In a new op-ed posted to Huffington Post Gay Voices, author John-Manuel Andriote (Victory Deferred: How AIDS Changed Gay Life in America) argues that the condoms-only law recently enacted by L.A. City Council was necessary. He describes adult filmmakers as “aroused and growling” over the law, and quotes a 1995 interview with Chuck Holmes, founder of Falcon Studios, who told him “(n)o responsible gay erotica producers would ever make a decision [not to use condoms]. They’d be drummed out of the business because the models wouldn’t talk to them, the distributors wouldn’t touch it.” Mr. Andriote also cites a 2005 meeting in San Francisco of the Gay Men’s Community Initiative that included reps from Titan Media, ardently pro-condom, and Treasure Island Media, a popular barebacking studio, whose films he cites as “irresponsible gay filmmaking” and potentially life-threatening. (“Our movies are for models to have sex the way they want,” said a TIM rep. “Why should we not film that?”) “Endangering other men’s lives for the sake of a fantasy has no place in the life of a truly proud gay man or in his erotic entertainment,” he writes. CLICK HERE for the full op-ed and chime in below with your thoughts.
[Image via LAist 12/10/11.]


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