Rob Harris, Aaron James, Akos Matyas, Wade Peters, Jordan Ryan, reviewer Mickey Skee, Brunno Storni, Franco Sylvano, Cody Tyler (September 1); Curt Baldwin, Jon Galt, Jordan Jaric, J-Rock, Casey Williams (September 2); Jake Rodgers, Bo Stallion, Arik Travis [Marco Pole] (September 3); Jayden Christopher, Dean Coxx, Billy Houston, Tiago Nunes, Jacob Ridely (September 4); Kirk […]

Cute Boys Kissing: We resume this popular feature with Tayte Hanson, whom the camera just eats up, and adorable Justin Matthews via CockyBoys. “Both Tayte and Justin identify as mostly tops, however Tayte did mention in another CockyBoys scene that he would love to do a scene with boy-next-door Justin,” notes the promo text. ” […]

Hot Links: News, gossip and other related items of interest from the far-flung corners of GayPornLand and beyond: * Queerty gathered together stories of how Steven Daigle, Jesse Jackman, Michael Lucas and Christian Wilde came out as porn actors to their families. The story was spurred by Broke Straight Boys performer Paul Canon videotaping his […]

Jason Ball, Adriano Marquez, Dirk Stahl, the late Haus Weston (August 25); Richard Bangs, Tony Cameron, Sonny Diaz, Gennaro Grimaldi, Rafael, Justin Stewart (August 26); Travis Irons, Daniel James, Jay Paxton, Joey Piccard, Tony Ryan, Rod Stetson, Brandon Taylor, Sandor Vesanyi [Mario Rossi] (August 27); Kyle Aames [Kyle McDermott], Jason Adonis, Jesse Cooper, Trevor Matthews, […]

Steve Cannon, Paul Carrigan, Craig Decker, the late Steve Pierce, Raul, Billy Sax, Todd Shore (August 18); Jim Buck, Derek Downs, Adriano Lazzari, Fernando Neron, Peter O’Farrell, Gabriel Stone, Jon-Michael Stuart, Marc West (August 19); Steve Cassidy, Javon, Danny Rhymes, Kurt Young (August 20); Fernando Kruz [Marc Federico], Luis Magalhaes, Matheus Marques, Ty Russell, Solomon, […]

Bobby Blake, Steve Boston, Scott Bradley, Gavin Braun, Jeff Chandler, David Roth, Dean Temple, Robert Van Damme, Vito, Billy Wild (August 11); Chris Anthony, Sasha Borov [Sasha Boroff], Lewis Cannon, Alan Gregory, Adam Killian, Tony Star, Shane West (August 12); Jon Ashe, Jay Lowe, Joey Milano, Carlos Morales [Ricky Balboa], the late Sergio Real, Joshua […]

Hot Links: News, gossip and other related items of interest from the far-flung corners of GayPornLand and beyond: * In case you missed the announcement, director-producer Steven Scarborough—a protege of Chuck Holmes—has retired from the industry after a storied 27-year run. His Hot House Entertainment label, founded in 1993, was absorbed into the Falcon Studios-Raging […]

Dept. of Self-Promotion: A quick note this morning that I’m booked on The Derek & Romaine Show tonight on Sirius XM radio; please join us! Hosts Derek Hartley, Romaine Patterson and I will be talking the latest hot topics from the various corners of GayPornLand. Join me on Twitter at the appointed hour and tune […]

Joe Calderon, Giorgio Falconi, Rick Hollander, Matt Spencer, Mark Steel (August 4); Antonio Armani, Donovan Cory, Dario Dolce, Erich Lange, Ted Lauter [Daniel Halasz, Luke Jarkal], Cisco Melendez, Chris Russell, Mike Snowfield, Al Wong (August 5); Michel D’Amours, David Havien, Collin Jennings, Justin Slater, Bijou Theatre owner and erotica pioneer Steven Toushin (August 6); Gilbert […]