More silliness for a slow Monday. In honor of the upcoming royal nuptials—you may have heard something about it—a British company has released this three-pack of “novelty” condoms, meaning they aren’t suitable for guarding against the spread of STIs or the conception of a little prince or princess. They aren’t condoms then, are they? Odd, […]

I don’t know how long has been running this flyer—a year or three—but it recently gave me a giggle. “Ditch the bitch and make the switch” is an oldie-but-goodie, and it’s cute that the aphorism is being used to sell memberships to a paysite that sells the fantasy of straight guys going homo. And […]

It’s Monday, nearly a week after performer-mogul Michael Lucas pressured the LGBT Center in New York into canceling an event it was to host for the upcoming Israeli Apartheid Week. The resulting blowback occupied the gay-media-gossip blogosphere for a few days, but now the story is percolating in the mainstream media (which is why we’re […]

During last night’s Academy Awards ceremony, The King’s Speech lost the trophy for Best Art Direction to the psychedelia of Alice in Wonderland. But the movie did win four awards, including Best Picture, which means the fine fellows at can say they shared a film set with an Oscar-winning film. As well, the worldwide […]

Quotable: “If God hates fags, then why is it called a ‘glory hole’?” — Public restroom graffito.

Casper, Kyle Douglas, Dakota Phillips, Scott Samson, Emilio Santos, Christopher Stone, Matthias Vannelli (February 28); Chris Cox, Remus Orza (February 29: Leap Day); Bryan Abban, Craven Cox, Unique Lee, Zack Davenport (March 1); Matthieu Costa, Mats Riem, Wes Rogers, Bryon Roberts (March 2); Gus, Mitchell James, Eric Michaels, Tyler Saint, Michael Vincenzo (March 3); Antonio […]

Hot Links: Hey, it’s stopped raining in Los Angeles! Wait—no, yes, it’s still sunny. It’s just ridiculous how the City of Angels disintegrates with just a bit of rain. Around GayPornLand world headquarters in WeHo, you can see tents going up hither and yon in preparation for this weekend’s Academy Awards party bashes. Onward and […]

Quotable: “It’s just gossip, you know. Gossip is the new pornography.” — Woody Allen (b. 1935), filmmaker.

Press Release Roundup: Seductive sex bomb Francois Sagat continues his slow-but-steady ascendancy in art-media circles. Following his designation by Out magazine as one of Queerdom’s “Most Eligible Gay Bachelors,” he was profiled by the same magazine with photographs by celebrity photographer Terry Richardson (see the links below). Titan Media owns Mr. Sagat’s URL and has […]

New Release Desk: Pacific Sun Entertainment has another sexpic in the thugporn genre on tap, following a distro deal announced earlier this month with Black Rayne Productions. The condomless BIG DADDY from BC Productions was produced and directed by Marvin Jones. “Who’s your daddy? Daddy action is even hotter when it’s packed with beautifully huge, […]

Dept. of WEHT: I am always happy to have another installment of this popular series. Our Constant Readers love these updates more than almost anything else, but it’s not easy to track down our boys once they leave the blue-movie scene. Anyway, courtesy of Rob Romoni comes this screencap of the wondrous Antonio Madiera from […]

Performer-mogul Michael Lucas has fired back at activist Sherry Wolf in response to the criticism she lobbed his way via the Village Voice yesterday. Ms. Wolf was incensed that Lucas successfully pressured New York’s LGBT Center into canceling an event scheduled for the upcoming Israeli Apartheid Week (see the links below for background). “We cannot […]

Quotable: “Sexuality is the lyricism of the masses.” — Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867), poet and critic.

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Marketplace: Thanks for stopping by, folks. Please click on the links below and help keep the chafing GPTimes staff stocked in lube and dildos. Bless you and everyone who looks like you. * Mix It Up Boy: Interracial lovin’. Pictured is DeAngelo Jackson banging the stuffing out of Lil Niz. * Boynapped: Cute young twinks […]

Earlier today, we ran a quick blog post detailing the pressure brought to bear on the LGBT Center in New York for its planned hosting of an event for Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) next month. Mr. Lucas proposed a boycott of the Center and within hours, the event had been canceled (scroll down or see […]

Press Release Roundup: We briefly mentioned a few weeks ago that T-girl performer-mogul Wendy Williams would have her own line of adult novelties via Doc Johnson. In the lucrative world of sex toys it is still, well, a novelty to have a line of products branded after—and molded from—transsexual models. In fact, until now there […]

New Release Desk: The nascent Badpuppy Productions sexpic line has TWINK TEMPTATION: VOL. 1 on tap featuring fourteen studpups, among them Alex Dade and Brock West; Landon Haynes and Matt Hunter and Iggy opposite Shane (“Tempting, aren’t they?” reads the tagline. They better be tempting, given the title.) No director is credited. Porn Team managing […]

Performer-mogul Michael Lucas is all over the blogs again this week. In a nutshell, Mr. Lucas was incensed by news that the LGBT Center in New York was to host a gathering on March 5 for Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW). On Tuesday, he called for a boycott of the Center. “It was an inexcusable decision […]

Quotable: “It’s one thing to shoot a man, quite another to cast aspersions upon his lovemaking skills.” — Teresa Medeiros (b. 1962), author.

Press Release Roundup: Web company Stag Homme Studios, the boutique label co-founded by performer-moguls Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho, has formally joined the GunzBlazing affiliate network. The move keeps them in the family, as its web-compilation sexpics have been distributed since 2009 by Raging Stallion Releasing, which like GunzBlazing is an property. The Madrid-based […]

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