Planet Porn: My borderline-obsessed crush on Randy Blue sex bomb Andrew Stark still burns brightly (I get all schoolgirl-y like this every couple of years about one of our boys, which does wonders for my shriveled, blackened heart). Anyway, he posted these cute photos on his Facebook> page goofing around on the set and elsewhere […]

Planet Porn: I guess this entry also qualifies as a Dept. of WEHT, which are among the most popular on this site. I don’t get to run them nearly as often as I’d like. When our boys quit the biz and disappear into suburban obscurity—and I mean really quit, not just stage a series of […]

Signage: The image at left was pinched from Chi Chi LaRue‘s Facebook page the other day. I don’t know if it’s real, but it oughta be. They’d sell out in a New York minute. I don’t remember where I found the image at right, but it’s perfect and it should exist in the real world, […]

Quotable: “We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation.” — Lily Tomlin (b. 1939), actor and comedian.

New Release Desk: Toothsome Falcon Studios exclusive Micah Brandt toplines SIT TIGHT 2—wink, nudge—via Jocks Studios and director Bruno Bond. The beefcake menu includes Mr. Brandt’s fellow exclusive Donny Wright—always a pleasure—with Jed Athens, Spencer Fox, Luke Milan, newcomer Leo Sweetwood and Tanner Wayne. “These studs throb for deep-tongued kissing, flip-flopping and fiercely grinding joy […]

Press Release Roundup: Remember Rocky Houston? The chiseled, smooth-chested stud was a Randy Blue contract player back in 2007 for a short spell and then left the biz. He later popped up out of the blue in HUNG COUNTRY FOR YOUNG MEN, a sort-of erotic parody of the Oscar-winning No Country for Old Men from […]

Housekeeping, Part II: Allow me to remind you that issue no. 5 of Dominic Ford‘s electronic magazine Adult is now available. The mag recently cracked 12,000 subscribers (and counting). In the current issue, as you may know, I am interviewed by Mr. Ford himself. We talk about all manner of saucy skin biz topics, as […]

Dept. of Self-Promotion: Happy Monday and welcome to my semi-regular dose of self-promotional wanking. First item on the agenda today is social networking. CLICK HERE or search for “JCAdams.GPTimes” to find us on Facebook, and CLICK HERE, or utilize the button to your left, to keep up with the fol-de-rol on Twitter. Moving on, my […]

Quotable: “Passed a woman on the street who complimented me on my collar and assumed I read 50 Shades of Grey too. THERE IS NO MIDDLE FINGER BIG ENOUGH.” — Performer Jeremy Feist via Twitter.

Scott Baldwin, Barry Barrett, Cameron Cruise, Lark Larson, Fred Modod, Matt Shane, Alex Stone (July 30); Brent Banes, Jayson Lee, Duke Miller (July 31); Tony Brandon, Nick Capra, Mario Danza, Adam Hart, Billy James, Tommy Lord, Steve York, Tony Z (August 1); Talvin DeMachio, Michelangelo Risi, Kevin Roberts (August 2); Mike Lamas, Scott Neely, Jorge […]

Quotable: “It doesn’t matter what you do in the bedroom as long as you don’t do it in the street and frighten the horses.” — Mrs. Patrick Campbell (1865-1940), actress, author and wit.

Beauty Shot: Were you aware of the BOYFRIENDS series of erotic interludes produced by 3D studio Dominic Ford? In case you missed it, here’s a sampling of Jessie Colter and Trey Turner rolling in clover. “They are playful, lusty, passionate and, most importantly, real. It is clear these two really do love each other, and […]

Beauty Shot: This morning, I was picking out images to run on the site and decided to take a moment or three and invite everyone to savor the unadorned, masculine beauty of Bob Hager. COLT Studio has been using the top photo in their promo art for awhile now. He’s quite a throwback to the […]

Porn O’Clock: Hunkering for another helping of hirsute stud Adam Champ? His most recent movie was GRUFF STUFF, I believe, but he’s set for a webcam sex session Sunday, July 29, over at the COLT Live section of the revamped COLT Studio paysite (before that happens, however, Samuel O’Toole has a webcam show tonight). As […]

Quotable: “I only like two kinds of men—domestic and imported.” — Mae West (1893-1980), forever.

Beauty Shot: Whilst the latest Fleshjack Boys promo campaign plays out amid a touch of controversy, Fleshjack has began spreading the word for its new line of adult toys molded on the affable sex symbol Marcus Mojo. The stud is a Next Door Studios exclusive, whose contract hunks Cody Cummings and Samuel O’Toole also have […]

Beauty Shot: COLT Studio continues to bear—typo, I meant to type “beat” but I’m keeping it—the bushes for the cleverly titled FUR MOUNTAIN. The latest match-up is anchored by rising star Brad Kalvo with Shay Michaels. “Once that hefty piece of meat is unleashed, Shay goes to town swallowing every inch,” reads the purple promo […]

Beauty Shot: How about a little Tristan Jaxx–Stany Falcone man-on-man action to jazz up your Thursday? They’re featured in FAST FRIENDS—yeah, I’ll just bet they are—via Titan Media. Mr. Jaxx is more passionate than ever these days and it’s good that he’s still shooting sexpics between DJ gigs. And Mr. Falcon is a rising star, […]

Quotable: “Though we adore men individually, we agree that as a group they’re rather stupid.” — Mrs. Banks, Mary Poppins (“Sister Suffragette,” via the Sherman Brothers).

Beauty Shot: Randy Blue is touting a couple of new solo wanks for your delectation. Sultry Oliver Klein‘s cock is described as “such a beautiful uncut dick, with such thickness and length, it’s hard to take your eyes off of it. And when it gets hard it stands straight up. It could not be more […]

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