Planet Porn: Press reps for Hustlaball London want to draw the attention of our Constant Readers to the sexcapades that went down June 11 at Fire Nightclub. Joining Ricky Sinz as celebrity DJ were skin studs from Falcon Studios, Hot House Video, Lucas Entertainment, Men at Play, Raging Stallion Studios and Stag Homme Studios. Pictured […]

Press Release Roundup: Here’s the July 2011 flyer announcing the line-up for Cocktails with the Stars at Micky’s nightclub in West Hollywood. On Wednesday, July 6, Raging Stallion Studios sponsors sultry Leo Forte with T-girl TS Foxxy. On July 13, it’s Seth Roberts and Alessio Romero. Pups Christopher Daniels and AJ Irons—insane bods on both—headline […]

Press Release Roundup: Christian Owen, performer-director and celebrity DJ, and my secret hubby, wants to remind our Constant Readers about his nightclub event Porn Star held the first Saturday of every month at The Watergarden in San Jose, Calif. Leather-muscle stud Craig Reynolds will topline this Saturday, July 2. He’s onscreen now in SCORE! GAME […]

Press Release Roundup: Promoter-publicist Jason Sechrest is touting a candid new Q&A with his bestie, directrix-DJ Chi Chi LaRue. She talks about newly signed twins Liam and Luca Russo—one is straight, one gay—and reveals the hetero one popped an instant boner as soon as the cameras started rolling, while his queer brother had some performance […]

Quotable: “Best part about strawberry-kiwi lube: My dildo now smells like a delightful fruit salad!” — Performer Jeremy Feist via Twitter, 06/25/11.

Okay, so even if it’s a Photoshop gag, it’s still funny. Pinched from AfterElton. Click to embiggen a touch.

I am still buried in copy-editing duties. The caffeine shakes are upon me. We’re almost there, Constant Readers. Click early, click often, on the links below to visit our most heavily trafficked stories right this hot minute: * “Showtime to Air GayVN Awards in July” * “Beauty Shot: Adonis, Champ & Marconi” See also: * […]

Dept. of Self-Promotion: We’ve been asking for help lately to boost GPTimes up to 5000 follows on the Twitter machine. At post time, we’re already halfway there at about 2730 follows closing in on 2800 3000 follows. If you’re already twatting online, just click the follow button, if you please. You don’t have to belong […]

Quotable: “The ability to make love frivolously is the chief characteristic which distinguishes human beings from beasts.” — Heywood Broun (1888-1939), journalist and activist.

New Release Desk: North Hollywood-based Jet Set Men has officially rolled out JERSEY SCORE 2 from director Chris Steele, which spoofs the guidos and guidettes of MTV‘s reality hit Jersey Shore. “Look out, summer! The guidos are back and this time they’re in Hollywood,” reads the promo hype. Studio exclusive Billy Heights plays Mike “The […]

New Release Desk: Award-winning helmer Tony Dimarco has sexpic WHAT GOES AROUND… on tap for Falcon Studios that portrays “an incendiary chain of sexual encounters” among a group of horned-up San Franciscans, notes a studio rep. The erotic roundelay starts with Dayton O’Connor and DVD cover stud Topher DiMaggio, who then hooks up with Parker […]

If you haven’t been following along on the Twitter machine, skin stud Steven Daigle is among the toothsome—and frequently nude—cast of Eating Out: Drama Camp. The film series from writer-director Q. Allan Brocka shot its fourth and fifth installments earlier this year; Drama Camp will screen at Outfest, the Los Angeles LGBT film festival, on […]

Quotable: “The public’s moral tolerance swings back and forth like a slow-moving pendulum. Some of us feel that the extremism of uncertain elements will tend to supply momentum to the inevitable purge by the reactionaries who find immorality in any display of nudity… We would hope (but fear it won’t) that prudence and sanity will […]

We noted earlier today that Frameline, the recently concluded San Francisco LGBT film festival, had a high contingent of porn-related entries this year. One of them was Judas Kiss (see the link below) starring Brent Corrigan. Others were L.A. Zombie from Bruce LaBruce and starring pornster Francois Sagat and the documentary Smut Capital of America […]

Press Release Roundup: That rapscallion Blue Blake continues to dole out bits of information about his return to the director’s chair for Eurocreme (see the links below for background). Last week it was the reveal that boyish-yet-masculine hunk Brick Jones had joined A POLICEMAN FUCKED MY SON!; today, we’ve got castmate Marky DeMarco. “I met […]

In recognition of the fourth-season premiere of True Blood on HBO yesterday, here’s a quickie look back at a few stories we posted two years ago that gave us a quick chuckle. Eagle-eyed viewers spotted a few all-male vampire porn titles on a hotel TV screen during a season two episode—HIS FIRST FANGBANG, et. al. […]

Planet Porn: Frameline, the San Francisco LGBT film festival, concluded Sunday and had quite a porny contingent of films this year. Among them was the fantastical drama Judas Kiss costarring our own Brent Corrigan. He’s pictured here making the rounds with actor, pop singer and castmate Timo Descamps. See the links below for background. Earlier […]

Quotable: “Men are so made that they can resist sound argument, and yet yield to a glance.” — Honoré de Balzac (1799-1850), author.

Bobby Brandt, Derek Cameron, Ninja, Nick Romano, Mark Vlady (June 27); Dany Brown, Sean Decker, Richie Fine, Jagger, Thomas Lloyd, Michael Smith, Task, Edwyn Wolf, Justin Woods (June 28); Joshua Adams, Aaron Klein, Jack Sanders, Tony Scalia, Jake Woods (June 29); Kyle Brandon, Chance Caldwell, Ace Harden, Kevin Hayden, Ethan Marc, Sky Preston, Luke Scott, […]

Beauty Shot: This next bit of totty is just a photo shoot. But it features Austin Wilde employing his shit-eating grin and insane abs in the seduction of fuck-tastic Paul Wagner, who doesn’t work enough in my opinion. “Watch these amazing studs—who can barely keep their hands off of each other—as they crank up the […]

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