Robert Collins, Dustin O’Donnell, Jason Sizemore, Brad Slater, Bryan Slater, Carlos Tyler (February 1); Nathan Brooks, Nicholas Clay, Michael Fox, Brian Hansen, the late Lindon Hawk, Zed Kelly, Steven Richards, David Scott, Kris Wolff (February 2); the late Bruce Jennings, Johnny Law, Antonio Madiera, Tom Penn, Christian Wilde, Park Wiley (February 3); Michael Anthony, Gynt […]

Jason Berringer, Ethan Clarke, Brian Cox, Paul Dawson, Raul Dias, Arpad Majoros [Garcia Fecske], Emerson Prata, Rob Roberts, Romario [Brazilian model], Dano Sulik, T.J. Young (January 25); Joey Amor, Rob Cryston, Jake Dakota, Derek da Silva, Zach Falconer, Luciano Haas, Maleek, Anthony Mengetti, Triton Rivers (January 26); Marc Brodey, Marcelo Costa, Cruz Lennox, Tom Matthews, […]

Bobby Bacon, Ace Hanson, Troy Masters, Ryan Michaels, Robert Novy, Walter Perras, Jason Sparks, Shane Thomas, Damon West (January 18); Rocco Giovanni, Ken Houser, Derek Rei, Rafael Valentino (January 19); Tristan Adonis, Villem Cage [Cage Kajc, Martin Karvina], Rick Chase, Brad Erikson, Leaf Hendrickson, the late Josh Weston, Dave Yanek (January 20); Babaji, Adrian Bradshaw, […]

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif.: The 16th annual Cybersocket Web Awards were handed out Tuesday night during a ceremony at Penthouse nightclub in West Hollywood emceed by Chi Chi LaRue. BelAmi, CockyBoys, Helix Studios and NakedSword as well as performers Antonio Biaggi, Trenton Ducati, Pierre Fitch, Colby Keller and Sebastian Kross, claimed top awards. The night’s highlights […]

AVN: I have my first story in a long while up at (the photo is mine, too). Follow the link for the full story. Here’s a teaser: “Just a little boutique!” exclaimed Chi Chi LaRue at the grand re-opening on Saturday of the 2000-square-foot brick-and-mortar retail outlet that bears her name. The GAYVN Hall […]

B.J. Bratt, Chad Donovan, Gerardo, Sebastian Gronoff, Josh Holiday, Doug Jeffries, Cameron Sage [Seth Dickens], Kurt Stefano, Jeremy Tucker, Jeremy West, Rick West (January 11); Paul Barresi, Eric Carter, Kai Cruz, Peter Ericson, Tommy Lawrence, Brad McGuire, Attila Sipos [Zoltan], Richard Well (January 12); Nathan “Big Red” Hamilton, Rodney Parks, Patrick St. Martin (January 13); […]

Porn Awards: The 2016 Cybersocket Web Awards are set to unspool next week, Tuesday, January 12, at Penthouse Nightclub in West Hollywood. It’s the sixteenth edition of the show; time really flies, doesn’t it? Despite our hiatus, GPTimes is among the 33 nominees for the category now known as Best Porn Review Site. It’s nice […]

Anton, Michael Cooper, Kent Michaels, Lucas Rally, Hot Rod, Sean Sullivan, Lorenzo Vargas (January 4); Rick Fernandi, Marc Hamilton, Brandon Manilow, Johnny Rider, Hunter Scott, Eric Wood (January 5); Big Blue, Gerardo Cortez, Mirko [Mirko Salina], Niko, Robert Razo, Nick Young (January 6); Laurence Cain, Jon Christian, Seth Cullen, Kris Kole, Cody Kyler, Kane O’Farrell, […]