[Edits 9:00 p.m.] Beauty Shot: Jet Set Men earned Grabby Awards gongs this past weekend—Best Comedy Movie, Best Art Direction and Best Screenplay— for GETTING LEVI’S JOHNSON, their erotic spoof of hunky, hapless Levi Johnston‘s misadventures in the media. Among the cast is musclebod Mark Dalton, seen at left in a glamour still from the […]

Over the past week, I’ve been speaking with popular skin stud Matt Sizemore, who is returning to the blue movie beat. He last appeared onscreen in 2003 in CUM CANYON for Hot Desert Knights and DOWN RIGHT DANGEROUS for Raging Stallion Studios. When he was first active on the scene, Mr. Sizemore was one of […]

Hot Links: Welcome to our post-Memorial Day edition of Hot Links. The big news, natch, are the recent Grabby Awards in which Kristen Bjorn Productions, Jet Set Men, Buckshot Productions and the Falcon-Raging Stallion power couple figured quite well. Oh, and GPTimes earned a gong, too. (I’ll be talking about that a lot.) Plus, I’m […]

Quotable: “I was like, ‘Am I gay? Am I straight?’ And I realized, I’m just slutty. Where’s my parade?” — Margaret Cho (b. 1968), comedian and activist.

Dept. of Self-Promotion: Happy Memorial Day to our Constant Readers in the U.S. Los Angeles is emptied out right now; there is a special, subdued energy to the city on holiday weekends. So here is a bit of fantastic news I’ve been sitting on: I’ve signed a book contract with Berlin-based publishing giant Bruno Gmunder. […]

[Edits 05/31/11.] Porn Awards: You may have picked up on the news that the 2011 Grabby Awards were presented Saturday, May 28, in Chicago. GPTimes actually won something, so we knocked off for the weekend. Apologies if you clicked over expecting a list of the winners. Overall, it was a very good night for the […]

Quotable: “Give your erotic identity the benefit of your admiration.” — Susie Bright (b. 1958), author and activist.

Aabeel, J.J. Bond, Ladislav Pekar (May 30); Jasper Collins, Brett DiMineo, Rick Gonzalez, Nick Reiner (May 31); Jeff Brooks, Kevin Dean, Nick Ford, Shawn London, Gary Malkovich, Matt Morgan (June 1); Vince Bandero, Jon Eric, Jason Leery, Chad Manning, Isaac Nadir, Ralph Rohner (June 2); Tony Alvarez, Aaron Brandt, Sloan Christian, Johnny Doom, Felipe Eller, […]

Porn Awards: Well, blow me down. I’m holding down the fort at GPTimes World Headquarters tonight, my nose to the grindstone, keeping an eye on the Twitter machine as about 50 attendees live-Tweeted the Grabby Awards in Chicago. And, lo!—all of I sudden, I’m reading Tweets that GPTimes won Best Porn Blog! Well, golly. What […]

Planet Porn: As noted, our boys have been carousing around Chicago for the past several days for International Mr. Leather, which continues through Monday, and the Grabby Awards, which are tonight. At left, Bel Ami beauties tour the Windy City, including a stop at the Water Tower. From left, they are Jean-Daniel Chagall, Dolph Lambert, […]

Planet Porn: The Twittersphere is abuzz, naturally, with photographic evidence of our boys as they storm Chicago for International Mr. Leather and the Grabby Awards. The main hotel where the skin studs are housed, last night, was also hosting not one, but two proms! “Eighty drunk porn boys and two proms at the hotel. If […]

Quotable: “One should always be a little improbable. — Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), author and icon.

Press Release Roundup: For the second time this spring, Michael Lucas is calling for a boycott of the LGBT Center in New York. The performer-mogul is angry the Center has apparently offered use of its space to the Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QAIA) group. “Everyone who believes in the state of Israel, please stop any […]

As we last wrote several months ago, in March, retired pornster Gus Mattox—under his birth name Tom Judson—has been touring over the past year and a half with his solo show Canned Ham, as well as serving as piano man for dragstress Varla Jean Merman‘s cabaret act (see the link below). Now he’s bringing his […]

Erotic idol Francois Sagat made a lot of news over the past year or so for L.A. Zombie, the erotic art film he toplined for Bruce LaBruce. But he also starred in another arthouse indie in 2010 that is getting a slow rollout after playing the festival circuit. As we first wrote in August 2010, […]

Quotable: “The tragedy is when you’ve got sex in the head instead of down where it belongs.” — D.H. Lawrence (1885-1930), author.

The true-crime nonfiction book about the murder of Cobra Video producer Bryan Kocis appears to have found a new home. The tome was cut loose last year from Alyson Books—part of the Here Media collection of properties—when the company was restructured and switched to only digital publishing. Cobra Killer: Gay Porn Murder and the Manhunt […]

I’m sorry to report that performer Robert Elephante died earlier this week. The apparent COD was accidental electrocution from a downed power line in his neighborhood outside Dallas. Several newspaper accounts confirm the news. A popular name in the bear and leather communities, Mr. Elephante appeared in BEAR PLUMBING INC. for Pantheon Productions and BIG […]

Planet Porn: A quartet of Bel Ami studs are making the rounds in the U.S. this week. They landed in Austin to work with Fleshjack and now the hunks are headed to Chicago for Grabby Awards weekend. In the top photo, left to right, are Jean-Daniel Chagall, Kris Evans, Kevin Warhol and Dolph Lambert. Quite […]

Hot Links: Good morning on the eve of Grabby Awards weekend in Chicago. Some of our top stories on GPTimes remain anything to do with skin-stud-turned-MTV-star Dustin Zito. Elsewhere, the return of Trent Atkins and new identical twins continue to stir up interest. Plus, none other than Paul Barresi is tangentially connected to the Arnold […]

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