Happy New Year’s Eve from GPTimes World Headquarters here in West Hollywood, California, USA. I’ve said it a few times already in recent weeks, but I am deeply grateful to all of the Constant Readers who make us one of their regular stops as they tour the interwebs. As you already know, this site and […]

In Memoriam: As 2013 winds down, we take a few moments today to memorialize twelve of our colleagues and friends from the adult industry who left us this year. You’ll never be far from our thoughts: * Performer Bobby Williams (November 3). * Publisher Caryn Goldberg (November 1). * Performer-crew member Junior of PapiThugz and […]

Quotable: “Drinking when we are not thirsty and making love at any time, madame: that is all there is to distinguish us from the other animals.” — Pierre Beaumarchais (1732-1799), author, The Marriage of Figaro. [Hungry for more potent quotables? Try my new book Filthy Remarks: CLICK HERE.]

Adriano, Trenton Comeaux, Sean Conner, Erik Kovac, Lex Kyler, Bob MacHeath, Glenn Matthews (December 30); Patrick Allen, Miguel Antonio (December 31); Andel, Scott Daniels, Alexei Ferrera, John Marcus, Dixon Parker, Tom [Thom] Southern, the late Joey Stefano, Scott Williams (January 1); DC Chandler, Josh Hammer, Bruce Hill, Ricky Martinez, Claudio Meneses, Mikey, Mike Vista (January […]

Quotable: “Sex is on the minds of most people, especially those who shouldn’t be having it.” — William Glasser (1925-2013), psychiatrist. [Hungry for more potent quotables? Try my new book Filthy Remarks: CLICK HERE.]

Housekeeping: Another holiday season has arrived. As ever, I am eternally grateful to the many Constant Readers from around the planet who regularly visit this site and have been the backbone of my efforts for almost 19 years. Hot, wet kisses to every single one of you.

Beauty Shot: One can safely draw the assumption from this delectable photo collage that Jimmy Z Productions specializes in bodybuilders. I snagged this from their Twitter profile. Nothing personifies the holidays like a muscle butt, eh? [Image © Jimmy Z Productions.]

Beauty Shot: Have another helping of XXX-mas beef with BelAmi‘s Kris Evans and Kevin Warhol. CLICK HERE, of course, for more of their sexplay. Ho-ho-ho. [Images © BelAmi.]

Quotable: Macho

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Quotable: “Macho does not prove mucho.” — Zsa Zsa Gabor (b. 1917), diva. [Looking for a last-second XXX-mas gift? Pick up my new book Filthy Remarks: CLICK HERE.]

Beauty Shot: A double-helping of XXX-mas beefcake via sultry Austin Wilde and the inimitable hunk Colby Keller (who is not pictured here, but from whom I pinched this photo last year). God(dess) bless us every one, etc. [Left image © Next Door Studios; right image via Colby Keller.]

Quotable: “Of course Heaven forbids certain pleasures, but one finds means of compromise.” — Moliere (1622-1673), playwright. [Looking for a last-minute XXX-mas gift? Pick up my new book Filthy Remarks: CLICK HERE.]

Promoter-publicist Brandon Baker, Tony Dancer, Andrew Justice, John Nagel, Joszef Pal [Rick Brandy, Paolo Estefan], Mack Reynolds, Shane Rockland, Brian Wels (December 23); director Wolfgang Bang, Marcos Axel, Josh Benjamin, Riley Burke, Ray Holt, Louis Marque, Tommy O’rne, Mario Ortiz, Aaron Parker, Jim Slade, Ross Stuart (December 24); Brad Benton [Dylan Vox], the late Leo […]

Quotable: “These pleasures so lightly called physical…” — Colette (1873-1954), author. [Looking for a XXX-mas gift? Pick up my new book Filthy Remarks: CLICK HERE.]

Quotable: Good Ones

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Quotable: “I actually don’t sin that much. But when I do, they’re good ones.” — Brandi Glanville (b. 1972), TV personality. [Looking for a XXX-mas gift? Pick up my new book Filthy Remarks: CLICK HERE.]

Matt Colmar, Dean Edwards, Frank Marine, Wade Mohawk, Fernando Sanchez (December 16); Trent Austin, Tony Cuba, Flip Donovin, Chris Green, Dave Resnick, Dean Resnick, the late Jon Vincent (December 17); Federico Bulsara, Mario Delazarius, Roman Gabriel, Andy Hunter [Michael Fallon], Andrew Lennox, Jorden Michaels, Anthony Sosa (December 18; Jon Dakota, director William Higgins, Gage Michaels, […]

Cute Boys Kissing: My longtime crush Diego Sans keeps getting better. Damn, he’s built for sin. He’s paired with a new skin-star obsession of mine, the tall, puppy-dog adorable Lance Alexander. Their suck-and-fuck closes out Randy Blue‘s web series WELCOME TO L.A. CLICK HERE for more photos and a hardcore teaser. [Images © Randy Blue.]

Hot Links: News, gossip and other related items of interest from the far-flung corners of GayPornLand and beyond: * A quickie interview with gay adult’s latest “It” stud, the affable, handsome, mega-hung Boomer Banks. [BananaGuide] * Just 19 more days to help performer, mogul and activist Michael Lucas make up a lot of ground as […]

Kevin Alexander, Kevin Kemp, David Moretti, Tracey O’Neil, Christian Owen, Francois Papillon, Karl Radford, Mark Reed (December 9); Jay Black, Richard Black, Caesar Cruz, Philipe Lyon, Max Schutler, Erik York (December 10); Mathias Bouvier, Marco Mancini, Chris Michaels, Daniel Rivero, Logan Robbins, Jack Simmons, Chad Williams (December 11); talent manager David Forest, Rory Lester, Nico […]

As you may know, today is World AIDS Day. It is a tradition here to briefly pay tribute on this day to the male performers and other members of the adult industry community we’ve lost to AIDS and related causes over the past thirty years. CLICK HERE to visit the World AIDS Day website for […]

Peter Horne, Joe Montez, the late Brett Mycles, Rocky de Oliveira [Rock, Rocky Oliveira], Denzel Rossovich (December 2); Milton Abdalla, Todd Gibbs, Trevor Halston, Chris Johnson, Terence Kiada, Erik Knight, L.A. Mont, Averil Morris (December 3); Alex Austin, Joey Carr, Mark Cirriano, Alexi Ferron, Daniel Palffy, Filippo Romano (December 4); Rod Barry, Jason Branch, Dean […]