher’ on an escort site. That isn’t right. Despite our never expecting or even really wanting any money out of this case, it was still vital our contracts were enforced, name protected and Mr. Lyons made aware there are actions that are simply unacceptable and cannot pass without consequence.” CF General Counsel Marc Randazza criticized Lyons’ behavior. “At every opportunity leading up to our filing suit, he had countless opportunities to resolve the issue amicably and easily, yet went out of his way to aggravate things and escalate matters, leaving us with no alternative but to file suit to stop him.” A court hearing is still scheduled for late January to determine whether “Lyons’ sales, model fees, commissions and affiliate payments” from more than two dozen studios and websites can be garnished in order to allow CF to collect on their judgement. CLICK HERE for the full XBIZ report.


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  1. Alan on December 22, 2010 11:50 pm

    The unedifying spectacle of watching a successful studio trying to bludgeon a 20 year old twink with a million dollar lawsuit was widely seen as the biggest mis-match since David and Goliath. People tend to root for the underdog, even when said underdog isn’t the most virtuous pooch around. What some lawyers never seem to understand is that it’s entirely possible to win the case, but lose the larger war…

    I guess that someone at Corbin Fisher finally woke up and realized that their relentless pursuit of ‘justice’ here was surely backfiring and doing more damage to the Corbin Fisher ‘brand’ than 1000 escort ads could ever do. I guess coming to that realization late is better than never.

  2. odawg on December 23, 2010 2:18 am

    Corbin Fisher sucks and will never get any of my money.

  3. RandyN on December 23, 2010 5:33 am

    It took CF more then a month to start doing damage control, really? Talk about a botched up job…

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