'Best of Kevin Brown'-DVD-C1R'Wood'-Raging-Stallion-Zeb-Atlas-chest-muscle-smileFrom Rock to Cock: The name David Forest is certainly familiar to Constant Readers, who recognize him as a longtime wheeler-dealer and periodically polarizing character in all-male adult entertainment. He and I have been working together for some time on his memoirs; Mr. Forest has been the subject of a number of profiles over the years that focused on his career in the 1970s Los Angeles music scene as a promoter and manager, and his ’80s and early-’90s stint as a splashily successful “male madam” and talent manager to a bulging roster of prime, A-list porn beefcake. That run came to a halt with a stint in prison on pandering charges. It’s now been 15 years since his release, and Mr. Forest has been reflecting on the many changes he’s observed in the adult industry. These excerpts from our interviews focus on his dealmaking, an aspect of talent managing that he finds exhilarating and exasperating. This peek behind the scenes at some of the megabucks deals he brokered for top-name talent offer a glimpse of adult entertainment that is a thing of the past thanks to special pinch of the ever-encroaching digital frontier. Scroll down to the bottom of this entry for links to the first two entries in this series. CLICK HERE for Part Three…

March-2008-Hookies-Forest-white-tuxDAVID FOREST: In March 2005, I met and named Kevin Brown. Unfortunately, I never got his signature on my contract. I got him a scene for All Worlds Video just from his photos. And this was at the the time of the GayVN Awards, which had been downsized to just a dinner at Rage nightclub in West Hollywood. That scene got Kevin his plane ticket out to Los Angeles from North Carolina and a photo shoot for [2] magazine, which is now gone. I was guest-hosting Cocktails with the Stars the night of the awards with Ken Ryker, so I used that as a perfect opportunity to present Kevin to a lot of important people in the industry — I even had him do a little dancing onstage. It was all perfect. Peopled loved him — they still do.

All Worlds offered him an exclusive deal and arranged to have him return in a week for another movie. But the night of the GayVNs, I was not guarding him from the snakes. A bunch of haters got ahold of him and told him all kinds of shit about me. He decided to believe them. He tells me that he just isn’t suited for the biz, leaves L.A. and says he’s not coming back to do the next All Worlds movie, or to sign with them. Well, he did come back, he did sign with them, he did make the next movie — and nine more after that. They even managed to make him the winner of their big poolside orgy movie to celebrate their anniversary. Chi Chi LaRue directed that one. After they filmed the scene, a bunch of numbers were put into a hat and one-by-one they pulled out the numbers, which eliminated somebody from the cast. The last one remaining would win $25,000 to correspond with the All Worlds 25th anniversary. Kevin was the last number they pulled. He got $25,000 and I got royally screwed. He completed his contract by June of ’06 and hasn’t been heard from since, at least not by me.

[Full disclosure: I directed Kevin Brown in several scenes for All Worlds, but had nothing to do with his contract negotiations.]

stonie01.jpgIn June of ’05, Stonie shot still photos for Sacha Baron Cohen. We were told they were for some documentary he was producing. They ended up in his movie Borat, which became a blockbuster. Stonie was portrayed as his son. We didn’t know it was for that movie. Of course it came out that he was not just a porn star, but an A-list name. We got a lot of publicity for that, and even more when Stonie transitioned and became Brittany Coxxx. We got huge publicity for the fact that Borat’s “son” was now his daughter.

Fast-forward to April of ’06. I said that Steven Scarborough was always an ally of mine, and a fan of Shane Rollins, who left Raging Stallion Studios because they didn’t offer him the money he wanted. We got Shane his biggest movie, JUSTICE for Hot House Video — $12,000 plus a $2500 fee to me. The movie was a big success and he was worth every penny.

A year later, I went to Chicago for the Grabby Awards and was inducted into their “Wall of Fame.” That same night, Shane won best actor and best duo scene for JUSTICE, which also won movie of the year. A big night in Chicago for us.

