Press Release Roundup: Montreal-based Next Door Entertainment and Buddy Profits will donate a portion of all website sales on Saturday, December 1, in recognition of World AIDS Day. Proceeds will benefit Until There’s a Cure. Web surfers will also be encouraged to donate directly to the nonprofit when they visit the Next Door websites. “We are proud to once again provide awareness and support for our friends at Until There’s a Cure. Their message and campaigns about the importance of getting tested and knowing your status is something that we fully support,” said Stephan Sirard, company president. He notes a PSA featuring studio exclusives talking about STI testing and prevention will also be made available. CLICK HERE for the Next Door World web portal.


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  1. Derek on November 30, 2012 11:47 am

    If you want to donate to Until There’s a Cure then do it directly. DO NOT give Next Door or Buddy Profits a fucking dime so they can give Cody Cummings a nickel of it.

    Instead of these bullshit press releases to try and make them seem charitable or to promote a failed underwear line then why aren’t they sending out press releases announcing they have FIRED every model except Princess Cody?

    People should know, if they subscribe to expect no original content, from the exclusive sites besides Cody’s, after the first of the year…except whatever shitty scenes they still have unreleased…but then again aren’t all their scenes shit.

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