Hot Links: I’ll be guesting on The Derek & Romaine Show shortly to yak about current events in GayPornLand. If you don’t feel like scrolling down the page—I feel your pain—then here are some of the stories we might be talking about on the air. See also: * “Reality TV: Straight Porn OK, Gay Porn […]

A recent episode of the MTV Canada series 1 Girl, 5 Gays—it airs on Logo here in the U.S.—featured host Aliya-Jasmine Sovani asking the guys, “Who is the person you have masturbated to the most in your life?” Castmates Dean McArthur and Alex Brown immediately began drooling over Cole and Hunter, the Maverick Men. In […]

Beauty Shot: BelAmi fans are going nuts this week over newcomer Derek Raser, a tall and brawny side of beef who reps a distinctive change from the Kinky Angels turn the studio has taken over the past couple of years. The young buck is a former bodybuilder. “(H)aving lost much of his excessive mass, he […]

Foo Fighters, those rapscallions, are out tub-thumping for their new album and forthcoming tour and to promote it they made some kind of slap-and-tickle video featuring the members soaping up in the shower. I didn’t pay any attention until various blogs started describing the clip, titled Hot Buns, as a tribute to gay porn from […]

Dept. of Self-Promotion: I have been booked to offer color commentary on current events in the porn biz on “The Derek & Romaine Show” later tonight. Check out my segment around 5:00 PST/8 p.m. EST-ish, OutQ satellite radio on Sirius channel 109 or XM channel 98. It should run about 20-25 minutes. We’ll chat up […]

Quotable: “We know that more than seventy to eighty percent of women masturbate, and ninety percent of men masturbate, and the rest lie.” — Joycelyn Elders (b. 1933), former Surgeon General of the United States.

[Edits 5:40 p.m.] New Release Desk: The latest from Randy Blue Adrenaline compiles four duos and a solo wank: cover hotties Max London and my new porn crush Micah Brandt (“aggressive hole fucking!”); Ashton Dale and Eric Pryor (“Eric’s starving hole gets fed!”); Andrew Stark, another new crush, and Chris Bines (“Tight hole around fat […]

New Release Desk: Good ol’ Matt Cole recently returned to blue movies (see the link below) for Hot House Video and now the studio is marking the grand event with a compilation DVD, the MATT COLE COLLECTION that collects some of his best porn-biz work. Following his erotic debut for the company, the hunk “rose […]

New of a potential new HIV-positve model in adult entertainment has led a number of hetero studios and film companies to halt production this week. The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) called for a temporary moratorium until more details about the possible new Patient Zero could be gathered (see the link below for background). In the […]

Hot Links: Happy Tuesday morning, grumble, grumble… Thank you for visiting GPTimes. Listed below are the top stories on the site yesterday. Click early, click often. Linkage sponsored by Randy Blue. Top stories: * “Newcomer Marc Dylan Talks Bareback, Condoms” * “Coverage of O’Neal Teaching Suspension Keeps Rolling” * “Brady Jensen Joins BelAmi Beefcake Stable” […]

Quotable: “Remember, if you smoke after sex you’re doing it too fast.” — Woody Allen (b. 1935), filmmaker.

Check out who just had a new fuck scene added to the Lucas Entertainment paysite: Good ol’ Arpad Miklos deep-dicks power-bottom newcomer Jessie Colter, whose bootylicious physique on display in another Lucas blue movie caught the eye of more than a few Constant Readers last week (see the link below). Messrs. Miklos and Colter are […]

The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) is recommending a temporary shutdown for adult entertainment following unconfirmed reports that a performer has tested positive for HIV. The FSC recently launched APHSS, the Adult Production Health & Safety Services program, following the abrupt closure earlier this year of AIM Healthcare, the medical clinic that managed most of adult […]

Dept. of Self-Promotion: A bit more housekeeping this morning. We invite you to help kick GPTimes up to 5000 follows on the Twitter machine. At post time, we’re already halfway there at about 2730 follows closing in on 2800 3000 3070 3100 3140 follows. If you’re already twatting online, just click the follow button. And, […]

Dept. of Self-Promotion: The nominations process for the 12th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards is now open—yep, it’s that time of year already—and runs through October 2. We ask you ever so kindly to CLICK HERE and scroll down a tick to the second slot on the left-hand side, to nominate Gay Porn Times as Best […]

Quotable: “Anybody who believes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach flunked geography.” — Robert Byrne, author and aphorist.

John Atkins, Joey Candy, Max Holden, Aaron Tyler (August 29); Tony Buff, Carmell, Cory Hunter, Rafael Michaels, Craig Stevens (August 30); Pete Erichson, Korry, Dustin Nour, Gage Powers, the late Storm (August 31); Rob Harris, Aaron James, Akos Matyas, Wade Peters, Jordan Ryan, reviewer Mickey Skee, Brunno Storni, Franco Sylvano, Cody Tyler (September 1); Curt […]

Hot Links: My interview with newcomer Marc Dylan about his decision to switch from bareback to condoms-only porn has stirred up a hornet’s nest. Scroll down a bit or click the link below to add your voice to the debate. And Collin O’Neal certainly had a tumultuous week of his own. Otherwise, mazel, as ever, […]

Quotable: “Hurricane Irene is heading for NYC and we need to evacuate these movies to the safety of your DVD player. For this weekend only, as we all ride out this storm, we will be offering a special deal…” — Promo text from Dark Alley Media email newsletter yesterday.

Press Release Roundup: Palm Springs-based BearFilms is tub-thumping the culmination of its yearlong web redesign and company revamp that represents an investment in its future, a rep said. The video library boasts several hundred films providing “over 50 hours of bear-loving pleasure. BearFilms is prepared to meet the demands of every bear lover with an […]

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