Beauty Shot: At left, the tasty duo of Kevin Crows and Anthony Romero are “fucked and left for dead. Well, not literally. Okay, maybe literally,” notes the promo text for this Next Door Buddies episode titled “Dead Head” that was released last year. At the same time, everybody’s All-American Rod Daily anchored the Halloween-themed “Demonlover” […]

I’ve run these photos a couple of times in the past and they’re worth a repeat. At left is the bootylicious goodness of Cavin Knight. At right is the Jeremy Bilding deep-plunging a jack-o-lantern. Both were photo’ed at Cocktails with the Stars. [Images © Tball.]

Okay, I know you’ve seen this one before, but a classic is a classic for a reason. Happy Halloweenie from GPTimes. Make it a naughty one.

Quotable: “There’s very little advice in men’s magazines, because men think, ‘I know what I’m doing. Just show me somebody naked.’ ” — Jerry Seinfeld, (b. 1954), comedian.

Beauty Shot: Here are a few more shots of “Austony“—real-life lovahs Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero—double-teaming Arnaud Chagall for CockyBoys, which is part of an erotic web-series. I ran a kissing shot of them yesterday (scroll down a couple of posts). They make a lovely trio, do they not…? I can’t quite get enough of […]

Hot Links: Presenting a user-friendly guide to the most heavily trafficked stories on GPTimes right this second. Sending hot, sloppy kisses to our Constant Readers in the path of the Frankenstorm today on the East Coast. Still top stories after nearly three months, you pervs: * “Beauty Shot: Olympian Tom Daley’s ‘Accidental Porn’” * “Beauty […]

Dept. of Self-Promotion: A quick reminder to all y’all that GPTimes has been nominated by the 2013 Cybersocket Web Awards in the category of Surfer’s Choice: Best Porn Blog. It’s our sixth consecutive year being nominated (we’ve never won). There are a total of 23 blogs cited; that’s quite a dog-pile. CLICK HERE and scroll […]

Quotable: Barriers

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Quotable: “The rules are only barriers to keep children from falling.” — Madame de Staël (1766-1817), author and wit.

Planet Porn: Talent manager Howard Andrew of Fabscout twatted this photo of his dinner companions Saturday night (from left): Donny Wright, Duncan Black, Liam Magnuson, Bobby Clark, Derek Parker, Jimmy Fanz and Dylan Roberts. Who’s your favorite, and what would you have for dessert…? Click to embiggen. [Image source.]

Quotable: Playdate

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Quotable: “Three-day bondage playdate this weekend. Not sure which I’m more scared of: getting what I want or not getting what I want.” — Derek da Silva via Twitter.

Jake Armstrong, Marco Bari, Brad Bennett, Rory Mason, Doug Perry (October 29); Matt Douglas, Levi Brock, Polo McCabe, Gianni Pasquale, Doug Perry, Dillon Pierce, Ryan Scott, Gunther Williams (October 30); Brent Corrigan, Diego de la Hoya, J.D. DeMarco, Steve Jennings [Jerry O’Connor/O’Conner, Alexander Steel, Igor Viard], Luciano Rossi, Josef Sladek, Derik Thorne (October 31); Anthony […]

Beauty Shot: Those Dominic Ford shots I ran a few days ago of luscious Topher DiMaggio banging Joey Cooper sure went over like gangbusters, so here’s another look at him: that’s his real-life boyfriend Lance Luciano for Cocksure Men. “Topher lets us know how great of a kisser Lance is, and also tells us that […]

Quotable: “The more I see of men, the more I like dogs.” — Madame de Staël (1766-1817), author and wit.

Linkage: Denizens of GayPornLand in the news and around the interwebs: * The U.K.-based Pink News interviews Chaosmen fan-favorite Gavin Sevin and his five-year career as a straight guy in gay porn. (Gay guys don’t do all-male porn anymore, haven’t you learned that by now?) [Pink News] * Essayist Madison Melo talks about choosing Gallic […]

Quotable: “For sheer sexiness, a man must be beautiful. Funny, yes. Clever, no.” — Jilly Cooper (b. 1937), author.

Porn O’Clock: Dreamy Euro-stud Jay Roberts celebrates the one-year anniversary of his nightclub event PLAY>TIME Friday, October 26, at Lo-Profile in London’s Soho neighborhood. Local Constant Readers are invited to attend. Last year, Mr. Roberts recalls that he was just hoping to snag a few of his skin-biz compatriots to shake their moneymakers a few […]

Linkage: Denizens of GayPornLand in the news and around the interwebs: * Performer-mogul Michael Lucas tackles complaints about his conservatism, bemoans the radicalized GOP and explains why, despite his political leanings, he is not voting for Mitt Romney. [The Advocate] * Directrix and celebrity DJ Chi Chi LaRue is no. 164 on Mate Magazine‘s ranking […]

Quotable: “Straight men would do everything gay men do if straight men could but straight men can’t because straight women won’t.” — Dan Savage (b. 1964), author and advice columnist.

Beauty Shot: Can’t get enough Topher DiMaggio around these parts. He’s onscreen now for 3D studio Dominic Ford. “We love breaking in new talent, and this scene is Joey Cooper‘s first time ever being on film,” reads the promo text. “We also believe in ‘breaking’ new talent, so we got superstar Topher to practically fuck […]

Press Release Roundup: The flagship site for Raging Stallion Studios has been officially rolled out as a megasite with links to paysites for the HairyBoyz, Hard Friction, High Octane, Monster Bang Video, SexGaymes and XtraInches labels. The revamped site “has a new, cold-steel look that showcases a large player with a vertically rotating carousel,” notes […]

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