Yet another reality-TV hunk has been revealed to have worked in all-male adult. The media blogosphere is abuzz today over the revelation that Dakota Cochrane, an MMA up-and-comer (no pun intended) and a cast member on season 15 of reality-competition series TUF: The Ultimate Fighter Live, was known as “Danny” for web studio Sean Cody. […]

Press Release Roundup: has brought aboard mr. Pam to head up a newly launched division that will produce original content for the VOD membership site. The award-winning filmmaker, active since 1997, has more than 200 features under her belt and holds a unique position as the industry’s only female videographer, editor and director. The […]

Quotable: “It’s okay to laugh in the bedroom as long as you don’t point.” — Will Durst (b. 1952), author and satirist.

Hot Links: How is your Tuesday shaping up in your part of the world? Linked below are some of the more heavily trafficked posts over the past several weeks here on GPTimes. Thank you, as ever, for visiting and clicking and doing the voodoo you do so well. In this photo, that’s my longtime crush […]

Quotable: “I never considered myself trashy or slutty; I consider myself nasty and sexy. Big difference.” — Erotic idol Diesel Washington, via Twitter.

Press Release Roundup: Lucas Entertainment has signed three hunks to exclusive performance contracts: Edji Da Silva, Adrian Long and newcomer Johnny Venture. “We were ecstatic to have Adrian join our team. He looks as if he just walked off a runway. It’s a fantasy to fuck a mainstream fashion model and Adrian delivers on that […]

Update: A quick follow-up tonight to a story I first posted back in November (see the link below). Fleshbot–with its all-male and hetero divisions–has found a new owner. The smut site was founded six years ago by interweb-mogul Nick Denton and Gawker Media; he apparently decided to jettison the property once it became dominated, more […]

Press Release Roundup: In order to meet “rising demand from European countries,” adult novelty manufacturer Fleshlight has opened a production facility in Seville, Spain titled, natch, Fleshlight International. “Producing in Europe makes our company so much more flexible in the way we meet the demands of our customers,” said founder Steven Shubin. “We can offer […]

RIP: Roman Ragazzi

February 27, 2012 | 11 Comments

Word began to circulate via Twitter and Facebook last night that hirsute, musclebound performer Roman Ragazzi had died Saturday night or Sunday morning. Details are still sketchy at the moment. Jake Deckard and several others informed the industry of the news. The Israeli-born hunk, whose real name was Dror Barak, made his erotic debut in […]

Carlos Aguirre, Benjamin Bradley, Anthony Ferrat, Matt Majors, Jackson Phillips, Austin Reeves, Rio, Nick Stevenson, Rob Walker, Chris Windsor, Tony Zerega (February 27); Casper, Kyle Douglas, Dakota Phillips, Scott Samson, Emilio Santos, Christopher Stone, Matthias Vannelli (February 28); Chris Cox, Remus Orza (February 29: Leap Day); Bryan Abban, Craven Cox, Unique Lee, Zack Davenport (March […]

In a new op-ed posted to Huffington Post Gay Voices, author John-Manuel Andriote (Victory Deferred: How AIDS Changed Gay Life in America) argues that the condoms-only law recently enacted by L.A. City Council was necessary. He describes adult filmmakers as “aroused and growling” over the law, and quotes a 1995 interview with Chuck Holmes, founder […]

The recent decision by the Los Angeles City Council to enact a condoms-only law for porn filmmaking within city limits continues to reverberate around the blogosphere. The notion of a condoms requirement as an infringement on the free speech rights of actors is gaining some headway in the media. Alex Garner, editor-at-large of LGBT newspaper […]

Quotable: Triple-Fisted

February 25, 2012 | 3 Comments

Quotable: “I was told not to say, ‘I will be getting triple fisted on stage at HustlaBall NYC‘ if I wasn’t going to do it.” — Anthony Romero, adult performer.

Beauty Shot: While we’re talking 3D web studio Dominic Ford, they’re also tub-thumping a new match-up anchored by bald, brawny Mitch Vaughn, the winner of season two of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN FUCK? last year (see the link below). He’s paired here with one of the busiest new-ish skin studs of recent vintage, Christopher […]

New Release Desk: 3D web studio Dominic Ford is touting a new XXX throwdown between the snackable Dylan Roberts and newcomer Tanner Wayne, whose bright blue eyes and furry chest are part of a very appealing overall package. “He was so nervous,” reads the promo text. “He’d never been in a room with so much […]

Beauty Shot: Today’s shot of beefcake studliness features Jaxton Wheeler and Caleb Strong via web studio Randy Blue. The tried-but-true scenario involves down-low sexplay. “Men have needs. And sometimes we just can’t afford risking parts of our life for a quick fix of dick,” reads the promo text. “Then again, sometimes it’s the allure of […]

Quotable: ““When you make love you’re using up energy; and afterwards you feel happy and don’t give a damn for anything. They can’t bear you to feel like that. They want you to be bursting with energy all the time. All this marching up and down and cheering and waving flags is simply sex gone […]

New Release Desk: Channel 1 Releasing has loaned out its set of identical-twin marquee performers to Falcon Studios for its revamped Jocks Studios label. Liam and Luca Rosso are the headliners of TWIN HEAT, natch, under the direction of Bruno Bond. They’re paired together—but not together, as with BelAmi’s Peters Twins—with the fantastic Landon Conrad. […]

Beauty Shot: A few more peeks at the male pulchritude on display in the 27th installment of Hot House Video‘s BACKROOM EXCLUSIVES web compilation series. Up top, that’s seriously cute Johnny Torque banging blond hottie Cameron Foster. In the bottom photo, Jordan White macks on Ryan Lynch. CLICK HERE for more of their sexplay. [Images […]

New Release Desk: Hot House Video has the 27th installment in its BACKROOM EXCLUSIVES series on tap featuring nicely hung cover-stud Parker Perry with Blake Daniels, Ryan Lynch, Bryce Star, Johnny Torque, Jordan White and Ryan Wild. “Some of the biggest cocks and juiciest blowjobs in our history,” reads the press release. “But these horsehung […]

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