In March and April of 2007, I had back-to-back arrests for using Craigslist to try and find some buddies to come over and party. The end result was that in May ’08 I got five years’ probation and a mandatory four months in rehab, although I ended up only having to do three months. I got my probation reduced to three-and-a-half years at the end of 2011. Finally, my legal problems were over after 18 years.

Falcon-Johnny-Castle-chestFrom 2007 through ’09, Mark Dalton was in prison. This was the time when Johnny Castle hit the scene. He would only jerk off solo on camera, but he did lots of live appearances and privates. He was so hot-looking that several studios put him on the cover of the movies he appeared in, which pissed off some fans. But he moved copies; whatever you put him in sold a lot. He was named 2007 Man of the Year by Men magazine, which is also gone now. He was really hot stuff, but the J.O. thing only lasts so long and he just wouldn’t give in and do any gay sex on film. He ended up doing what he really wanted, which was straight porn. Today he is one of the top-five most-booked men on the straight side.

Falcon-Tony-Capucci-chest-absIn February ’08, Johnny brought me Tony Capucci, who re-emerged last year in a few scenes for CockyBoys. I got Tony an exclusive deal — $3000 per scene — with Falcon Studios and they paid me a $3500 fee, which I split with Johnny. A couple of months later, in March, I won the best agency award from the Hookies, which is the International Escort Awards. That ceremony was the only time they’ve held the Hookies in Los Angeles.

May of ’08 was an interesting time. I got a deal for Zeb Atlas with Falcon to finally have gay sex onscreen — two scenes plus dialogue and still photos for $25,000. I didn’t get anything in writing about my fee. I was told that if Zeb completed the scenes I would get the same fee I got for Tony Capucci. Zeb did everything he was asked — oral sex with Matthew Rush and anal with Adam Killian. Those scenes got a lot of publicity and attention for everyone, but I never got my money.

In June, I sold David Forest Entertainment to FabScout Entertainment and went away to rehab. My Meet the Stars program was not part of the deal; FabScout does not do private meetings. While at rehab, I kept tabs on what was being done with my company and the stars that remained. By January of 2009, I was back in business but things had gotten very tough. The money being paid by studios and clubs had really gone down.

Last year, February 2012, after trying and trying, the best I could get Zeb was $8000 for a Raging Stallion film called BUILT TOUGH. This was four years after his original Falcon deal; both studios were now owned by AEBN. After that movie, Raging Stallion wanted Zeb for more work, but for only $2000 a scene. He wanted to do it. Zeb felt the business just wasn’t what it used to be and he did two scenes for them.

It’s now July 2013. I’ve been out of prison for 15 years. All of my legal troubles, probation, rehab, are over and in the past. I am still booking folks for live appearances. And, of course, I continue to be the world’s only real “male madam” through Meet the Stars. But times have certainly changed. Studios pay $1000 per scene for internet or DVD. A few might give an exclusive or a big name like Zeb Atlas a little bit more. It’s not like it used to be.

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[Top right: Zeb Atlas © Raging Stallion]
[Stonie: owner unknown]
[Johnny Castle © Falcon Studios]
[Tony Capucci © Falcon Studios]
[Forest © David Forest]


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  1. Something goes here on July 9, 2013 11:13 am

    Kevin left jut as he was getting hot. Pretty, but he needed better directors (no offense). Stonie was an incredible, bubble butt and he knew how to use it. Never saw what he did after he became Britany, happy for him but I miss that ass!!

  2. Timothy on July 9, 2013 4:06 pm

    You left off Last Member of ATKOL.

  3. Bill on July 21, 2013 6:33 am

    What Mr. Forest also doesn’t say is that he isn’t above misleading people in his Meet The Stars program. The stars suddenly have a change of plan or you get a lovely email claiming that they have an active bout of herpes.

    Buyer beware is all I can say.

  4. johnn on August 7, 2013 9:26 pm

    this guy is and always was a low life lying, two faced creep

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