Hot Links: Welcome to Saturday and thanks, as ever, for visiting. Click early, click often, on the links below for our most heavily trafficked stories. Scroll down a few posts for the latest on Dustin Zito and Brent Corrigan. Salud. Porn studs in action: * “Chris Porter Joins NakedSword as Social Media Maven” * “Michael […]

Quotable: “Most of the sex I’ve seen on the screen looks like an expression of hostility towards sex.” — Myrna Loy (1905-1993), actor.

One of my favorite new websites to peruse is the Good Men Project—last month I wrote up their “straight men and anal sex” post (see the link below)—and a new blog today by Hugo Schwyzer titled “The Top 5 Myths About the Penis” is a worth a look for our Constant Readers. (Yes, it’s a […]

German pornster Logan McCree—the Tattooed Man himself—has stirred up a bit of a tempest in a teapot overseas. Several weeks ago, I noticed his name popping up in news reports summarizing his scouting property to purchase in a tiny Scottish town. Naturally, his all-over body ink drew some notice. But so did the reports of […]

Via RealityBlurred this morning we learn that Wednesday night’s episode of The Real World: Las Vegas was its highest-rated in three years. You may have picked up on the news that castmate Dustin Zito‘s career in all-male nudie-cuties was revealed, much to the consternation of his roomies. MTV is crowing about more than 2.5 million […]

Quotable: “Ooh, no girl wants to hear their boyfriend is bleeping on the internet. But hey, at least he’s only bleeping on the internet 14 hours a day, right? That’s like 10 hours a day where he’s not bleeping on the internet. So, ya know, cheer the bleep up.” — The Soup blog,, responding […]

Press Release Roundup: The indie drama Judas Kiss will screen Saturday, May 14, as part of the Boston LGBT Film Festival: CLICK HERE for details. As our Constant Readers likely know, the film costars Brent Corrigan. A spoiler-heavy review on said he gives an “appealing, open-faced supporting performance” (see the link below). The film […]

The entertainment-gossip blogs are reporting that underwear model—and ex Miley Cyrus toyboy—Justin Gaston has been cast to portray Levi Johnston in the forthcoming Sarah Palin biopic from HBO. None other than Julianne Moore will play Ms. Palin. I’m wondering if HBO will set about recreating the strapping young buck’s porn spoof GETTING LEVI’S JOHNSON via […]

Our Constant Readers know I am a bit of a fanboy for Conner Habib, a popular porn stud with a brain—an organ that he enjoys exercising as much as other parts of his body. Last week on his blog, in case you missed it, Mr. Habib posted an essay he wrote last year, for another […]

Last night’s episode of The Real World: Las Vegas was packed with drama and tears as castmate Dustin Zito‘s career in nudie-cuties was exposed. We twatted along on Twitter with Steven Daigle, Samuel Colt and others as the episode and the MTV after-show unfolded. Several castmates reacted as if Mr. Zito was a recovering serial […]

Quotable: Paper Money

April 28, 2011 | 1 Comment

Quotable: “Ever notice how paper money smells like ball sweat?” — Entrepreneur Steve Pena, husband to performer and peripatetic go-go dancer Brent Everett, via Twitter.

Planet Porn: The Rimjob nightclub event at MJ’s Bar out in Silverlake (east of Hollywood) continues to draw a delectable selection of grade-A go-go hotties. Among them are GayPornLand stalwarts Landon Conrad (seen here bathed in purple lights), handsome new-ish Ash Taylor and Jesse Santana. Plus, Dylan Vox (a/k/a Brad Benton) often serves as emcee. […]

Hot Links: We’ve got a few more links to get you through Humpday. Click away to jump to stories you have missed. Cheers. Today’s linkage brought to you by Randy Blue fan-favorite, and GPTimes obsession, Nicco Sky: CLICK HERE for more of his new solo layout. Porn studs in action: * “Michael Lucas: Killian is […]

Hot Links: Welcome to Humpday. Thanks for your patronage, as ever. Linked below are a few hot stories here on GPTimes. Y’all can’t have enough Brent Corrigan and Dustin Zito, can you? There is supposed to be more fallout from Mr. Zito’s nudie-cutie past on The Real World on tonight’s episode. Meanwhile, have you seen […]

Quotable: “Sophisticated persons masturbate without compunction. They do it for reasons of health, privacy, thrift and because of the remarkable perfection of invisible partners.” — P.J. O’Rourke (b. 1947), satirist.

New Release Desk: All-male adult used to be known for its punny titles and erotic riffs on popular pop culture films and TV shows. Nowadays, apart from a random title here and there—such as last year’s JERSEY SCORE from Jet Set Men—that art has been left to the straight and trans porn markets. Well, Euro-studios […]

Press Release Roundup: VOD giant announced today it has acquired the catalog and assets of Studio 2000, adding it to an all-male adult portfolio that includes Raging Stallion Studios and Falcon Studios; the latter two labels were merged late in 2010. The move makes AEBN one of the biggest players in gay adult entertainment […]

New Release Desk: Boutique label Hard Friction—owned and operated by real-life boyfriends and performer-moguls Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz—is touting LIVE SEX starring Heath Jordan (that’s him dominating the DVD insert). “Live cam shows only use the hottest actors with the best chemistry,” reads the promo text. “See these hot duos with the energy of […]

Quotable: “People get hysterical about sex. They want pornography to do the job that they themselves are not doing, which is educating our young people how to be safer. Unless a pornography movie is advertised as educational […], it is not educational. And the fact that people are reduced to looking at an entertainment medium […]

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