Falcon-Zeb-Atlas-John-Bruno-Adam-KillianFalcon-Mustang-John-Bruno-redI’m very sorry to pass along the news that prolific adult filmmaker John Bruno has died of an apparent suicide. Reps for Falcon Studios notified the industry yesterday. Mr. Bruno, 45, first came to prominence in 2003 when he founded the independently owned Massive Studio with a focus on bodybuilders. His studio was acquired by Falcon in 2008 and Mr. Bruno became an in-house director for the venerable company. He was prolific with approximately 65 titles to his credit and many, many compilations. He directed for the flagship line as well as Mustang Studios, while the label he founded was re-released as the Men of Massive. Mr. Bruno helmed the popular titles BEST MEN 1-2 with Zeb Atlas, ROMAN’S HOLIDAY starring Roman Heart, ASYLUM featuring Ty Colt, and FLEET WEEK, toplined by the late Erik Rhodes, whose blue-movie career Mr. Bruno nurtured and guided. “I had the privilege of working on nearly every production with John, and I can only speak highly of him, his friendship, his work ethic and his creative abilities,” said Adam Q. Robinson, longtime VP of Production for Falcon. “He was a warm-hearted and caring person who will be greatly missed. It saddens me that he would take his own life, because he gave so much and he had much more to share with this world.” In a statement to the industry, Falcon expressed “sincerest condolences and warm wishes to John’s family, friends and loved ones. He was an extraordinary talent as well as a genuine and caring human being. John, may you rest in peace, and know that we celebrate your life and accomplishments.” CLICK HERE for more photos and updates at Falcon’s official blog.
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  1. Kris on January 17, 2013 5:33 pm

    Why did Falcon let John go when AEBN took over?

  2. Douglas on January 17, 2013 6:04 pm

    I am so sorry to hear this. My collection is packed with Bruno’s work, perhaps more than any other director. His tastes in mansex must chime with mine. His work has given me much pleasure. I am deeply saddened to learn he reached such depths of despair.

  3. Sinu' on January 18, 2013 6:38 am

    Such sad news at the beginning of 2013. May he RIP.

  4. Tommy on January 20, 2013 3:31 am

    Falcon sent out a press release telling the world private details about John Bruno’s death that are absolutely no one’s business. In three deaths of former employees they have sent out private information to the entire world in the form of publicity “Press Releases” revealing private and personal information about people who deserved to have their privacy respected, especially at the time of their death. Dear Falcon, please allow the families of your former employees their privacy and stop sending press releases that reveal personal and private information. It is not your place to make these announcements to the world. It makes ou look pathetic.

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