Beauty Shot: A bit more Halloween-themed sexcapades for you today. “Kevin Crows and Anthony Romero are fucked and left and for dead. Well not literally. Okay, maybe literally,” reads the promo text for this Next Door Buddies episode titled “Dead Head.” And everybody’s All-American Rod Daily anchors “Demon Lover” with Silas O’Hara on his own […]

Beauty Shot: At left, we’ve got sex-tastic Benjamin Bradley making the rounds for Halloween 2008 (the disembodied hand exposing Mr. Bradley’s tanned muscle butt makes the photo). At right, a zombified Paul Wagner devours Caleb Strong for a new Halloween-themed orgy episode over at Randy Blue. [Right image © Randy Blue.]

Beauty Shot: Pictured, left, is Phillip Aubrey molesting a pumpkin at Cocktails with the Stars last week (see the link below). At right, Benjamin Bradley and Roman Heart, done up for Halloween ’09. See also: * “Planet Porn: Halloweenie Sexplay at ‘Cocktails’“ [Image: Phillip Aubrey © Tball.]

Beauty Shot: More Halloweenie goodness for your delectation today. Pictured are Jeremy Bilding and Cavin Knight. Cheers! [Images © Tball for Cocktails with the Stars.]

Happy Halloween

October 31, 2011 | 1 Comment

Happy Halloween from GPTimes…

Brent Corrigan, Diego de la Hoya, J.D. DeMarco, Steve Jennings [Jerry O’Connor/O’Conner, Alexander Steel, Igor Viard], Luciano Rossi, Josef Sladek, Derik Thorne (October 31); Anthony DeAngelo, Pierre Fitch, Chris Lang, Drago Lembeck [Lambeck], Casey Liore, Skor Michaels, Julian Morino, Sweet Williams (November 1); Christopher Baldwin, Mark Evrett, Jean Guttenberg, Bobby Parks, Ruy Pereira, Marc Williams […]

Press Release Roundup: Titan Media has wrapped production on INCUBUS, the first sexpic for which erotic icon Francois Sagat served as Creative Director. The erotic icon “conceived, wrote, costumed, art-directed and starred” in the two-parter which “follows Sagat’s journey into a macabre world, never knowing if it’s real or just the tormented dreams within his […]

Quotable: “Sex is God’s joke on human beings.” — Bette Davis (1908-1989), icon.

Press Release Roundup: Speaking of Falcon Studios (see the story below), the venerable company has now gone live with, its download-to-own (D2O) site. “Fans can select their favorite scenes from the enormous Falcon library and play them without limit on their own computer, tablet, phone and television,” a rep said. “State-of-the-art design allows for […]

New Release Desk: THE GUYS NEXT DOOR is the big Falcon Studios A-list release for the year. The two-part sexpic was produced in conjunction with Next Door Studios and the two studios mixed and mingled their exclusive stable of studs (Next Door’s parent company also manages Falcon’s affiliate program). Chris Ward and Steve Cruz shared […]

Planet Porn: This past Wednesday at Cocktails with the Stars—the long-running meet-and-greet at Micky’s nightclub in West Hollywood hosted by Scotty B.—some very naughty things were done to pumpkins. As you can see, among the headlining skin stars were the very dashing Adam Russo and lean, lickable blondine Phillip Aubrey. All of the Cocktails sexcapades […]

Dept. of Self-Promotion: Cheers to all y’all who have been extending congratulations that Gay Porn Times was just nominated for its fifth consecutive Cybersocket Web Award as Surfer’s Choice: Best Porn Blog. And hot, wet kisses to our Constant Readers who voted. I had no idea they were even being announced when a few of […]

Quotable: “Literature is all, or mostly, about sex.” — Anthony Burgess (1917-1993), author and critic.

Beauty Shot: I posted earlier about the latest installment of Channel 1 Releasing‘s venerable interracial gang-bang series, BLACK BALLED 8: BEHIND THE EIGHT BALL featuring “newcomer and insatiable bottom” Dylan Hauser (scroll down a tick). Here’s another shot of Mr. Hauser in his clean-cut, jock-strapped glory. Also pictured is lavishly tatted-up Angyl Valantino, as well […]

New Release Desk: Channel 1 Releasing is touting the latest installment of its popular interracial gang-bang series with BLACK BALLED 8: BEHIND THE EIGHT BALL starring “newcomer and insatiable bottom Dylan Hauser,” notes the promo text, opposite Scott Alexander, Robert Anthony, Lawson Kane, Aron Ridge, Jonny Rock, Hot Rod, Tokyo, Trey Turner, Angyl Valantino and […]

Dept. of Self-Promotion: Hey! Did you know we’re alive and thriving on the Twitter machine? I’ve been working to spread the love and bump GPTimes up to 5000-plus follows. And we’re happily already halfway there at about 2730 follows closing in on 2800 3000 3100 3280 3320 3370 follows. If you’re already twatting online, just […]

Quotable: “You men have no idea what we’re dealing with down there. Teeth placement, and jaw stress, and suction, and gag reflex, and all the while bobbing up and down, moaning and trying to breathe through our noses. Easy? Honey, they don’t call it a job for nothin’.” — Kim Cattrall (as Samantha Jones), Sex […]

Porn O’Clock: This is a re-post of a story that ran last week. If you’re reading this and you’re in the Big Apple then you still have time to catch musclebod-entrepreneur Zeb Atlas tub-thumping for the latest sexpic: ZEB ATLAS IS THE BOYFRIEND opposite Casey Daniels, Adam Killian and Skye Woods (Pulse Distribution is managing […]

Porn O’Clock: Performer-DJ-promoter (and my down-low husband) Christian Owen will topline his Dads & Lads event tomorrow night, Thursday, October 27, at Lone Star nightclub in San Francisco. That’s him in the flyer (click to enlarge) wearing the football helmet opposite burly, scruffy Spencer Reed. Doors open at 10 p.m. The 2012 Buddies with Benefits […]

Dept. of Self-Promotion: My recap of the third episode of Logo‘s reality-teevee epic The A-List: Dallas has gone live over at It’s subtitled “Thank God Michael Kors is Waterproof.” ‘Nuff said. But it also does include Steven Daigle‘s exhortation, via Twitter, that it is nothing like the Dallas he knows and loves. What, hissy […]

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