Beauty Shot: I’ve run this photo a few times already in past years, but I can’t resist. I am an unrepentant ass-man, after all. This is, of course, the world-class ass of Cavin Knight. He was photographed at the now-defunct Cocktails with the Stars three years back. CLICK HERE for more of him in action. […]

Housekeeping: I know it’s been quiet around here lately. Thank you for your patience whilst I figure out what to do with this site as well as my future in the skin biz. In the meantime, Happy Halloweenie!

Tony Bandanza, Tom Daniels, radio host Derek Hartley, Sebastian Jaymz, Julian LeCoq, Victor Mariano, Alex Mendoza (October 28); Jake Armstrong, Marco Bari, Brad Bennett, the late agent Dak King, Rory Mason (October 29); Matt Douglas, Levi Brock, Polo McCabe, Gianni Pasquale, Doug Perry, Dillon Pierce, Ryan Scott, Gunther Williams (October 30); Brent Corrigan, Diego de […]

Quotable: “An improper mind is a perpetual feast.” — Logan Pearsall Smith (1865-1946), essayist and critic. [Looking for a XXX-mas gift? Pick up my new book Filthy Remarks: CLICK HERE.]

Quotable: “There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.” — Mark Twain (1835-1910), himself. [Looking for a XXX-mas gift? Pick up my new book Filthy Remarks: CLICK HERE.]

Quotable: “Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities.” — Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959), architect and designer. [Looking for a XXX-mas gift? Pick up my new book Filthy Remarks: CLICK HERE.]

Quotable: “License my roving hands, and let them go,/ Before, behind, between, above, below.” — John Donne (1572-1631), metaphysical poet. [Looking for a XXX-mas gift? Pick up my new book Filthy Remarks: CLICK HERE.]

Porn Awards: It’s Monday morning and time once again for my weekly bout of self-promotional wankery regarding GPTimes‘ nomination—our seventh—as Surfer’s Choice: Best Porn Review Site by the 14th annual Cybersocket Web Awards. Voting is underway until December 8. The winners will be announced during a January 22, 2014 shindig, which is a couple of […]

Quotable: “Everybody feels a little bit ridiculous in pursuit of sex, feels a little ridiculous in the moment, and feels a little ridiculous right after. We need the release. Sex kind of brings us all low, makes fools of us all and we need to laugh about it.” — Dan Savage (b. 1964), activist, author […]

Rem Giovanni, Buck Meadows, Grabby Awards producer and Grab Magazine publisher Mark Nagel, Joe Russell, Joey Russo, Jessie Zane (October 21); Kyle Bradford, Chaz Carlton, Samuel Dolce [Tony Buxton, Jozef Dickson, Jules Terry, Richie Tyler], Alain Medio, Sereen, the late Troy Steele, Mitchell Stevens (October 22); Alex Collack, Brian Daniels, Eddie Gomez, Lex Kitau, Michael […]

Beauty Shot: Lots of folks crushing on adorable, ripe-for-ravishing Justin Owen, who is starring in an ongoing series of webisodes for Randy Blue titled WELCOME TO L.A. (he was previously a Dylan Lucas model, but didn’t really pop until recently). The previous installment had him doing the passionate suck-and-fuck with Diego Sans (see the link […]

Beauty Shot: Chiseled Landon Conrad is a lot beefier these days but I’d still watch him in anything. Pair him with the ever-expressive brawny musclebear—and deep-throating champion—Jesse Jackman. Done, sold. I don’t need to read the promo text. They’re paired in a rowdy new vignette from Titan Media. CLICK HERE for a hardcore teaser. [Images […]

Planet Porn: This photo and others featuring Michael Lucas pinged around the blogosphere over the weekend. They’re from the October 10 protest in New York by Queer Nation of conductor Valery Gergiev, who was leading the Mariinsky Orchestra in a three-night stand at Carnegie Hall beginning Thursday night. “Gergiev has refused to make any comment […]

Porn Awards: As you know by now, GPTimes has been nominated for Surfer’s Choice: Best Porn Review Site by the 14th annual Cybersocket Web Awards. It’s our seventh straight nomination and voting is underway until December 8. The winners will be revealed during a ceremony currently set for January 22, 2014, a couple of days […]

David Bradley, Anthony Shaw, publicist Rob Reimer, Nico Sideropolus [Nikolas Markov], Jesse Tyler (October 14); Zeb Atlas, Ian Duncan, Cal Jackson, Claude Jordan, the late Leo Masters, Brendon Taylor, T-Spoon, Jim West, Ethan Wright (October 15); Johnny Cage, Sergio Del Castillo, Ricky Love, Marco Rossi, Mateo Torres (October 16); Felipe Carson, Adam Collins, Jeff Hammond, […]

Beauty Shot: I don’t usually go for skinny, pierced, tatted-up young dudes—that makes me feel really old—but there’s just something about CockyBoys star Jake Bass. He’s featured in a new match-up opposite sultry newcomer Asher Hawk. What do you think? CLICK HERE for more sexplay. [Images © CockyBoys.]

Planet Porn: Two of today’s top skin stars—musclebod Trenton Ducati and fratboy-dreamboat Ryan Rose—shake their moneymakers at the Falcon Studios/Raging Stallion Studios bacchanal at Mezzanine nightclub during Folsom St. Fair weekend in San Francisco a few weeks ago. CLICK HERE for many more photos at Falcon’s official blog. [Images © Falcon/Raging Stallion.]

Planet Porn: I really dig this shot of the wondrous Jessie Colter earning his wings, so to speak, and the deserved center of attention at Folsom St. Fair a couple of weeks ago in San Francisco. Apologies, but I forgot to take note of where I found this photo. Probably a social media profile for […]

Beauty Shot: Skin stud Topher DiMaggio has been modeling for Andrew Christian scanties for awhile now; they send out a promotional email blast every seventeen minutes, and Mr. DiMaggio is inevitably featured in one of them. But this one really caught my eye. Perhaps I’m just extra horny right now? Anyway, Topher, oh, Topher… Dang, […]

Logan Bryant, Gauge, Eli Horst, Sergei Jordanov [Stefan Janos, Tom of Hunland], Cole Reece, Rip Stone (October 7); Luke Bronson, Lucky Daniels, Star, Jake Woodman (October 8); Asoka, Bo Austin, Jessie Bryce, the late Caleb Carter, author/historian Jeffrey Escoffier, the late Cody Foster, Matt Hunter, Axel Marceau, Daniel Reed, Gregg Rockwell (October 9); Marcus Caine, […]

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