Happy New Year: Wishing all of our Constant Readers health, happiness and plenty of porn in 2016 and beyond. [Source.]

Ted Ashton, Peter Costner, Eric Evans, Jason Ridge, Eduardo Rivera, Mason Tyler (December 28); Sergio Anthony, Billy Hughes, Vince Rockland, Joey Verro (December 29); Adriano, Trenton Comeaux, Sean Conner, Erik Kovac, Lex Kyler, Bob MacHeath, Glenn Matthews (December 30); Patrick Allen, Miguel Antonio (December 31); Andel, Scott Daniels, Alexei Ferrera, John Marcus, Dixon Parker, Tom […]

Happy Holidays to all of our Constant Readers far and wide. Thank you for keeping one eye on GPTimes over the past several years during our hiatus. Changes are afoot (promise). Cheers!

Blake Anderson, Joey Caruso, Jan Eagle, Kip Kasey, Phillip Randy, Mickey Squires (December 21); Juan Antonio, Jeff Feliciano, art director, activist and nun Sister Roma, Luc Russell, Rusty Scott, Rick Thomas (December 22); promoter-publicist Brandon Baker, Tony Dancer, Andrew Justice, John Nagel, Joszef Pal [Rick Brandy, Paolo Estefan], Mack Reynolds, Shane Rockland, Brian Wels (December […]

Julio Duran, Andres Navarro, Davy Paxton, Tyler Stone (December 14); Matt Bradshaw, Ion Davidov [Pieter Gierek], Cory Evans, Shane Glacier, James Perry, Lance Thomas, Daniel Vieira, Aaron Wilde (December 15); Matt Colmar, Dean Edwards, Frank Marine, Wade Mohawk, Fernando Sanchez (December 16); Trent Austin, Tony Cuba, Flip Donovin, Chris Green, Dave Resnick, Dean Resnick, the […]

Liam Anderson, Juan Carlos, Randy Foreman, Cody Marshall, Ethan Masters, Rich South, Adam Strasburg (December 7); Ryen/Ryan Alexander, Austin Brooks, Chance, director/videographer mr. Pam, Spencer Quest, Brock Tyler, Jurgen Varg (December 8); Kevin Alexander, Kevin Kemp, David Moretti, Tracey O’Neil, Christian Owen, Francois Papillon, Karl Radford, Mark Reed (December 9); Jay Black, Richard Black, Caesar […]

Every year on World AIDS Day, we take a moment to memorialize those members of the gay adult film community taken by HIV/AIDS and related causes over the past thirty-plus years. CLICK HERE to visit the World AIDS Day website. Every effort is taken to make sure the 100 or so names and dates are […]