Kyle Becker, Jeffrey Dickinson, Fred Faurtin, Fred Goldsmith [Miklos O.], Felix Groth, Dillon Press, Tommy Strausser (July 28); Elio Acostas, Brad Davis, Eric Hamilton, Rik Jammer, Kyle King, Sonny Markham, Marc Stone (July 29); Scott Baldwin, Barry Barrett, Cameron Cruise, Lark Larson, Fred Modod, Matt Shane, the late Alex Stone (July 30); Brent Banes, Jayson […]

Miles Andrew, Marcio Pitbull, Adriano Sabroso, B.J. Slater, Lance Williams (July 21); Tony Banderas, Matt Bandero, Thomas Bond, Tony Cruz, Luke Hamill, Armando Santini, Enrique Velazco (July 22); Tom Adams, Luca Alexander, Jamie Blade, Dante Franklin, Ian Gabriel, Paul Hanson, Randy Jones, Kyle Reardon, Mark Woods (July 23); Tony Brocco, Aaron Griffith, Tad Harrison, Angel […]

Mike Austin, Peter Balogh, Robert Black, Blue Blake, Chris Collins, Brad Hanson, Billy Herrington, Markie, Steven Ponce, Aaron Reeves, Tyler Savas, Kurt Summers, Peter Vegvary (July 14); Chris Akin, Peter Logan, Clay Maverick, Peter Michaels, Kevin Reed, Eric Scott (July 15); Flame, Devyn Foster, Dex Harden, Scott Lamber, Bernardo Lima, Josh Longer, Ryan Russell, Leo […]

Richard Becker, Rod Daily, Corey Jay, Jirka Kalvoda [Nicola Gismondi, Ales Hanak, Petr Katja, Jarda Kolar], Don Kristian, Cameron Marshall, Dean Monroe, Dominic Sinclair, Andreas Stern, Kurt Wild, Adam Wilde (July 7); Dirk Decker, Jayden Grey, Brian Hanson, Shane Lacourt, Zach Richards, Chris Sullivan (July 8); Tony Bishop, Istvan Gulyas [Peter/Peti Mosili], Robert Paul, Jack […]

Here’s wishing a happy Fourth of July to Constant Readers in the United States and an appropriately fulfilling and/or scandalous Friday to all the rest of you lot. Salud. [Image source.]

It’s become a GPTimes tradition on July 1st to offer hot, wet kisses and a hearty Happy Canada Day to our Constant Readers from the Great White North, and to pay brief tribute to those gorgeous guys from Canada who have graced the blue screen over the years. All-male adult would simply not be the […]