David Bury, Tony Chan, Dominik Xaversky [Peitor Roman] (May 26); Chase Allen, Marcus Allen, Pascal Bruno, Vincent DeMarco, Lance Landers, Paul Marsalla, Jiri Sydnec (May 27); Cliff Alan, Mike Branson, Sergio Cortes, Corey Cox, the late Matt Gunther, Rick Hammersmith, Logan Krewe, Alex LeMonde, Manuel Torres, Bailey Stratton (May 28); Shane Bailey, Eric Hanson, Michael […]

Tamas Iszmos, Milos Miroslav, Dakota Rivers, Spike [Rex Ruben], Duncan Stone, Matt West (May 19); Derrick Baldwin, Steve O’Donnell, Brick Tyson, Tiger Tyson (May 20); Tim Atwood, Boyhous, Mike Conway, Phat Daddy, Gino Francesco, Alberto Landi, Mitch Sander, Ray Stone, Bret Wolfe (May 21); Rob Anthony, Dino Antonelli, Chip Hardy, Matthew Harris, Patrick Ives, Nicholas […]

Hot Links: News, gossip and other related items of interest from the far-flung corners of GayPornLand and beyond: * Sean Paul Lockhart‘s latest indie venture—the dark, erotic thriller Truth—is now available on DVD. Advocate.com calls it “a cautionary tale of romance in the digital age,” although the headline puzzlingly bills Truth as “the rehab of […]

Jeff Allen, Jessie Colter, Jean Franko, Marcelo Reeves, Shaka Z. (May 12); Braeden Casey, Billy Dare, Scott Duran, Rod Matheson, Chase Rite, Daniel Santos, Scott Thornton, Danny Vox (May 13); Brendan Austen, Troy Banner, Trey Camden, Nic Collins, Emilio Di Medici, Shawn Justin, Tony Magera [Johnny Huzosh], Jarrin North, Jonnie Perrino, Nolan Powers, Tony Tarango […]

Andreas Harris, Derrick Mills, Julian Pierce, Duncan Starr, Giovanni Summers (May 5); Mike Cesar, “Big” Pete Dixon, Creed Harley, Lucas [Brazilian model], Joe Montreal, Ralf Vernier, Antonio York (May 6); Erik Kapena, John Ferage, Tim MacKenzie, Chip Noll, Rafael Perez, Jack Radcliffe, Dylan Roberts [Dylan McLovin], Zachery Scott, Bill Stetson (May 7); Carlo Cox, Maxx […]

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