Yesterday’s “Fashion & Style” section of the New York Times ran a memorial dedicated to the late Erik Rhodes with quotes from his brother, Paper Magazine editorial director Mickey Boardman, Village Voice gossip and nightlife columnist Michael Musto and our own Samuel Colt. The story notes Mr. Rhodes was “an unlikely celebrity in some New York social circles. He appeared regularly on Page Six, spent time with the designer Marc Jacobs, was profiled in magazines that had nothing to do with pornography, and shot an ad campaign for Loehmann’s.” Mr. Colt recalls that “(p)eople faulted him for doing steroids, which was the thing that allowed him to be the ideal they wanted… And people were always trying to push drugs onto him.” Mr. Rhodes’ brother, understandably distraught, appears to blame the porn industry for how Mr. Rhodes’ life ended. CLICK HERE for the story (note: paywall).
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[Image: Richard Phibbs/Art Dept. © 2012 ‘New York Times.’]


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  1. jim on June 21, 2012 11:55 am

    For what every anyone thinks about James he was the most unapologetically real person who just spoke his truths. He was the man of your dreams to look at and he could break your heart and make you laugh with his always honest talk about his life and feelings on his blog. so sad sad sad My hope that he is resting easy now

  2. Gerald on June 21, 2012 7:04 pm

    Sad indeed and that story did not help with its dark focus.

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