Happy Canada Day

June 30, 2012 | 12 Comments

[Updated July 2, 2012.] It’s become a GPTimes tradition to wish a hearty Happy Canada Day to our Constant Readers from the Great White North (although the holiday is actually tomorrow). As we say every year, Canada has earned our undying gratitude for sending us such delicious pupcakes and studmuffins as Johnny Brosnan, Race Cooper, […]

Quotable: “Conservatives say teaching sex education in the public schools will promote promiscuity. With our education system? If we promote promiscuity the same way we promote math or science, they’ve got nothing to worry about.” — Beverly Mickins, writer and actor.

Beauty Shot: Titan Media is tub-thumping for the appropriately titled STUD FINDER, which includes this threeway anchored by rugged musclebod Trenton Ducati, who is certainly enjoying his moment on the blue-movie beat (not that anyone’s complaining about that). “Tan and hairy” Ford Andrews plus “smooth and trim” Jed Athens complete the trio. “Jed’s shaft peeks […]

Beauty Shot: “We started off planning to have Caleb nail Jorge because we could just tell that having that big muscular body pressed up against his sexy ass would be too hot. But then Caleb threw us a curve ball,” notes the promo text for this new Randy Blue episode. “He figured it would be […]

Quotable: “Men are more easily governed through their vices than through their virtues.” — Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), military and political leader.

Bits and bobs: More news, reviews and other related items of interest from the far-flung corners of GayPornLand: * I somehow managed to overlook the news that NakedSword Originals has signed Christian Wilde as its first exclusive. “Christian has that laid-back Northern California attitude and kinky sexuality that I adore and which fits in perfectly […]

Bits and bobs: News, reviews and other related items of interest from the far-flung corners of GayPornLand: * Performer Antonio Biaggi is pii-iii-iised off at what he thinks he saw a couple of guys—one of them a fellow skin stud—doing on a gay pride float this past weekend. [YouTube] * The latest twist in Corbin […]

Press Release Roundup: I wrote yesterday about the efforts by filmmaker Dennis Bell to save the archives of Bob Mizer, the controversial and pioneering photographer and activist who founded Athletic Model Guild in 1945 (scroll down a couple of ticks or click the link below). Mr. Bell had set up a Kickstarter page to raise […]

Quotable: “Pleasure is the only thing to live for. Nothing ages like happiness.” — Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), author, icon.

New Release Desk: I’m chortling a bit over the title of the latest batch of condomless sexplay via Dark Alley Media‘s Raw Fuck Club subsidiary line and director I. Que Grande (yoinks). The DVD insert design for THE REAL PUMP ‘N DUMPS OF LOS ANGELES is rather nice, too (there was a New York installment […]

Press Release Roundup: I wrote a week or so back about the Kickstarter campaign spearheaded by Dennis Bell of Athletic Model Guild to help preserve the archives of pioneering photographer Bob Mizer. Happily, they met their fundraising goal. However, there is still time to contribute. If you’ve got a few bucks to spare, please consider […]

Quotable: “Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities.” — Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959), architect and designer.

Beauty Shot: Did you know Parker London quit the skin biz? In recent weeks, Phenix Saint and the infamous Peters Twins have also announced their retirement (see the links below). “Parker’s leaving the industry to spend more time with his stupid girlfriend, so we tied him up, blindfolded him and strung him up to the […]

The latest of our boys to strip off for fashion designer Andrew Christian is Brent Corrigan, although since he doesn’t do porn anymore, and this is a straightforward, if skin-centric, modeling gig, I guess we should refer to him as Sean Paul Lockhart (he also briefly shows off his horseback riding skills). He’s featured in […]

New Release Desk: New York-based Lucas Entertainment is tub-thumping for sexpic THE POWER OF LOVE—go ahead, cue up Celine Dion in your head—on its Love subsidiary line. “The production was filmed entirely on location in Mykonos and features stunning outdoor locations where the masculine and romantic men explore their passion for love and sex,” reads […]

Quotable: “I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.” — Woody Allen (b. 1935), filmmaker.

New Release Desk: Raging Stallion Studios is touting the release of PURE SEX toplined by the alluring Franco Ferrari. The directors are Chris Ward and Steve Cruz. The blue movie, as its title suggests, is “pure, unadulterated, grade-A, no additives or fillers, hot, gay, man-on-man, sure-to-have-you-shooting sex.” Who doesn’t love a little hyperbole, eh? Mr. […]

Press Release Roundup: Performer-mogul and Advocate.com op-ed columnist Michael Lucas tackles the good and bad of gay pride season in his latest essay. On the plus side, he praises the recent strides towards marriage equality and increased racial integration in gay culture, as well as growing awareness of meth abuse and what he terms “resisting […]

The long-awaited Chris Crocker documentary Me @ the Zoo debuts tonight on HBO. He and his multitude of devoted fans have been talking it up nonstop on the Twitter machine. It was a year ago this month that Mr. Crocker enticed his fans with a short series of X-rated photos on Tumblr in the lead-up […]

Quotable: “If God created the body and the body is dirty, then the fault lies with the manufacturer.” — Lenny Bruce (1925-1966), comedian and social critic.

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