Porn Awards: Winners of the 3rd annual Hustlaball Awards were announced last night during a ceremony in Berlin that kicked off the weekend’s Hustlaball bacchanalia. In the marquee categories, Stany Falcone—you’ll recall he made worldwide headlines this summer for coming out as a former professional footballer; see the link below—won Best Newcomer (EU), while Gabriel Lenfant won Best Newcomer (US); Mr. Lenfant is now known as Gabriel Clark. Best Bottom (EU) went to JP Dubois and Flava Works star Valentino won Best Bottom (US). The EU and US winners of Best Top went to Jordan Fox and Dick Wadd Media actor Colin Steele, respectively. Francois Sagat and Jonathan Agassi won kudos as Best Actor, EU and US. And Best Film (EU) was awarded to BEL AMI 3D (BelAmi); Best Film (US) was awarded to BREEDING SEASON 2 from Treasure Island Media. Oh, and Bruce LaBruce received the gong for Best Director (EU) while TIM’s Paul Morris won Best Director (US). I’ll have a full report on all of the winners and runners-up on Monday. CLICK HERE for the Hustlaball Awards website.
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[Jonathan Agassi and mr. Pam (middle) at 2010 awards © Hustlaball.]


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  1. riccardo on October 23, 2011 6:55 am

    agassi deserves to win, indeed but he should get rid of those tattoo and trim his beard urgently. hot performer though.
    Best bottom can only be babystar in the flava studio (or snowbuni) and aitor crash best top??? C’mon guys he’s the best muscle bottom, he’s born to bottom. Sagat hasn’t appeared in movies for ages. How does he earn his bucks?????

  2. niles on October 24, 2011 3:36 pm

    I think the people who nominate and give out these award must be on some sort of drugs. For example: Dick Wadd was nominated for their latest epic, which looks like they assembled a bunch of leftover footage from other movies – total garbage. Ian Jay was nominated for best top – wtf? Dude’s a famous bottom. And yeah, what’s with the Sagat worship? He hasn’t made a film in how long?

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